We owe half the oxygen in the atmosphere plankton

We owe half the oxygen in the atmosphere to plankton.A photo from open sources

Specialists from the United States made an amazing discovery. American scientists have found that oxygen is necessary for breath of living things gas – in colossal amounts produced by ordinary plankton.

According to the researchers, small organisms drifting in oceans, produces no less oxygen than our plants the planet. Thus, the mass fraction of this gas emitted living in water microorganisms, is not less than half of the amount of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere, or even more.

Such conclusions were obtained experimentally. Americans in over a long period of time was observed in laboratory conditions for the life of thirty-five thousand units ocean plankton, capturing any effect of microorganisms on environment. It turned out that almost any kind of plankton releases oxygen, and in such huge quantities that at first scientists did not even believe the results.

It turns out that humanity to maintain air in good state must take care of preserving not only vegetation on earth, but also plankton in the oceans. But after all not so long ago various bacteria, crustaceans, diatoms algae, mollusks and protozoa living in water were considered that feed for larger marine animals.

It is noteworthy: not so long ago, Australian experts proved that vegetation on our planet, despite all the pessimistic forecasts of environmentalists, it becomes every year only more. Given that the planet needs oxygen, like it turned out that they produce not only plants, but also plankton, to assume that while a lack of it is not expected. AND it, of course, pleases.

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