We summarize what the researchers found in Antarctica for two centuries

We summarize what the researchers found in Antarctica in two centuriesA photo from open sources

Intensive study of Antarctica began in the 19th century, but so far then, that is, over two centuries, scientists did not learn about this continent as much as we would like. Moreover, all the discoveries, which this icy land gives are more suitable for the definition – secret.

True, there are some progress. For example, in Antarctica back in the beginning of the last century, “bloody waterfall” was discovered, and only in our century, scientists finally realized where it came from here. It turned out that in iron oxide, which is abundant in ice lake. But where did this mysterious lake come from there? ..

A photo from open sources

Scientists also managed to explain the strange sounds of the Antarctic (their create winds and icebergs), but did not understand what kind of moans emanate from the depths of the mainland when opening from it huge glaciers. Like obscure for researchers the pyramids discovered here that are very reminiscent of Egyptian. Who and when raised them here?

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

And if scientists are not very convincing, but still explain oddities found by virtual archaeologists on Google maps, let’s say a trace from a fallen UFO or rectangular glaciers, then the pyramids they can’t explain, and therefore about such findings in scientific It’s not very customary for circles to speak. These include elongated skulls of people from the La Paix region. Firstly, it was believed that in Antarctica never lived people. Secondly, also with elongated skulls, which archaeologists found only in Egypt and Peru. Understanding all this is not easy.

A photo from open sources

Not to mention the absolutely fantastic mysteries of Antarctica, about which only conspiracy therapists openly tell, namely: about under-ice bases (it is not clear whom) and giants sleeping for the time being of time here, the mysterious energy creatures cryons living in the ice of this continent, not to mention incomprehensible secrecy, with which is conducted exclusively by all scientists.

There are more and more discoveries over the years, but they are not one iota bring earthlings to the clue of this icy land. And even intense melting ice, most likely, only adds secrets, but not at all explains the hundredth share of already discovered, found, seen …

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