Well-preserved found in Kazakhstan medieval vessel

Well-preserved medieval vessel found in KazakhstanA photo from open sources

Zhambyl Regional Museum of Local History of Kazakhstan at recently replenished with a new archaeological exhibit, and this the artifact is striking in its fantastic preservation, and in how he was found. It is this double uniqueness of the finds that emphasizes local press reporters.

Andrey Germanovich Mostovshchikov, who became the hero of this history, found a medieval jug on his land why houses in Taraz – the most ancient city of South Kazakhstan. True, Now the man lives in another city, but that day came to help the parent dig a garden.

A bit from the history of Taraz

And now a little digression with a digression into history. Taraz is a city of artisans and merchants, the Great once passed through it The Silk Road, and it was here that the center of its steppe was located parts. And the peak of prosperity of this largest settlement of the Middle Ages accounted for the X-XI centuries of our era, when it becomes the capital state of the Karakhanids.

You can write a lot about Taraz, this is not the point, you just need to understand that this ancient city not only retained its former greatness in merchant traditions and unique architectural monuments, he has become famous in our time for numerous “archaeological gifts”, which made the regional Zhambyl Museum is so interesting and popular. It is stored more than 40 thousand different exhibits, including items ancient Taraz – the most mysterious and at the same time the most attractive to visitors.

Gift of ancestors

It’s not by chance that we talked about “archaeological gifts”, since many museum exhibits were actually donated, and not only in the literal, but also figurative sense. Here is Andrey Germanovich found an ancient vessel in his father’s garden by accident, like a gift either from Mother Earth, or from the ancestors themselves. Man in that day I was digging a garden and was just trying to imagine what it was like the city in which he was born and grew up, say, a thousand years ago. IN at some point his consciousness flew into the distant past, and he even heard the commercial noise of medieval retail space …

And here the garden shovel came across something solid, similar on the stone. But where on the land, dug and dug up hundreds of times, surprised Andrei Germanovich, took such a big cobblestone? However, he immediately recalled the theory that stones can “be born” from the earth, and therefore began to set free “baby” in order to clean the garden from this “uninvited guest”.

A photo from open sources

Lost skill

The Uninvited Guest, however, turned out to be even more fantastic. a gift of fate – an ancient vessel. How to establish later museum experts, this antique jug was made by Sogdian craftsman a master living in Taraz around the 9th century. Such vessels, explains a researcher at the museum Galiya Alimzhanova (on picture), the ancestors of the modern Kazakhs stored dairy products, wine, juices and certainly kept clean spring water in them. Striking the pitcher found by Andrei Germanovich by the fact that he practically “new”, perfectly preserved for more than a thousand years. It turns out that the ancient potters of Taraz possessed the secret of selecting the composition of clay and firing, which was lost over time. After all, modern pottery art of Kazakhstan simply can not give out anything like that strength and durability of ceramic products.

But here’s the question, the journalists of a city newspaper are asking, like this a unique jug of the Middle Ages was in the garden and was not seen earlier? As if he was lying to himself in the depths of the earth, “sleeping” quietly, perhaps several centuries, and suddenly … requested outside, with some unknown force began to break through to people …

That’s really a fabulous gift, you won’t even understand from whom …

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