Wells in Russia

Wells in RussiaPhoto from open sources

From ancient times in Russia, wells were treated with reverence. Various healing properties were attributed to well water. Is worth say that it is not unreasonable. Wanderers whose path passed through well, they collected water in flasks and left near it any thing, believing that mystical power will allow them safely reach the next one. Perhaps a big mystical attention and reverence in Russia, than the wells, enjoyed only bells. Loving girls according to belief with awe counted how many seconds the water in a bucket with a well will fluctuate water, if you lower the ring donated by the narrowed into it. FROM well the elders had long conversations with well water, identifying it with centuries of wisdom. In general, the well was treated as a place where you can for some time abandon worldly concerns, a little to be alone with yourself. Curious that in antiquity in some villages built two wells. Alone in the middle of the village used often for drinking and domestic needs. Another built on outskirts or in the forest. People believed that the creatures that inhabit the forest can be propitiated by giving them the opportunity to use clean, drinking water. They rarely went to the second well, only in those cases when someone fell ill and needed help “owners of the forest.” Another curious custom was to to lower the weapon into the water of the native well before the war. Wars believed that a sword dipped in water became smashing. And sometimes down the well specially threw weapons. This gesture symbolized the rejection of the way forward is war. Subsequently, behind these relics began a real hunt. After all, except for swords, in old wells almost always find antiques. For example, during attacks on villages, people threw the most valuable into the well, hoping that after they will be able to get it back. It turned out to get very seldom. But now very many people are creating societies and travel around Russia in search of various antiques, waiting at the bottom of the wells. Things there are in good condition, whatever it is (weapons, wooden things, icons). In some miraculous way, thanks to the low at the bottom of the well, objects are not destroyed, but only a little getting old. Photo from open source well

It symbolizes the feminine, the womb of the Great Mother, the soul. Having connection with the underworld, the well often contains magical waters, with the ability to heal and fulfill wishes. Closed the well is a symbol of virginity. Well fed by a source It represents the union of male and female. In the Celtic epic, the sacred wells give access to another world, have magical properties and contain healing water. In Jewish symbolism, a well with a clean water symbolizes the Torah. In Christianity, it symbolizes salvation. and cleansing. A well, source or spring at the foot of the Tree of Life in paradise gives rise to the Waters of Life and the four rivers of paradise. Photo from open source Well in Russia – the source of mysticism in Russia to the wells have always been treated with special reverence. People understood the importance of water quality and well water were attributed special healing properties, and around the wells always reigned special mystical atmosphere. Wanderers, getting to the well, collected water into flasks and left some thing near him, believing that mystical power will allow them to get to the next well. The elders talked and asked the well for advice water. A. Tyunyaev

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