What are dinosaur bones?

What are dinosaur bones?Photos from open sources of

Few ordinary people imagine that exhibited in paleontological museums dinosaur skeletons, nothing to do with the bones of ancient animals that archaeologists allegedly unearth have. These are the most ordinary stones.

Well, of course, not quite ordinary, this will be discussed in this note, but …. Still, these are not bones, but stones. The thing is that organics cannot survive for millions of years, but during this long time it turns into fossils, which with accurately repeat bones, teeth, any hard tissues once dinosaurs roaming the earth.

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True, for such a metamorphosis, certain conditions are also needed – the remains of animals in this case must certainly be reliable protected from rain and wind, and therefore the best “burial grounds” sandstones or ashes of volcanoes become for them.

So, we observe in museums or see in illustrations – not bones dinosaurs, as, however, other fossil animals, and fossils, that is, the most common minerals.

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And here it’s worth saying that these minerals are not quite ordinary, but you can even say – very unusual. In jewelry, these stones called dinobones. Brad Pete opened the fashion for such jewelry, who purchased a ring with dinobone from jewelers, after which dinosaur bones jewelry became popular and therefore appeared in almost all famous jewelry houses in the world.

A photo from open sources

Currently, the bone stones of the ancient dinosaurs enjoy huge in demand among collectors. Jewelry in this steel popular not only because these products are practically from dinosaur remains – these minerals themselves are very beautiful and unique, which is why they attracted attention of jewelers. These fossils accurately repeat the once organic compounds, up to the forms of the cell membrane (see photo).

The richest area for finding dinobone in the present time is considered south america.

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