What did the ancient hyperboreans know?

What did the ancient Hyperboreans know?A photo from open sources

Science still does not have data from where exactly a man appeared. All versions have either a hypothesis or a myth or offer us to believe in something, a matter of faith. Scientific the data is scarce since a tremendous amount of time has passed as Scientists believe evolutionists. According to representatives Protestant church – the land of only 6,000 years.

Which of them is right? All this is a matter of faith. There is an alternative almost the history of human development. In ancient times on Earth there were titans. In the ancient texts of the Old Testament, most likely they were called the Nephilim. As the Old Testament Moses describes, this kind of creature appeared on earth due to the fact that the “sons of God” descended from heaven and took as their wives human women. According to the texts and manuscripts of the Greek Ferenik – tribe ancient Greeks called giants, nephilim titans. Titanium – mythical creature, usually of huge growth and consisting in kinship with spiritual entities. The fact is that the titans in spite of their strength were physical beings, not spiritual, and for this for a simple reason, they too, like us, modern people need had food. And where to get it in such quantity? Nowhere. Land too small for such a “gluttonous kind”.

There is an assumption that the wisest titans realizing this decided that you need to change your appearance, replace your DNA and become more adapted to life on planet Earth, then the titans decided create a new race – a hybrid of man and titanium, a race of Hyperboreans. And in ancient times in the territory of modern Greenland Hyperborean country was founded – Hyperborea. But the fact is that such a reservation of titans did not solve the problem with nutrition, remaining, dissenting titans. And then Hyperborea, like the rest the rest of the earth was covered by the waters of the flood, as God created. The Titans, creating hyperborea, wanted to create a cultural center of the earth, the heyday of painting and honor, but were proud and beautiful themselves, which led to the corruption of members of society Hyperboreans. So, the whole earth was covered by the waters of the flood, the rain did not ended over 40 days. Only the Old Testament chosen by God survived Noah and his sons with their families. God also had mercy on the animals, therefore instructed Noah to collect all kinds of animals on board the ark. After as the waters of the flood began to descend and evaporate into the clouds, the Noah tribe began to populate the earth.

When, many years after this, the descendants of Noah reached Egypt, they saw that Egypt was technically advanced. Where from did Egyptian technology come about? After all, the whole earth was covered with water the flood and no one survived, no one except those who were on the ark. there is version that the architects of the Egyptian pyramids were seven mythical human. They were beautiful, wise, and it is known that they came from Northern country. Northern country – Greenland, the territory of the ancient hyperborea. Does this mean that the builders of the pyramids were ancient descendants of the titans? If the Hyperboreans were so smart, then why not were able to escape from the flood, or maybe they were saved? A large part of our planet to this day cover the waters of the seas, oceans, hollows, bays, rivers and lakes. And what if hyperboreans, following the example of their titan fathers, they again decided to change their essence, body essence and altered their DNA so that Hyperboreans were able to live under water. Is it logical? I believe – quite. If Hyperboreans still live with us to this day, then why who have not seen them?

Or maybe they still saw them, more than once. Imagine What can a modern hyperborean look like? Under the ocean no light, no ultraviolet rays and most likely their new skin pale, possibly gray, or even greenish. About face shape difficult to judge, but most likely in connection with such a long mental activity of the head is increased in size. As they see, because the light almost no water. Imagine who is in front of us – isn’t it looks like an alien “Grace”. Small stature, large slanting black eyes and gray skin. Maybe a UFO is not only aircraft, but also a submarine? During the great World War II Hitler’s troops conducted scientific expeditions to the north pole. According to now declassified data the Nazis have repeatedly observed UFOs jumping out of the water. Who is it – Hyperboreans, or perhaps their descendants.

If Hyperboreans are alive, then why are they still not showing themselves obviously. Why do they live secretly? Water Hyperborea Greenland DNA Egypt Pyramids

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