What did the Egyptians eat after leaving the world different?

As a result of a new study, scientists were able to establish how exactly did the ancient Egyptians save food for their dead Pharaohs. For this, found in the Egyptian tombs perfectly the preserved meat was subjected to a thorough analysis, as a result of who became aware that food was mummified using complex procedures and balms. Photos from open sources

Mummified pieces of meat are a unique find for science, since some instances relate approximately to 3300 BC For example, the famous pharaoh Tutankhamun went to his last shelter, accompanied by 48 mummified dishes from beef and poultry. Scientists decided to find out if the methods were different mummification of “meat for mummies” from how the Egyptians mummified people or pets. To do this, they carefully studied four a sample of meat that has been archived in Cairo and in British museums. The oldest was the rib beef taken from the tomb. Tii (wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III). Mummification of this beef dates back to 1386 BC The second sample of calf meat, found in the tomb of the sister and wife of the high priest in Thebes, dates back to 1064 BC And the last two samples (goat and duck meat) obtained from the tomb of a priest who died around 1290 BC AD Scientists decided to conduct not only a thorough analysis of meat, but also to study the chemical composition of the impregnation of bandages. As a result they found that animal fats are not on the meat itself, but on top on bandages, probably in order to serve as additional preservative. However the most intriguing chemical analysis showed veal. The bandages of this mummy contain leftovers a complex balm made from the grease and resin of the Pistacia tree. This resin was a luxury item in ancient Egypt and used as expensive incense as well as varnish for high quality coffins. However, it was not used for mummification of people …

Egypt Mummies Pharaohs

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