What do the Egyptian really mean characters?

What do the Egyptian symbols really mean?A photo from open sources Resting this summer in Egypt, I came across quite an interesting situation. What a guide in Luxor, what sellers absolutely did not want souvenirs (or could not) talk about the characters that in one form or another suggested to tourists. When did I allow myself to note that, judging by the turn heads, the figurine does not depict Isis, but her sister Nephthys, from me for some reason they simply shied away. So, to everyone who has already visited Egypt, or just going there, a small overview of traditional Egyptian Symbols – in order not to buy is not what the soul asks. The main Egyptian symbols that today hold souvenir industry are Lotus, Isis, Ankh, Scarab and Eye Mountain. But if the meaning of Lotus and Isis is transmitted by the Egyptians more or less close to mythology and traditional Egyptian symbolism (just remember that the face of Isis must always be turned in the direction of the sun), then get detailed very few succeed in characterizing the remaining characters. So. Ankh (Egyptian cross, ankh, crux ansata). In any jewelry-papyrus-souvenir shop will tell you that it symbol of longevity and wealth. However, not everything is so simple. So, only the form of this symbol itself has several interpretations, several levels: 1. The simplest interpretation is as a symbol Egypt, where the oval symbolizes the Nile Delta, and the rest – the river itself, which made life possible in the desert. 2. Next the interpretation of the Egyptian cross is the symbolism of the rising sun, the birth of a new day. So, in the Egyptian Book of the Dead (papyrus Ani and Kenny) preserved the image of Jed (tree trunk, which supported by Osiris), on both sides of him kneeling Isis and Nephthys. Ankh grows from Jed with human hands, that hold the disk of the sun. 3. The Egyptian cross is a combination of male and female symbols of Osiris and Isis, as a union life-producing principles – Heaven and Earth, and in the end – a symbol new birth; 4. The sign combines the cross, as a symbol of life, and the circle, as a symbol of eternity, together they mean immortality. Alternatively, an oval could mean eternity, and a cross-shaped expansion in the longitudinal and transverse planes – the transition from infinity to space. Thus, ankh is a symbol of life, and life at all its levels. Egyptians depicted ankh on amulets in order to extend life on earth; with this amulet was buried to be confident that the deceased awaits life in another world. On the material level, this sign is really considered attractive longevity, eternal health, and thereby a long and happy life. However, along with this, it is the key to discovery in the otherworldly worlds of the gates of paradise and to unity with the Higher Forces. On the In many images, the gods hold the ankh in their hand or pass it on to people. Here we are talking about the visible breath of life, so to speak about divine spark through which life in general can to arise. Now this symbol is also borrowed by Coptic Christians, and is used by them as a traditional cross. Scarab. Sellers seeking to impose on you any product is treated as a symbol of well-being. Scarab processes the shapeless, soft mass of manure, rolling it in front of her until she becomes almost perfect scope. Having laid eggs in a rotting ball, a scarab rolls it from the east to the west, and, pulling a mink, hides for 28 days. On the 29th day, the bug digs up a ball, throws it into the water, and from a lump of manure appear little scarabs. It was believed that a small bug repeats the way The sun that rises from the world of light. The Egyptians believed that even the body of the deceased carries in itself the embryo of a new life – the immortal the sacred soul, which, after the death of the body, being freed, rises in another world, continuing his journey through the heavenly roads. The scarab has always been a symbol of the impulse that the soul receives. for heavenly flight, for rebirth in the spiritual world, after how in it everything material begins to die and unfold. is he personified the innermost power of the Heart that man should have awaken in oneself in order to be reborn, die and rise again, having overcome any obstacles that await in life and after death. Symbol scarab had another reading in Ancient Egypt. This little the beetle became the embodiment of the philosopher on his path to wisdom. Just like how a scarab tirelessly and persistently turns the shapeless, an astringent mass of manure in a ball to lay the seed of life in it, a philosopher who follows the path of wisdom must transform shapeless and astringent mass of its shortcomings and restrictions on an ideal, perfect, fire and transparent sphere that reflects the light of the Spirit. At the same time, in Egypt it was believed that all scarabs are males, it was a symbol of male power and the fertilizing vital principle. So for a woman, this is not quite a good sign, and you need to use it as much as possible Caution. Eye of Horus, with the light hand of Egyptian merchants souvenirs, turned into a banal amulet from the evil eye. Together with in ancient Egyptians, Horus’s eye was extremely complex symbolism. Eye of Horus was a very popular amulet in Egypt, so as embodied in itself always returning to square one universal harmony. According to myth, Seth’s envious god duel snatched from his nephew Horus after he killed and cut into pieces his brother Osiris. The wise moon god Thoth cured Horus. After that, Gore gave his father Osiris an eye, to awaken him to a new life. Horus Eye and Eyebrow Means Strength and power. Two winged eyes are North and South as two divisions of heaven The sun and moon, heavenly space. Horus’s left eye signified the moon and thus perceiving female forces and the past, while time as the right eye embodied active, creative and male powers of the sun and the future. Horus’s moonlight eye unconscious, symbolizes the amazing ability to peek in the depths of the human soul, to return to a person a feeling integrity and internal unity. Eye of Horus in Ancient Egyptian Papyrus depicts both the Mountain itself and the full moon, during which Osiris was reborn and Horus was born. By the way, similar images of the eye can be found not only in ancient Egyptian drawings, but even found on a modern american dollar bill. Thus, the meaning of ancient symbols is much deeper than explained in souvenir shops. And when buying this or that symbol, you should remember that its illiterate use can be more harmful than to help.

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