What earthlings and “strangers” of 250 centuries did not share back?

“Modern scientists – researchers of the unknown are increasingly are inclined to believe that more than 25 thousand years ago a real nuclear war between the then earthly civilization – asuras and aliens, which led to a powerful environmental disaster and a sharp change in living conditions on our planet “, – writes the magazine of the unknown FATE (“Rock”, “Fate”, USA). In 2011 The year the largest joint research project NASA experts and French scientists. Published data testify that 250 centuries ago the Earth survived global nuclear war! Over a hundred funnels found on the planet 2-3 km in diameter, among which there are two giant – in the South America (diameter 40 km) and South Africa (diameter 119 km). Photos from open sources

“If they had formed in the Paleozoic era (350 million years back), then they would not have left the slightest trace long ago, since the thickness of the upper layer of Arbinade (the ancient name of the Earth) increases by a meter in a hundred years. And the funnels are still intact. it suggests with confidence that the nuclear strike occurred 25-35 thousand years ago, – comments FATE. – Scientists were able determine the strength of a nuclear strike: more than 500 thousand tons of TNT equivalent! For comparison: the Americans dropped a bomb on Hiroshima in 20 thousand tons. So powerful was that supernuclear attack that was able to change the rotation of the earth around its axis! “. The power of nuclear strokes were so great that the masses of water of the oceans came into motion and formed something like a giant funnel, in As a result, the Earth’s rotation accelerated. These facts confirm what nuclear war was. “The white fire raged for three days and three nights,” described in the “Code of Rio” of the Mayan people, and entailed nuclear rain, where bombs did not fall, penetrating everything enveloped radiation. Another terrible consequence caused by radiation – light burns. The shock wave propagates not only along Earth, but also up. Reaching the stratosphere, it easily destroys the ozone layer that protects the Earth from harmful UV exposure to the sun. Ultraviolet, as everyone knows, burns unprotected skin. Nuclear explosions entailed significant pressure drop and gas composition change atmosphere that ultimately killed the survivors and animals. Heavy Duty Nuclear Disaster Evidence antiquities, according to experts, are contained in ancient traditions and epics of many peoples of the world. “If, for example, translate the myths of African pygmies about the “great fire that came down from heaven,” discarding metaphors, we get a completely reliable chronicle the explosion and its consequences – nuclear winter! – tells us the British “New Scientist” (2009). And in the world famous ancient Indian the epic legend “Mahabharata” is narrated in some detail about how those who survived in a nuclear meat grinder were saved 27 thousand years ago. From the destructive flame, people hid underground, tearing out the first bomb shelters in the history of mankind. ” Clash of Civilizations According to some hypotheses, nuclear disaster was the result of war between the race Arbinadians-earthlings of Asuras and alien invaders. Asuras tried to escape from death in their underground cities, however powerful showers and earthquakes, direct attacks of enemies destroyed shelters and drove the inhabitants back to the surface of the earth. Previously, scientists believed that the “pipes” operating in our time, going from caves to the surface Earth, have a natural origin. In fact, “these pipes made thanks to and using laser weapons for smoking asuras sheltering in dungeons – explains the situation Dr. Emanuel Zotkin, Team Leader, Nuclear Researchers wars of the past, University of Manchester. – These “pipes” have regular round shape over its entire length (from 10 to 40 m), which is completely unusual for funnels and tunnels natural origin. “It becomes clear why throughout tunnels thousands of kilometers long were dug in the territory of the planet. Them found in Altai, the Urals, the Tien Shan, the Caucasus, in the Sahara deserts, Gobi, Kara Kumah, in South America. People left in the dungeons gradually lost their sight, the descendants of the asuras decreased in size to gnomes of which any nationality, especially in Western Europe and Scandinavia, there are many legends. Undersized creatures survived to this day, have both black and white skin. So, Menehekha of Guinea, dopa, boorish, ira people living in Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, rising from 50 to 80 centimeters. Close to Bashkir Sterlitamak, British Reading and Riverhead, Indian Potih, Armenian Piti, etc. found dunes from mineral substances. You can count more than one like them on Earth. a hundred. “Most likely,” Dr. Zotkin summarizes, “these are graves.” entire families of asuras who died in a nuclear war. ” mutants One of the inevitable consequences of nuclear Disaster is a mutation of living organisms. Radioactive mutogenesis rearranges the human chromosome chains, as a result which radically changes its appearance and internal state. But the insidious thing is that in different people under the influence radiation chromosome rows change their usual structure differently. Our distant ancestors did not escape this evil fate. Shortly after the global explosion, human society was a real “piggy bank of mutants.” Among them, for example, were winged people and giants – their skeletons and today are sometimes found at excavations, as well as dwarfs whose direct descendants are today’s pygmies and bushmen of Africa, as well as dopa, hama, Ira s Tibet and Hindustan. Some of these branches became extinct, failing to adapt to environmental conditions. Others were ruthless exterminated by rivals, who are posary in their territory. Some scientists believe that the ancient people had a third eye, and in Nowadays, the genetic memory of this organ gives a person incredibly sharp intuition, extrasensory abilities, more often all clairvoyance, telepathy and xenoglosia (the ability to speak completely unknown to anyone in today’s foreign languages). Dungeon Children As for life underground, she is possible. Geologists say that there is more water underground than all over the oceans. Underground seas, rivers and lakes. Scientists have suggested that the waters of the oceans connected with underground, and not only the water cycle between them, but also the exchange of species. To the underground biosphere was self-sufficient, there should have been plants secreting oxygen and carbon dioxide decomposers. But photosynthesis turns out to be can occur in complete darkness, just skip over earth weak electric current of a certain frequency. In places heat release to the Earth’s surface, forms of thermal lives that do not need light at all. Perhaps they may be both unicellular and multicellular and even achieve high level of development. The appearance of dinosaurs on Earth (e.g. Loch Ness monster, Yakut plesiosaurs, Irish prehistoric crocodile and the like) suggests that living under the ground creatures sometimes appear on the surface the sun. “Many floating creatures since the Asurian biosphere, perhaps they found salvation precisely underground. Dinosaur Messages, appearing in oceans, seas, lakes (such as African the ill-fated mokele mbembe and hoo-pogo) – these are direct evidence of penetrating from underground bodies of water creatures that are thousands of years old back they found refuge there. According to the Vedas, the asuras were big and strong, but they were ruined by gullibility and innocence. “Gods” with the help of insidious deception killed the asuras, drove them under land to the bottom of the oceans and deep lakes. Pyramids scattered around all over the world (in Egypt, Mexico, Tibet, India, China), testify that the culture of the earthlings was one, and they there were no grounds for serious conflicts among themselves. Those whom The Vedas are called gods, appeared from heaven! These, of course, are aliens from Cosmos, and the nuclear conflict was cosmic. So 25 thousand years back our planet has definitely turned into a giant Chernobyl, no, in a hundred Chernobyls, and we are the people of today advanced 21st century – we are the descendants of mutants that appeared in the result of that disaster. But it’s not clear what the motives of that distant nuclear war, and who, in fact, became the instigator of what The earth was subjected to severe bombardment. Scientists in casual mentioned the powerful civilizations that existed at that time, possessing technologies whose secrets are unlikely to be available and our distant descendants. But, according to experts, the collection information about these civilizations is already a matter of growing, today’s generations. Secret Doctrine 2011

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