When the Sphinx speaks, life will end

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Sevinj Mammadalieva is an Egyptologist, she lives and works in Cairo, in one of the research institutes at the Cairo Historical Museum. Sevinj Mammadaliev gained courage and not paying attention to conservatism modern historical science, suggested that the Egyptian obelisks are nothing but a display of aircraft on which some creatures who founded the ancient civilization in modern Egypt.

They brought with them knowledge that allowed them to cope with stone hulks, build grandiose structures. They brought with them technologies that are several orders of magnitude superior to modern nanotechnology. That is why the Egyptians deified these creatures.

A photo from open sources

This conclusion of Sevinj was made possible by many historical facts, to which academic historical science closes its eyes.

The article caused a wide resonance, reproaches of Sevinj rained down unscientific approach but this brave young scientist is stoically all suffered. “Well, they will not kill me, after all, these mossy learned men! – she exclaimed. – And all the reproaches and assaults I like- I’ll survive it. “And I survived. And I wrote another article – on this times about the riddle of the Sphinx.

– Why did you choose this topic?

– Because in Egypt, no matter where you turn, everywhere is solid riddles! And the riddle of the Sphinx is no less burning than cosmic obelisks or the pyramids themselves. On the one hand, for the construction of this huge statue (height over 20 m, length 72 m) some methods unknown to modern science were not required – like moving huge blocks and monoliths by the power of thought or anti-gravity. (At least bold scientific minds believe that the movement of huge monoliths at the then level of development the technique was only possible with the help of something beyond the limits.) Sphinx carved from limestone, a layer which is suitable in this place to the surface, and for its creation primitives were quite enough tools. There are no puzzles here – unlike the same Aswan Obelisk. The question is different: who, when and why created it and who does he portray?

– History books claim that it was created four half a thousand years ago under the pharaoh Chefren, who built the second the largest pyramids of the three great. Like, there is even a portrait the similarities between him and the Sphinx. Is that not so?

– The last two decades of the last century were believed to be so. It was believed that the Sphinx is an image of the god Garmahis, and the portrait resemblance to Chefren is due to the deification of the pharaoh. However, in the 80-90s, when the emergency state of the Sphinx was the attention of the whole world was riveted, and scientists studied it in every way, it was made some sensational discoveries. First, the age of the Sphinx much more – it is older than the pyramids. Came to this conclusion Tokyo archaeologists led by Professor Yoshimura who sonar checked the statue of the Sphinx and its surroundings. (Had in it’s not the age of the blocks of which the Sphinx is made, but their “age” processing.) In 1991, Boston professor of geology Robert Schoch in in turn cited evidence that the Sphinx created seven or even more than thousands of years ago. Schoch made such a conclusion, studying erosion. limestone.

Robert Buvel, a fan of the version that the Sphinx built almost as an observatory, as a pointer to major astronomical events such as the days of the equinox, proved that the date of the “birth” of a lion with human face – 10500 BC They are inclined to this opinion. Today, many free-thinking researchers.

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Secondly, the portrait likeness of the Sphinx and Chephren was also questioned. Police Artist, Lieutenant Frank Domingo from New York carefully compared the face of the Sphinx with the face of the pharaoh Chefren, and concluded that the features of the Sphinx were not at all copied from Chefren. By the way, both Domingo and Schoch on their the research was driven by an amateur Egyptologist Anthony West, who for many years studied the secrets of ancient Egypt. West – admirer of Atlantis, he believed that the Sphinx created the Atlanteans, who come from … Mars. He argued that the development of our Earth civilization was influenced by a certain civilization on Mars. So, he interprets the famous “face on Mars” as an alien an analogue of the Egyptian Sphinx.

“I’m sorry, but do you believe all this?”

– I will refrain from answering this question. Because I do not want to be considered a charlatan, as West was known among professional Egyptologists. However, I know that many Egyptian scholars, officially rejecting West theories, on the sidelines of them all don’t laugh. I already emphasized in our last conversation that Egyptian scientists obviously know something, but in every way conceal it, moreover, they do not allow anyone else to enter their secrets.

In addition, the American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce claimed that many of those who left the dying Atlantis settled in Egypt, and the Sphinx was created by them. By the way, the version of this respected even among academic human scientists indirectly confirmed French archaeologists. They found that facial proportions sculptures are not typical for an ordinary person. So the Sphinx may well be a sculptural portrait of Atlanta.

As for West, whether he is a charlatan or not, time will tell. However, the ardor with which he studies Egyptian riddles, his perseverance with which he attracts for studies of the mysteries of professional scientists. Robert Schoch with his filing began to study erosion of limestone and concluded that the rain “rained” over the sculpture for a very a long time. But all the other buildings on the Giza plateau – Great pyramids, etc. – had a completely different profile weathering, characteristic not for showers, but for wind. Exactly a weathering profile, more precisely, a “pour out”, and allowed Schoch make an earlier dating of the Sphinx. Other scientists were forced to agree with Shokh: heavy rains that are necessary in order to cause the observed erosion of the Sphinx, stopped fall out in Egypt thousands of years before 2500 BC – of the year official birth of the Sphinx.

True, West himself believed that “tried” over the Sphinx floods that it was during the great flood but respecting Shokh’s geological experience changed its point of view. Which, however, is not greatly changed his theory of the antediluvian origin of the Sphinx and Atlantis civilization.

Domingo, as I said, also turned to Egyptian riddles after West’s request in 1993. He went to Egypt and compared facial features of the Sphinx with the diorite statue of Chephren, which is stored in Cairo Museum.

– But why did he turn to the policeman to the artist?

– Domingo had extensive experience in criminal forensics based on a comparison of facial features. Modern experts are equipped with chic equipment, have special computer programs that allow conduct such an examination. Domingo using graphic computer programs made a point comparison of the features of each faces. After comparison, he provided an official conclusion that the two compared persons definitely cannot belong to one to man. In principle, I believe that this examination could do not conduct at all if the results of Schoch regarding erosion surfaces clearly indicate that the Sphinx is older than Chefren by four thousand years.

So with the question “when the Sphinx was created” we can say figured out. The question “who is depicted” is also more or less clear: not Chefren. But who then?

– You said above – Atlas. You wrote in your article?

– (Laughs) No, I don’t say this directly! But Edgar’s opinion I bring Casey. By the way, I really respect this phenomenal person. At least for one fact. Casey claimed that under the left the front paw of the statue is underground tunnels and some cavities. He “saw” them with the help of clairvoyance. And what? That the Tokyo expedition led by Ischiromura, which echolocation determined the time when the Sphinx limestone was processed, found that it was beneath his left paw that actually exists a narrow tunnel leading to the Chefren pyramid.

It starts at a depth of two meters and goes obliquely down. The doctor of geophysics, Thomas Dobiecki, found the Sphinx under his left paw and a five-meter cavity in the form of a rectangular chamber. That there are voids and tunnels, ancient scientists wrote. For example, Jamblichus, Syrian representative of the Alexandrian School of mystical and philosophical teachings, who lived in the IV century; ancient Sumerians who claimed that the secret shelter of the Anunnaki was the “place underground” where he led the tunnel, the entrance to which was covered with sand, and the tunnel guarded a creature very similar in description to the sphinx; Pliny, Roman 1st century BC historian who claimed that under the Sphinx there are secret rooms hiding treasures and magic items, and also the tomb of a ruler named Garmahis, and even named the Sphinx “The Great Sphinx of Garmahis, on guard since Followers of Horus “; Roman historian of the 4th century Ammianus Marcellinus, who wrote that these premises were created in order to “preserve the wisdom of the ancients from the bloody flood “; early Arab writer Middle Ages Altelemsani, citing the information of the scientist Masudi, living in the X century; author of the same century Muterdi …

Yes, even Herodotus, the “father of history”! He spoke of the Egyptian priests, who, according to tradition, retold him ancient legends about “underground living space system” constructed by these the creators of Memphis.

“So perhaps Casey is not clairvoyant at all?” He just could to know all these traditions and suggested that justified afterwards!

“He could know, but he might not know!” Casey thinks everything historical evidence of the Atlantean civilization was brought the surviving representatives of this people to Egypt and are hidden in the “hall chronicles “- a small pyramid located on the line between the right paw of the Sphinx and the Nile River.

– But in your last work on obelisks you expressed the assumption that the ancient Egyptian civilization was founded by “aliens from Heaven, “as the Egyptians called their gods at first. In the new work you give a version about the Atlanteans. I think this is some kind of contradiction …

– I do not think this is a contradiction! After all, no one has yet proven on one hundred percent who the Atlanteans are and where they came from. If believe West, a fan of the “Martian version,” then Atlanta is quite could be from Mars. True, I would not say about Mars but the fact that aliens have been visiting our planet, already, in my opinion, it’s no secret to anyone. So let’s get back to the question “Who”. West and Casey are not the only ones who claim that the Sphinx depicts an unearthly creature. Ancient Roman wrote about this. Naturalist Pliny the Elder. He believed that confirmation the extraterrestrial origin of the Sphinx is the “red face of this monsters “and the” third eye “directed into space above nose bridge.

Elena Blavatsky also spoke about this. She claimed that it was these two attributes were possessed by the Atlanteans who arrived in Egypt, and The Sphinx reproduces the image of their priest Ra-Ta, and not King Chephren at all. Blavatsky admitted that Chefren simply commanded to give the Sphinx some resemblance to oneself – as far as possible.

– One moment remains incomprehensible. Assuming the Sphinx – This is an image of the Atlanteans or aliens (or both) one bottle “), then where does the lion’s body come from?

– Some historians say that the whole thing is in the cult of St. John’s wort Of Egypt. Others claim that the Sphinx was created by nature itself, and people then they just completed the resemblance. These specialists lead to proof of its version are many natural sculptures that there are in the vicinity of the Giza plateau and in other places in Egypt.

– Yes, I personally saw such a natural sculpture. At first it seems that this is a warrior, and then you clearly see in front of you woman … very impressive!

“I saw it too, really impressive.” But to me this version doesn’t seem true. Because the Sphinx is too adjusted position – his face looks exactly east. And this is no coincidence. AND the body of a lion is also not accidental. Because if you accept true dating Robert Buvel – it seems to me the most faithful and close to reality (Schoch with its storm erosion at the same time also does not remain out of work: strong prolonged downpours in these places went before, it was proved by geophysicists) – then we see that just in those millennia a certain astrological era – the era of Leo. It is 10970-8810 BC

The body of a lion is explained by another lion – the constellation Leo. Robert Buvel, claiming that the orientation of the sphinx facing east not accidental, and that it has important astronomical significance, pays attention to such a fact. Ancient Egyptians not for nothing identified the Sphinx with various solar deities. For instance, with the aforementioned by me Garmakhis (Gor am Akhet) or “Mountain on horizon “and Sheshep-ankh Atum (” Atum’s Living Image “). By the way, it is believed that the Greek word “sphinx” is an abbreviation for “Sheshep-ankh”. So the orientation of the Sphinx strictly east is a consequence of the fact that Gore and Atum were sunny deities.

Buvel suggests that the Sphinx was built as an indicator of the day vernal equinox. Moreover, Buvel and many other scientists convinced that the pyramid complex in Giza is a reflection of the situation stars in the constellation Orion ten and a half thousand years before our era. By creating a computer simulation of the starry sky for that period, Buvel and his colleague Hancock discovered that on a spring day equinox after sunrise Sphinx “looked” across the plateau Giza directly to the constellation Leo. Today due to the procession of the earth’s axis The Sphinx “looks” is no longer at the constellation Leo, but it’s important for us not that what is now, and what was at the time of the construction of the Sphinx.

When the geodetic plan of the complex of all the pyramids fell into my hands in Giza, not only the three Great, then with the naked eye I I saw that the three pyramids form an isosceles triangle, one of the peaks of which is located between the right paw of the Sphinx and the Nile River – with its right side the sphinx is almost parallel to the Nile. By the way, in 1980 it was in this place, when the Egyptian land reclamators drilled to a depth of fifteen meters, was discovered a large piece of aswan granite. But in these places it is found only limestone! Aswan granite is a very long distance. Where does granite come from? What is he doing there? Maybe the “annals hall” is the Atlanteans Casey spoke of exactly there?

In addition, the paws of the Sphinx rests on the east side a square in which the remaining buildings of the Giza valley are inscribed. If multiply all their parameters, then the product will be equal the duration of one space year is 26,000 years.

– The Giza Plateau, the pyramids, their magnitude, the ratio of magnitudes and other figures Egyptologists studied along and across. And today many consider that all these ratios can simply be “pulled over ears “, because if we have a lot of all sorts of numbers, then with a great desire any patterns can be revealed between them. Everything is possible these parameters, triangles, resemblance to various constellations – just “far-fetched” purely mathematical delights?

– Yes, such an opinion is known. But why all of these like you put it, nobody is engaged in mathematical refinements in others places? After all, the planet is full of mysteries! However, as far as correspondences to the constellations, in particular, Orion (from which, as claim many myths of various nations, and Heaven descended gods), on the Giza plateau you can see very well. Judge for yourself. If take the distance from the alleged “hall of annals” and to the southeast corner of the Chefren pyramid and take it for some arbitrary unit, then the distance to the southeast corner of the pyramid Cheops will be seven tenths of this unit, and to the southeast the angle of the pyramid of Menkaur – one and a half units. Many will ask – well, and what? And the fact that in astronomy these proportions have long been known. If for conditional – that is, astronomical – unit to take the distance from Sun to Earth, then the distance from the Sun to Venus will also be seven tenths of a unit, and from the Sun to Mars – one and a half units. therefore it can be assumed that the Cheops pyramid points to Venus, Chefren – to Earth, and Menkaur – to Mars.

“But what does the Sphinx have to do with it?”

– And he – judging by his position – monitors the rising of the Sun and rotation of these planets.

– There is an ancient proverb that says: “When he speaks Sphinx, life on earth will leave the familiar circle. “Or another, a tougher option: “When the Sphinx speaks, life will end.” How can you explain this saying?

– Assuming that the “annals hall” actually exists and located exactly where Casey and others suggest researchers, the Sphinx is nothing more than a guardian of knowledge. And who knows what this knowledge will bring us? Life may not end but the fact that we will radically change our ideas about it is absolutely right!

By the way, there is a prediction: when the world will be on the edge death, the statue comes to life and speaks and tells us about all its secrets. But then it will be too late … That ancient knowledge incredibly important to us, Anthony West also suggested in the 70s. He, and before him also the French mathematician and occultist Schwoller de Lubitsch believed that in Egyptian art and architecture are encrypted some symbols having both mathematical and mystical nature. And if you decipher them, then we’ll solve all the Egyptian and not only riddles. Many, even academic, scientists are sure that in Ancient Egypt priests possessed more advanced scientific knowledge, than even the ones we have now. Who did they get them from? Officially believed to be from an older, extinct civilization. And since the Sphinx is the same age as this civilization, then it is possible that it is he who points to the cache, the treasury this knowledge.

– You said that the Japanese and other scientists have discovered by various methods, voids and tunnels coming from the Sphinx. Were there are these tunnels explored? Maybe the Japanese made some excavations?

– Excavations were practically not carried out. The tunnels were investigated by the same echolocation method, but only at a distance a few meters. For some reason, further studies were collapsed. The official explanation – it was difficult to investigate further, It is required to create new equipment. What is difficult to mean ?! Echolocation – this is not drilling, not excavation. Listen to yourself what the “lying” say under the feet of the breed, that’s all.

However, none of this has been done. More precisely, it was not possible to do something, the Japanese left the Giza plateau. From here you can again to make an indisputable conclusion that the Egyptians are clearly hiding something. And so obvious that it catches the eye of the whole scientist to the world.

Later, however, the famous Egyptian archaeologist, Dr. Zaha Havas, Director of the Giza Archaeological Complex and Department Antiquities of Egypt, informed King of Sweden Gustav and Queen Sylvia that he, together with members of the expedition of Dr. Joseph Martin Shore discovered under the forefoot of the Sphinx disguised secret camera. It’s as if there were discovered a jug of an unusual shape and curled up by some incomprehensible way rope, but most importantly – the entrance to a narrow tunnel. Before of the moment everything seems to be normal and, in principle, doubt in the scientific world did not cause. But then Zahi Gavas said that to go into the tunnel to them prevented … some strange field of light. And his supposedly even a bullet couldn’t penetrate.

Of course, some members of the expedition tried to penetrate the field, but the daredevils immediately felt bad. However in the expedition had special equipment, and with it help it was found that the tunnel ended at a depth of 32 meters vertical mine, flooded below with water. Supposedly water pumped out, and the burial chamber with four columns opened and black granite sarcophagus. They did not open it – they were afraid. because of superstition of locals who believe that the Sphinx strictly guards “the glorious place of the beginning of time”, where the first divine lord of Egypt Ra-Gorahti and that his burial is protected terrible spells of the gods, and therefore mortally dangerous to mere mortal.

– Why do you always say “supposedly”, “as if”?

– Because weakly I believe in all this. If it were, the scientific world would already be trumpeting about this find. And then if the input a certain “light field” protected the tunnel, as not only penetrate the tunnel, but also find a burial chamber there, yes also pump water out of it? With appliances? So the field doesn’t even bullet missed! And all this talk about spells, deadly danger to “mere mortals” … It’s all at the journalistic level sensations, but not at the level of the work of a serious scientist, how, without a doubt, is Zahi Gavas. He only officially announced following: humanity is not yet able to open doors to others worlds are the business of future generations. Like, remember that saying that if the Sphinx speaks, then life will cease. Therefore, further exploration of the Great Sphinx and surrounding area discontinued.

– And you do not allow the idea that Havas is actually something found? Still, the king of Sweden is not the kind of person who can hang noodles on the ears!

– Yes, he completely found something, and the documentary was on this topic is filmed, and not one, but the Egyptian scientists again something hide! But the version that the Sphinx has already penetrated the press It is a real main entrance to the Great Pyramid. Version, by the way, quite old, based on maps of a hundred years ago, compiled by members of the Masonic lodge and the Order of the Rosicrucians. According to them, the Sphinx was a building crowning underground hall connected to all the pyramids radially diverging corridors. These plans were drawn up on the basis of information found by the alleged founder of the Order Of the Rosicrucians by Christian Rosencruise, who is believed to be penetrated a secret room underground and found a depository of books there, containing secret knowledge.

– And how do you feel about the version that the Sphinx is not really he, and she?

– So far, I have not met scientific evidence of this, therefore I can’t say anything. In principle, anything can be. By face Sphinx, all the more disfigured by time and vandals, very it is difficult to judge the gender of this creature. By the way scientists, examining the face of the Sphinx, came to the conclusion that this is a portrait a person from the now defunct race. Outwardly, her representatives were similar to Africans and Native Americans – Indians. In all this only one thing is clear to history: the Sphinx is a monument to the disappeared civilization that existed when in this territory has not yet was the sand of the Sahara. After all, it is known that sands are advancing, now retreat, the Sphinx was therefore repeatedly dug up. Hard for myself imagine a civilization that would make it so meaningful of all mankind a monument in the sand, knowing that they can it early or hide later.

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