Where did 10 ancient civilizations go?

Where did 10 ancient civilizations go?A photo from open sources

Like Indiana Jones Single Archaeologist David Hatcher Childress made many incredible trips to the most ancient and distant places on earth. Describing lost cities and ancient civilizations, he published six books: a travel chronicle from the Gobi Desert to Cougars-Punks in Bolivia, from Mohenjo-Daro to Baalbek. We found him preparing for the next archaeological expedition, this time in New Guinea, and asked specifically for Atlantis Rising Magazine write the following article.

1. Mu or Lemuria According to various secret sources the first civilization arose 78,000 years ago on a giant continent known as Mu or Lemuria. And she existed in for an amazing 52,000 years. Civilization was destroyed earthquakes caused by Earth pole displacement, which occurred approximately 26,000 years ago, or in 24,000 BC IN while the Mu civilization has not reached such high technology, like other, later civilizations, however, the peoples of Mu succeeded in the construction of megacity buildings that were able to withstand earthquakes. This building science was the biggest Mu achievement. Perhaps in those days there was one language on the whole Earth and one government. Education was the key to the prosperity of the Empire, every citizen was versed in the laws of the Earth and the Universe, by the age of 21 he was given a brilliant education. By the age of 28, a person was becoming full citizen of the empire. 2. Ancient Atlantis When Mu continent plunged into the ocean, today’s Pacific formed the ocean, and the water level in other parts of the Earth has dropped significantly. Small islands in the Atlantic during Lemuria increased in size. The lands of the Poseidonis archipelago formed whole little continent. This continent by current historians called Atlantis, however his real name was Poseidonis. Atlantis has a high level of technology superior modern. In the book “Inhabitant of Two Planets”, dictated in 1884 by philosophers from Tibet to the young Californian Frederick Spencer Oliver, as well as in the continuation of 1940 Earth Return Inhabitant “, there is a mention of such inventions and devices as: air conditioners for air purification from harmful fumes; vacuum cylinder lamps, fluorescent lamps; electric rifles; monorail transport; water generators, compression tool water from the atmosphere; force-driven aircraft antigravity. Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce talked about using in Atlantis planes and crystals to produce tremendous energy. is he also mentioned the misuse of power by the Atlanteans, which and led to the destruction of their civilization. 3. Rama’s Empire Of India Fortunately, the ancient books of the Indian Empire Rama preserved, unlike the documents of China, Egypt, Central America and Peru. The remains of the empire are now swallowed up by impassable jungle or rest on the bottom of the ocean. And yet India, despite numerous military devastations, managed to save most of its ancient history. It was believed that Indian civilization appeared not much earlier than 500 AD, 200 years before the invasion Alexander the Great. However last century in the Indus Valley on modern Pakistan discovered cities Mozhenjo Daro and Harappa. The discovery of these cities led archaeologists move the date of the emergence of Indian civilization by thousands of years back. To the surprise of modern scholars, these cities were highly organized and a brilliant example of urban planning. And the sewage system was more developed than now in many Asian countries. 4. The civilization of Osiris in Mediterranean During the time of Atlantis and Harappa pool The Mediterranean Sea was a large fertile valley. The ancient civilization that flourished there was the progenitor dynastic Egypt, and is known as the Civilization of Osiris. Nile previously proceeded in a completely different way than today and was called Styx. Instead of flowing into the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt, The Nile turned west, forming a huge lake in the area central part of the modern Mediterranean, flowed from the lake in the area between Malta and Sicily and flowed into the Atlantic Ocean at Hercules Pillars (Gibraltar). When Atlantis was destroyed, Atlantic waters slowly flooded the Mediterranean basin, destroying the large cities of the Osirians and forcing them to resettle. This theory explains the strange megalithic remains found at the bottom The Mediterranean Sea. Archaeological fact that at the bottom of this sea there are more than two hundred sunken cities. Egyptian civilization, along with Minoan (Crete) and Mycenaean (Greece) – these are traces of one big, ancient culture. Osirian civilization left huge earthquake-resistant megalithic buildings, owned electricity and other amenities that were common in Atlantis. Like Atlantis and the Rama Empire, the Osirians had aircraft and other vehicles, mostly electric nature. Mysterious paths in Malta that are found under water, possibly part of the ancient Osirian traffic civilization. Probably the best example of high tech Osirians – amazing platform found in Baalbek (Lebanon). home the platform is made up of the largest carved rock blocks, their weight is from 1200 to 1500 tons each. 5. Civilizations Gobi Desert Many ancient cities of civilization Uyghur existed during the time of Atlantis on the site of the Gobi Desert. However Gobi is now a lifeless, sun-scorched earth, and hard believe, once the waters of the ocean splashed here. Nothing yet no traces of this civilization were found. However vimana and others technical devices were not alien in the Uiger area. Famous Russian researcher Nicholas Roerich reported on his observations flying discs in northern Tibet in the 1930s. Some sources claim that the elders of Lemuria before the cataclysm, destroying their civilization, moved their headquarters to uninhabited plateau in Central Asia, which we now call Tibet. Here they founded a school known as the Big White Brotherhood. The great Chinese philosopher Lao Zi wrote the famous Tao Te Ching’s book. As his death approached, he set off for west to the legendary land of Hsi Wang Mu. Could this land be ownership of the White Brotherhood? 6. Tiahuanaco As in Mu, and in Atlantis, construction in South America reached megalithic scale during the construction of earthquake-resistant structures. Residential buildings and public buildings were built of ordinary stones, but with using unique polygonal technology. These buildings still stand. Cuzco, the ancient capital of Peru, which was probably built in front of the Incas, still a pretty populated city, even after thousands of years. Most of the buildings located in the business parts of the city of Cuzco, today unite the walls, which many hundreds years (whereas the younger buildings, already built by the Spaniards, collapse). A few hundred kilometers south of Cuzco lie The fantastic ruins of Puma Punka, high in the altiplano of Bolivia. Puma Punka – near the famous Tiahuanaco, a massive a magical place where 100-ton blocks are scattered throughout unknown force. It happened when the South American continent was suddenly exposed to a grand cataclysm, probably caused by pole shift. The former sea ridge can now be seen on 3900 m high in the Andes mountains. A possible confirmation of this is There are many oceanic fossils around Lake Titicaca. 7. Mayan Mayan pyramids found in Central America have their twins on the Indonesian island of Java. Pyramid of Sukukh on the slopes of Mount Lavu near Surakarta in central Java – amazing a temple with a stone stele and a stepped pyramid, the place of which rather in the jungle of Central America. The pyramid is actually identical to the pyramids found in the place of Vashaktun near Tikal. The ancient Mayans were brilliant astronomers and mathematicians whose early cities lived in harmony with nature. They are built canals and garden cities on the Yucatan Peninsula. As stated Edgar Cayce, records of all the wisdom of the Mayans and others ancient civilizations are in three places in the earth. The first is Atlantis or Poseidonia, where part of the temples may still be found under long-term bottom overlays, for example in the area Bimini off the coast of Florida. Secondly, in temple records somewhere in Egypt. And finally, on the Yucatan Peninsula, in America. It’s supposed that the ancient Record Hall can be located anywhere, probably under some kind of pyramid, in an underground chamber. Some sources say this repository of ancient knowledge contains quartz crystals that are capable of retaining large quantities information like modern CDs. 8. Ancient China Ancient China, known as China Han, like other civilizations born from the vast Pacific continent Mu. Ancient Chinese records known for descriptions of celestial chariots and jade production, which they shared with Maya. Indeed, the ancient Chinese and Mayan languages ​​seem very similar. Mutual influences of China and Central America on each other other’s obvious, both in the field of linguistics, and in mythology, religious symbolism, and even trade. The ancient Chinese invented a lot: from toilet paper to earthquake and rocket detectors printing technologies and methods. In 1959, archaeologists discovered aluminum tapes made several thousand years ago, this aluminum is obtained from raw materials using electricity. 9. Ancient Ethiopia and Israel From Ancient Bible Texts and Ethiopian Books Kebra Negast we know about the high technology of ancient Ethiopia and Of Israel. Jerusalem Temple was based on three giant blocks hewn stone, similar to those found in Baalbek. Temple Solomon’s earlier and Muslim mosque now exist on this a place whose foundations are obviously rooted in Osiris civilization. The Temple of Solomon, another example of megalithic construction, was built to preserve the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was electric generator, and the people who touched it by negligence, were killed by electric shock. The ark itself and the golden statue were taken out of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid by Moses in times Exodus. 10. Aroe and the Kingdom of the Sun in the Pacific the time when the continent of Mu plunged into the ocean 24,000 years ago due to pole shift, the Pacific Ocean was later re-populated many races from India, China, Africa and America. Formed Aroe civilization on the islands of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia built many megalithic pyramids, platforms, roads and statues. In New Caledonia, cement columns were found dated by time from 5120 BC until 10950 BC Statues Easter islands were arranged in a spiral clockwise around islands. And on the island of Pohnpei a huge stone city was built. Polynesians of New Zealand, Easter Islands, Hawaii and Tahiti, all still believe that their ancestors had the ability to fly and traveled by air from island to island.

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