Where did humanity come from. Incredible conclusion scientists

Where did humanity come from. The incredible conclusion of scientistsA photo from open sources

Scientists are finally beginning to realize that most people that they’re at a loss that’s bad for them this planet, in whatever corner of it they are, is not a fruit sick imagination, and the essence of the fact that the Earth is not really is our home (see also the mysteries of mankind). Today, many researchers say, the idea that we are aliens is not It seems so fantastic already. So where did it come from humanity?

Here’s what Dr. Ellis Silver, who put together many evidence that the Earth is not Homeland of humanity.

Humanity hails from Alpha Centauri

First, says Silver, a person like the crown of nature (according to at least we thought so for a long time), but he didn’t adapted to life on this plane, unlike its other the inhabitants. For example, we are not at all protected from the sun, then the Earth’s gravity is completely unsuitable for man, it too big for him, why we constantly suffer pain in back, legs. Man is clearly from another planet on which gravity much weaker.

Secondly, the scientist writes, in our genome there are more than two hundred extra genes. More recently, a group of scientists led by a laureate Nobel Prize by Francis Crick proved that in human DNA there are genes from more than twenty extraterrestrial civilizations. it confirms Professor Sam Chang, who unveiled his own research on this in the Human Genome project.

Thirdly, Silver continues, on Earth there is no suitable human climate, and therefore we suffer wherever we live. More Moreover, all people are more or less chronically ill, absolutely healthy individuals simply do not exist. And the thing is how studies have shown that our biological clocks are designed for 25 hour day. And we have it one hour less. Negative the influence of this truly strange factor is easy to trace in all times of human history.

A photo from open sources

Most likely, says the scientist, our Earth was delivered humanoids, which were then crossed with local varieties Homo sapiens, a mysterious appearance which on Earth is still perplexing. Most the supposed stellar system where humanity came from, the scientist considers the closest constellation Alpha Centauri.


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