Where did the pharaohs of Egypt get power from?

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The rulers of ancient Egypt lived in blinding luxury. At of life they surrounded themselves with gold, and after death they took countless wealth with you to the grave. How could such a thing have arisen? hierarchical and despotic system of luxurious life of the pharaohs from a once more than humble hunter-gatherer community? The reasons for the emergence of such a system were partially technological, partially – geographical: in a country where agriculture is in the Nile Delta was on the rise, and fertile land was surrounded by desert, farmers paid a very generous tribute to the pharaoh. Based on this, the author of this study, Simon (Dr. areas of ecology and evolution), came to the conclusion – despotism in the Ancient Egypt appeared mainly due to the fact that people surrounded by desert, there was simply nowhere to go, and they were forced endure any hardship. Ancient Egypt is only one such historical examples. During the Neolithic, which began around 10 000 years ago, agriculture gradually supplanted hunting and gathering. In a society where just recently everyone was relatively equal, a split into classes began and explicit leaders. As a rule, these leaders were endowed with absolute dictatorial power. Researcher sure agriculture allowed the Egyptians to stockpile food and other resources for the future, therefore it is not clear why they did not go in search of other countries with an acceptable standard of living. It’s also not clear why in societies hunter-gatherers, where all people were more or less equal, became clear leaders appear demanding unquestioning obedience. To find out, Simon created a computer model that filled with virtual people equally preferring both equality and despotism. In this model, as in life, than the individual has more resources, the more he can have offspring, and therefore their potential followers in the person children and close relatives. According to the study, the leader turns into a despot when two interconnected factor a. The first of these is an increase in population density, which, naturally follows from a high level of agricultural development households. The second factor is the feedback loop. That is, using the benefits of a leader, a person has the opportunity to receive more resources and thus have more children. These in turn children increase the size and density of the population. However, if it is possible to expand the territory by joining habitable lands, or simply having free access to as such, despotism cannot arise. Since in this case people can simply go to a less aggressive ruler. However in Ancient Egypt, surrounded by such a reliable natural barrier as desert, people were forced to put up with rulers, abused their power. So, in principle, and appeared Pharaohs.

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