Where is the ancient robot buried?

Where is the ancient robot buried?A photo from open sources

Ancient Chinese frescoes and talismans meet images a strange creature. On the head – strange growths resembling horns, in each of the six limbs – weapons: swords, axes, axes, self-arrows … The inhabitants of ancient China believed that the mysterious a monster named Chi-yu is associated with the element of iron and provides protection against evil spirits.

The history of Chi-yu dates back to the XXVI century. BC. It is in this era like according to the annals, a star fell from the sky and turned into the “white egg” from which came the wrong people, not the deities. One of them, Huang-di, subsequently became the Chinese ruler. The aliens brought a lot of curious gizmos with you: translucent mirrors, self-propelled carts, aircraft … In addition, their accompanied Chi-yu and his 80 “iron brothers”, which he obeyed. Chi-yu could fly through the air and owned any kind of weapons. When he died, the aliens separated his head from his body and buried. Then steam came from the grave for a long time. Aliens banned locals come close to the burial place. All these facts suggest that Chiu was not a living creature, but a robot. This is indirectly indicated by his “portrait” in the temple of Ulyan-za, dated II century: there on the head of the monster is clearly visible something like an antenna. Perhaps some details of an alien robots were made of radioactive metal, from here and precautions for its “disposal”. In the chronicles of the VI century. says about that the peasants of Zi Zhou Province once found in the land metal skull with four eye sockets. People were convinced that these are the remains of Chi-yu. What happened to them next is unknown. In the fall of 2006, a group set off in search of the legendary robot. “Yelsk-Local History” belonging to the association “Belarus-Cosmopoisk”, headed by A. Shumilov. After collecting information, search engines finally outlined the area of ​​possible burial. Having received permission from the authorities, they used a metal detector. However no suspicious metal objects underground showed up. The only find was a spoon made artisanal way. Perhaps the failure of the search is due to the fact that during the years of the cultural revolution, almost all the iron went to remelting. Aspiring to fulfill the plan, workers of the blast furnace shops confiscated metal beds from ordinary people, as well as wool fields in search of raw materials. So the skeleton of an alien robot is quite could perish in a furnace furnace, and then turn into harmless household utensils. It’s sad …

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