Who built the Adam bridge?

If you fly over the sea between India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon), then in at some point you can notice that is literally at the very a strange sandbank, which, slightly curving, connects island and continent. Muslims call this sandbank a bridge. Adam, and Hindus – the bridge of Rama. Who built the Adam's bridge?A photo from open sources the name is due to the fact that the followers of this religion believe that expelled from paradise Adam came to earth precisely in Ceylon. And on continent, to India, he crossed this strange shallow, so similar to a bridge. Hindus believe it’s really man-made bridge built in time immemorial by order Emperor Rama led by the army of monkeys Hanuman. According to the Ramayana, he led the construction of Nala – son of the legendary divine architect Visvakarman, and therefore Rama’s troops crossed to Sri Lanka to battle with her the ruler, the demon Ravana, who kidnapped the beloved of Rama – Situ. A photo from open sources On Arab medieval maps, it is marked like a real bridge towering above the water over which any anyone could go from India to Ceylon. The situation changed in 1480 the year when as a result of a major earthquake and the ensuing with it a severe storm the bridge sank and was partially destroyed. However the Portuguese and English still marked it on the maps as man-made structure, dam or bridge. The length of the bridge is nearly 50 kilometers, its width varies around from 1.5 to 4 kilometers, the depth of the seabed around the structure – 10-12 meters. Most of it is hidden by water, sometimes deep more than a meter. So on it and now it’s quite possible to go from the beginning to the end, then wandering on a stone cloth knee-deep in water, then venturing to the waist and more. A photo from open sources The only major hurdle is this called the Pambas Pass between Rameswar Island and Cape Ramnad, available for the movement of small merchant ships. A little bit travelers who decide on such a transition use all your swimming skills. Those who are not strong in this, according to it’s better not to walk the bridge at all – a strong current through the Pambas strives to carry the daredevils into the open sea. Cursed Channel Large courts are still forced to walk around Sri Lanka, which takes an extra 800 kilometers, which is 30 hours of travel. For solutions back in 1850, the English commander Taylor proposed draw a canal through the Rama bridge. In 1955, this plan was desired bring Jawaharlal Nehru to life. Because sacred places destroy their own people is somehow unethical, the country’s government the Supreme Court of India stated that there are no historical evidence of the construction of the Rama bridge. Ramayana, though sacred book, but somehow doesn’t count. But real passions about the construction of the canal flared up in the 21st century, when for this Setusa Mudras Corporation was formed. She even set about construction work on the site of the future canal, but on unknown reasons, part of the dredgers was returned to the port due to breakdowns, in including bucket teeth. Unexpected storm dispersed involved in the construction of the court and did not allow to continue work. Believers Hindus immediately declared that it was the king of the apes Hanuman who protects his creation. A photo from open sources March 27, 2007, just on the birthday Rama, a group of international public organizations launched a campaign Save Ram Sethu – “Save the Rama Bridge.” Because for the Indians the bridge Frames – living proof of their ancient history, which began construction affected the feelings of millions of believers. Activists campaigns also said that the destruction of the bridge will destroy the entire local ecosystem. Indeed, to the north-east of the bridge is a stormy and dangerous Polk Strait with its storms and cyclones, and to the southwest – calm Manar Bay with the purest water of emerald color. The Rama Bridge separates them and mitigates the dire consequences of cyclones and tsunami. So, according to scientists, the tsunami that hit India in 2004 and claimed tens of thousands of lives, it was significantly weakened by the bridge of Rama. Do not be this ancient “dam”, the victims could there was to be much more. Save Ram Sethu Signed Up thousands of people. Defenders of the bridge suggest taking an alternative project: dig a canal along a large sandbank near the village Mandapam Will they be heard by the Indian government, while dont clear. Facts testify: man-made bridge We are in many ways already used to the fact that legends and myths are often hidden reality and long turned pages of the past of our planet. However, the images that NASA released several years ago, even the inhabitants of Sri Lanka and India were quite surprised. On them with all the clarity that modern photo equipment gives is the most visible a real bridge between the continent and Ceylon. After publications NASA Indian Hindustan Times newspaper reported that US satellite images serve proof of the reality of Indian legends, and that events, about narrated by the Ramayana, including the construction of the Rama bridge, really took place. However, NASA chose to distance itself. from any specific statements. Yes, in photographs taken from satellites, the amazing geomorphology of the area is clearly visible. But, as NASA experts say, “images remote sensing from orbit cannot provide specific information on the origin or age of the island chain and cannot determine the participation of people in the origin of this object. ” But the data allowing to judge about it, received geological India Service 6SI. Its experts examined the entire structure of the bridge. Frames. In the bridge and next to it 100 wells were drilled, samples soil from which have undergone a thorough study. Was held magnetic and bathymetric scanning. The result was it was found that a low underwater ridge (bridge) is a clear anomaly, since it occurs at the bottom completely unexpectedly. The ridge is a cluster of boulders measuring 1.5×2.5 meters regular form, consisting of limestone, sand and coral. These boulders lie on sea sand, the thickness of which is from 3 up to 5 meters. And only under the sand does solid stone soil begin. The presence of free sand below the boulders obviously indicates that the ridge is not a natural formation, but laid over sandy soil. Some of the boulders are so light that can swim in the water. A photo from open sources It has also been found that these land areas did not rise as a result of any geological processes and rather resemble a dam. In the wells, a uniform material – lime stone. Straightforward and orderly the nature of the installation also suggests that these the boulders were brought by someone and laid in a dam. Strange of course it seems like the bridge is just exorbitant for crossing troops, and anything else. But this is by modern standards. Here’s what Alexander Volkov, the director of filmed in 2009, tells the documentary “Bridge of Rama”: – Legends say that his built monkey warriors who were gigantic growth. And we even in the film they tried to illustrate what the height of these giants was – you won’t believe it – 8 meters! But looking at this bridge, involuntarily you start to believe in it – there’s no sense for us with such a width build. But for people eight meters tall, while possessing some kind of armament, probably, logic appears in the width of this the bridge. In general, many questions, of course, many. One such questions is the age of the bridge. Based on legends, some Hindu theologians say the Rama bridge is a million years old, others lead a more modest age – 20 thousand years. Western alternative researchers put forward a radical version is 17 million years old. Even Indian academic science came down to the solution of the problem and proposed her own option – 3500 years, obviously linking construction to the Aryan conquest of India. However, with many ambiguities, it is obvious that the Rama bridge really is an artificial, man-made structure. GSI research, I dare to believe, is convincing proved. Valdis PEYPINSH

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