Who lives inside the earth?

The entrance to Pluto is in the Arctic. Scientists first discovered signals October 30, 1999 using advanced Earth satellites. Although the transfers are in the form of a complex mathematical code, scientists have no problems with decoding messages, reported the same source. But categorically refused to reveal the essence messages from the “underground inhabitants”. However, he added that the experts did not can determine the exact location of the underground civilization.

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It is clear from the radiogram that its authors are well aware of our the past, and our present. “The theory that the Earth inside can to be hollow, appeared in the USA at the beginning of the 19th century. I declare that the Earth hollow and inhabited inside. It contains many hard spheres, concentric, lying one in the other, and open at the pole from 12 to 16 degrees, – wrote on April 10, 1818 to members of the US Congress Clive Simms. “The main idea of ​​Simms was that the Earth’s crust has no more than a thousand miles in thickness. She’s “inhabited inside,” and getting caught inside it is possible through large openings in the North and South the poles. Simms tried to prove his theory by going to the head of the expedition to the north hole with the intention of proclaiming The interior of the Earth is US property. But he could not collect necessary funds for his expedition and died in 1829. However, the idea of ​​a hollow Earth was surprisingly tenacious and after the death of Simms. Leonhard Huler, for example, proposed a concept a small “sun” with a diameter of several hundred miles floating in center of the earth and supplying the inner inhabitants so necessary to them warmth and light. “Geologist and writer Sergei Obruchev in the Earth Sannikov also expressed the idea of ​​the possible existence of an oasis in Arctic, where there could be an entrance to Pluto – the underworld is another of his books. The idea of ​​a hollow earth made us think English astronomer Edmund Halley. Trying to explain the magnetic displacements poles of our planet, he suggested that inside it rotates several spherical membranes inserted one into another. “Even mathematician Leonard Euler talked about the existence of one shell with holes at the North and South poles. Such a device of the Earth, according his opinion provides her with stability. Benevolent “Teros” and the evil “Deros” An ardent supporter of the theory of a hollow Earth was the famous Elena Blavatsky, who claimed that the interior of the Earth is the kingdom of the Secret Masters – benevolent wise men with great occult powers and governing the fate of mankind. In the early forties of the XX century a certain Richard Shaver has published a series of striking stories about his adventures in an extensive network of underground caves, the total area of ​​which exceeds the area of ​​all continents on the surface. Shaver explained that his contact with the mysterious underground inhabitants has begun, when he heard strange voices speaking to him when he worked as a welder on the conveyor. Later a beautiful girl from the inner Earth led him to one of the entrances to the “underworld.” Hollow Earth, according to Shaver, is inhabited by two races: benevolent “theros” and evil and more numerous “deros”. Both peoples are allegedly descendants of the Atlantean super race, who left surface thousands of years ago when the sharp increase in solar activity made her unsuitable for life. Doomed to live in underground caves dug with advanced technology, theros managed to maintain a certain sense of discipline, and the “deros” completely indulged in vices. Some of them live in constant profligacy, enjoying the “sexual rays” produced by the so-called “stimulating machines.” Others enjoy torture: luring women from the surface, raping them, and then, having lost interest in them, skin them, fry them and eat them. Great pleasure “deros” get from causing trouble to the world on the surface with using sophisticated weapons that cause air crashes and others the crash or even the boiling brain of the unfortunate victim in own cranial fluid.

A photo from open sources Immediately after the publication of Shaver’s stories in the Emeizing Store, the editorial phone literally became hot: Dozens of readers claimed to be in the underworld as well. One a woman, for example, said that when she was in the elevator car in the basement of an office building in Paris, mistakenly pressed a button “down”: “The elevator suddenly fell below the basement, rushing through space, as if a cable broke. After swift falling a few hundred feet apparently, the elevator stopped with unexpected roll … A loud brain penetrated my horror-filled brain unpleasant sound from the outside. The elevator door was torn off with a bang and I saw the most terrible beast in the world … He had a pale grayish face. His short twisted torso was covered thick coarse hair. His eyes? Piglets insensitive to emotions sparkling with vicious lust. The creature was fat, almost swam away. Almost all of his body showed terrible scars. Neck he didn’t have, so his head was sitting right on his muscular shoulders. “The narrator claimed it was a” deros “! She’s been a month held in a cage with other women, most of whom remained in a miserable physical condition, and her periodically one or more abductors were raped. Life saved the poor “Teros” who drove away the kidnappers and returned the women to the surface. Mysterious tunnels In the 50s – 60s of the last century, trying to understand where UFOs are coming to our planet, scientists again remembered the theory of a hollow earth. Due to the fact that humanity it is difficult to imagine how representatives of other civilizations commit long flights from other planetary systems, involuntarily arose the temptation to try to find a new homeland somewhere closer. If suggest that flying saucers emerge from the cavity inside Earth, penetrating the surface through hypothetical holes in poles, then the problem of overcoming huge distances disappears itself itself, as well as the need to allow intelligent life on others the planets. Instead of millions and even hundreds of millions of miles imaginary alien aircraft having bases in the intraterrestrial cavities must cover only a few thousand miles. Enthusiasts They also claimed that the civilization was disturbed, when humanity began to test atomic bombs, and sent flying saucers in order to keep track of how they develop events. Modern Polish researcher Jan Paenk states that a whole network of tunnels is laid underground that lead to any country. They are literally scorched in the firmament of the earth, and their walls represent a frozen rock melt – a kind of glass. Such tunnels are found in Ecuador, South Australia, USA, New Zealand. These underground communications are flying plates from one end of the world to the other … The kid even succeeded in New Zealand find a miner who reported that during tunneling miners came across two such tunnels, but someone gave an order to concrete these holes urgently. The legendary city of the Secret Masters In early 1970 Committee Environmental Research Service US Commerce provided the press with photographs of the North Pole, made from the satellite “ESSA-7”. In one of the photos Severny the pole was covered by an ordinary layer of clouds, on the other some the area freed from clouds and a huge black was revealed hole in the place where the pole itself should be. Ufologist Ray Palmer, after unveiling a photograph of a huge black hole on North Pole, publicly declared the possible existence underground super civilization, which can be reached through holes at the North and South poles. In support of his version, he cited also the results of the expedition of Rear Admiral Richard Byrd to North and South Poles. Byrd is known to be outstanding aviation pioneer and polar explorer and led the program called Operation High Jump, during which there was approximately 3.9 million square kilometers surveyed Antarctic territories. In January 1956, after completion last expedition to the Antarctic, Rear Admiral said that covered 3700 kilometers, flying over the South Pole. Shortly before Byrd called his circumpolar region his death in 1957 “a bewitched continent in the sky, the land of the eternal Mystery.” For proponents of hollow earth theory Byrd’s story was a confirmation of the fact that the Earth has a shape in the region of the poles that resembles something cheesecake, – with hollows that go to an unimaginable depth in the bowels of the planet and there are connected, forming a through hole from pole to pole. However, from the point of view of geography, you can’t fly 3700 kilometers above the South Pole and not see the surface underneath the ocean. Therefore, according to the logic of the theory of a hollow earth, rear admiral Byrd must have landed in a monstrous hole funnel, and then – in The Great Unknown Earth. Supposedly during flight he proceeded past the UFO secret base created mysterious inhabitants of the legendary city of the Secret Masters. Reflection of him in the sky of the Antarctic, apparently, and saw Bird. … New Zealand planetologist David Stevenson recently produced commotion in the geological community, proposing to launch the probe not in space, and in the heart of our planet. What is the essence of his proposal? It is necessary to dig a tunnel in the earth’s crust, pour 100 thousand there tons of molten metal, the mass of which, thanks to gravity, would constantly deepen this tunnel, taking with it a probe the size of a grapefruit. This probe could allow measurements and transmit information using acoustic waves. Principle, which David Stevenson expects to apply is complete opposite to the eruption of volcanoes throwing at Earth’s surface is molten lava. Unfortunately, while the idea Stevenson’s implementation is not possible …

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