Who rules life on Earth?

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In the recently released film “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes” after epidemics of the virus people and monkeys begin the struggle for dominance on our planet. According to the plot of the film, the new virus destroyed the majority people, and from monkeys made the highest reasonable primates.

Although this is just a movie, after watching it, many viewers the question arose – can this happen in real life? Scientists We are sure that the idea of ​​the film is far-fetched and not realistic. Even assume that a virus will appear that can destroy 95 percent of the population, and at the same time the monkeys will grow significantly wiser – surviving people will still significantly exceed the number primates.

Tough competition

Jan Zalasevich, a paleobiologist at the University of Leicester, believes that fight people for dominating our planet to others species would be very difficult.

For several million years of evolution, modern people are already supplanted several species of other intelligent primates, such as for example, as a Neanderthal and a man of Florence. Even to assume that humanity will die as a result of an epidemic, war or climate change, then for the development of a new dominant species will take many millions of years.

Who can dominate the earth?

This new kind of intelligent life can be rats or pigs. The rats are already smart enough to have highly developed social structure. After a few million years rat evolution could take the place of man and control our the planet. Pigs also after several million years of evolution able to have a sufficient level of intelligence in order to become dominant view of life on Earth.

However, Yang believes that the biggest threat to humanity is it’s not naturally developing any kind of life, but artificial Intelligence.

Researchers recently reported that an electronic machine, demonstrating behavior similar to human behavior, passed the test Turing. This test is conducted with the participation of two people and a computer. One of the test participants interacts with the machine and by another person. Based on the responses received, the participant must determine who he is talking to, with the person or with by car. The task of a computer is to mislead a person, forcing to make the wrong choice, and it happened! Moreover, scientists predict that in the near 2045 the intelligence of the machine is completely will reach the level of human thinking.

Hidden rulers

Professor Robert Sternberg sure that dominants on Earth are not people, but bacteria. He says: “To humanity only it seems that we are in charge. In fact, most of our own weight consists of bacteria. Also, unlike us bacteria multiply and mutate much faster. They are appeared long before people, and will exist after our extinction. ”

As it turned out, bacteria are not the only contenders for the world dominance.

Entomologist Mark Moffett believes ants already control the planet. The total weight of ants today exceeds the total weight of humanity. To wage war, ants are just like humans, use traditional military rules and strategies, capture enemy territory and protect their rear. Individual ant is part of the collective mind. It can be compared with neurons of our brain – individually, ants just perform their functions, but when they are combined, they can decide the most difficult tasks.

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