Why did ancient people change their form skulls?

Strange skulls are sometimes found in different parts of the world, but no one can say exactly to whom they belonged. Who were creatures with unusual elongated heads? Our ancestors, earthly humanoids? Mutants? Or aliens from other worlds? Science is just about to answer these questions by exploring mysterious skulls and mummies found in Peru. Strange skulls and mummies were discovered relatively recently by the scientist Renata Riquelme in area of ​​the mysterious Peruvian city of Cuzco. Why did ancient people change their skull shape?Photos from open sources Viracocha hill there is known by local residents as a place of worship of the ancient Incas to the gods. One of the found mummies have a significantly elongated skull, and the eye sockets are very large. IN the right eye socket contains the remains of the eyeball, which theoretically allows you to do DNA analysis of the mummy. Other found in that area similar mummies. These bodies with amazing skulls are impossible. attributed to no people, not to any race of people living on our the planet. Photos from open sources It is very difficult to establish the age of these skulls, as well as their origin. Some of them are noticeable differ from each other. It seems that they belong to different biological species, somewhat reminiscent of modern man. Large sizes and unusual shapes of different skulls. They can be divided into four groups: conical (or pyramidal) skulls, pumpkin-shaped, not quite the correct form and the so-called proto-human. Versions But what living things could still have such unusual heads? One of the versions of scientists is that in antiquity people deliberately deformed the skulls of infants by applying various devices. And in fact, many nations of the world before Recently there was a cruel tradition of changing the shape of the head children. The elongated shape of the head was considered beautiful. Toddlers with childhood tightly tied the head in the forehead and temples with a rope or bandaged boards. Interestingly, such a custom existed. from different peoples, geographically distant from each other. Scientists find elongated skulls in Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Malta, northern Iraq and Syria. Traditionally similar skull changes associated with the customs of people belonging to the castes of rulers or priests. Photos from open sources So, scientists say that the anomalies many skulls were caused by wearing special dressings in childhood, giving the head just such a strange shape. But the disadvantage of this the theory is that the inside of the skull, let and elongated, and with a sloping forehead, has the same normal structure like ordinary human skulls. On the skull specially deformed, more similar to those mentioned above proto-human rather than cone-shaped. Cone-shaped skulls among the monuments of ancient cultures, where people deliberately cheated head shape, no. Photo from open sources Why do our distant ancestors (if it’s still about them) it was necessary to mock their heads? According to ancient legends, extraordinary abilities (telepathy, clairvoyance) could be obtained by becoming like gods. A the heads of the gods were very different from human ones. But what if gods did people accept aliens from other worlds ?. Legends are known about gods who descended from heaven. Their heads had an unusual shape. Among the Mayan gods in Mexico are known snake gods who wore high hats. And the “high society” Maya, desiring emphasize their belonging to the divine tribe, it became “work” on the shape of the skulls of their children, likening them to aliens from heaven. Photos from open sources The gods of Egypt also wore elongated hats. There is a version that even everyone knows the statues with Easter islands are figures with elongated skulls, and their the red stone flat hats actually depict long hair laid in an intricate hairstyle that covers heads. Scientists talk about artificial deformities: o mechanical impact on the heads of children for ritual purposes. These effects in childhood and gave, as if, the skulls desired form. But the sizes of the skulls do not correlate well with this version, found in ancient burials. After all, in these strange skulls a brain weighing 2500 and even 3500 grams was placed. And this much more than normal brain weight. Average weight the human brain is about 1,500 grams. notice, that the volume of the skull and the intellectual abilities of a person does not are interconnected. For example, the writer Anatole Franz had a brain weighing 1017 grams. But Turgenev’s brain weighed 2012 grams. Photo from open sources When the skull found in Peru was restored the appearance of its long-dead owner, it turned out that the creature found most resembled an alien. But this version also cannot explain all the features of unusual finds, all the nuances of the structure of mysterious skulls. Our earthly brothers? There are good reasons to believe that at the beginning of the new era, two thousand years ago, a race unlike us lived on Earth people. These people were different from our contemporaries, above all, elongated shape of the head. Who were they? Where did you come from? Or they long existed side by side with ordinary people? Answers scientists cannot give yet. Or do not want to? After all, then the story of the appearance Homo sapiens, he would have to create culture and civilization rewrite, revise … Numerous archaeological finds clearly demonstrate that egg-headed people who have already become us familiar thanks to science fiction films, in fact the most ordinary earthly creatures. Meanwhile, anthropology is still looking the intermediate link between humans and primates, monkeys, but with stubbornly overlooks the strange skulls of intelligent creatures living in antiquities near us. Scientists explain their existence or the work of ancient people, or simply a disease, a mutation, ugliness. However, it may be worth finally reviewing some rigid principles of science? The very existence of egg-headed people in antiquity allows you to take a fresh look at many mysteries of history. Everyone knows that the most ancient civilization is Sumerian. Themselves the Sumerians, as can be seen in the surviving images, were, certainly ordinary round-headed people. But here are their leaders carved in stone and painted in an indispensable conical head dressing. Ancient figurines also present us with a higher caste as creatures with egg-shaped heads. By the way: hoods, crowns, tiaras and other distinctive hats up to the present day symbolize higher knowledge or higher power. And not from those egg-headed is an ancient custom to plant a crown on his head? All kinds of images of mythological creatures (as they are called modern science), having an elongated shape of the head, it must be recognized genuine portraits. And massive finds of images of such creatures – sculptures, bas-reliefs, frescoes – of course to explain itself their life next to ordinary people. Cases of artificial skull deformations in humans are a simple imitation of that ancient ruling elite. Three options to note: starting with the time of the late Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons in humans was quite a large brain weight (1600-1750 grams). We recall that more than modern man. Unusual and unexpected weight loss the brain was sudden and happened about 11-12 thousand years back. It was then that megalithic structures were built Baalbek, Stonehenge. Byblos, Jericho and others … Isn’t it strange this is? Summarize. The existence of elongated skulls can be explained. differently. First: these are the skulls of some egg-headed gods, aliens from other worlds. Second: these are the skulls of the ruling, higher caste in antiquities, that is, representatives of a parallel branch of the rational creatures of terrestrial origin (in relation to people). Well, the third: it’s just the skulls of people who tried by deformation, change skulls become equal to gods. Of course, the goal of any real science there must be a search for truth. We wish scientists and enthusiasts sort out the riddle of strange skulls. After all, to pretend that they are not exists, it is no longer possible. Petro Dvoretsky

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