Why did mammoths and cave lions die out?

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Over the years, scientists around the world tirelessly discuss: who is to blame for the extinction of mammoths, giant sloths, mastodons and cave lions? As a result, they concluded that the extinction of large mammals is to blame for the people themselves! Mysterious extinction For universal consideration, scientists presented several explanations why mammoths and giant sloths no longer roam our planet, as it was somewhat million years ago. It turns out that extinct animals once inhabited all continents except Antarctica. Therefore for starters experts decided to closely consider the following versions: climate change, pandemic and catastrophe caused by collision with a huge asteroid. Version of animals dying out as a result The impact of an asteroid seems rather controversial to many scientists. IN in principle, just like the pandemic version, since few evidence of the veracity of these hypotheses. Many archaeologists and paleontologists argue that it is the man’s hunt for extinct animals became the cause of their extinction. Also this version confirm many archaeological data. Ancient people starting with North American hunter-gatherer culture (about 13,000 years back), massively hunted large mammals, which, rather total, and was the reason for the complete destruction of certain species animals. People Against Climate It became known that several individual animal species became extinct about 132,000 years ago, and while others are about 1,000 years ago. Scientists have studied 177 species of extinct mammals, whose weight exceeded 10 kilograms. Researchers then compared extinction periods with climate change, rainfall and human migration. The result is following picture: in sub-Saharan Africa, fewer animals died out of all, while in Eurasia – the most. Exactly data from this study combined with study results migration and human development confirm the version that many animal species have disappeared as a result of hunting people. On the territories of Australia and America where people appeared significantly later, extinction of animals is generally extreme. it directly indicates that man is a hunter evolved: his hunting methods became more cunning, and the amount of necessary production has increased many times. Generally, the hunter-man of that time is responsible for the extinction of 64 percent animal species worldwide, and only 20 percent are responsible climate change. Climate change could not completely destroy any kind of mammal. They could pretty much degree to reduce the population, thereby reducing the number of individuals. A that completely destroy the view, according to scientists, could only human.

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