Why in ancient times children were buried in potted?

Why in ancient times children were buried in pots?Photo from open sources

Archaeologists at one time were surprised to find in Egypt, among burials of Mesoamerican tribes in some other places of our planet, pots with the remains of people – mostly children.

For a long time there was a theory that they buried their Kindred poor people who could not afford a normal coffin, not to mention the expensive sarcophagi and individual tombs. And then that in the pots were mostly children’s remains, too it was logically very easy to explain: for an adult there was too big a ceramic vessel, so an adult dead it was easier to bury, say, in a leather bag.

A photo from open sources

However, in the pots there were also adult remains, moreover, some pots were skillfully painted, for example, on them portrayed various ritual dances. Finally, the characters on such ceramic “coffins” meant not quite clear to us words and phrases such as the “secret of birth”, “egg” that does not very fit into the theory of poverty of those who used pots in the form of sarcophagi for babies.

A photo from open sources

The other day, Antiquit magazine published the findings of scientists who revised the established theory of burials in pots. Modern researchers believe that pots were associated with ancient with the womb (egg), and burial in such a vessel symbolized reincarnation – the transition to a new life. Some of scientists go even further, and therefore suggest that it is impossible exclude the artificial introduction of reason to earthlings more perfect beings. In this case, the pot (egg) could be the prototype of the vessel in which such genetic experiments that led to a sharp, still inexplicable scientific point of view, a leap in human evolution.


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