Why Indians Prefer to Wear Long hair

Our culture tells people that hairstyles are personal preferences that hairstyle style is fashion and / or convenience, and how people wear hair is just a cosmetic matter. Returning to the period of the Vietnam War, you can find another a picture hidden from most people. In the early 90’s Sally (name changed to maintain confidentiality) married psychologist who worked in the medical hospital of the ministry for affairs of veterans. He worked with combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Most of them served in Vietnam. Sally says, “I clearly remember that evening, when the husband came home, holding a thick folder. Inside were hundreds of pages of government research. The husband was shocked by the content. What he read in these documents, completely changed his life. From now on, my conservative a middle-aged husband began to grow his hair and a beard and never cut his hair again. Moreover, medical Ministry of Veterans Affairs Center allowed him this, and yet several other conservative male employees followed him for example. Why Indians Prefer to Wear Long HairPhotos from open sources When I read the document, I realized why. It turned out that during the Vietnam War special troops of the military department sent secret agents to Native American reservations for talented scouts, strong young people with the skills of silent movement around rough terrain. They specifically looked for men with prominent, almost supernatural, tracking abilities. It was noted that these carefully selected people were real experts in areas of tracking and survival. To recruit new recruits conventional luring and well-tested insinuating used phrases so some indian hunters got on urgent service. However, after they were recruited, something amazing happened. Those talents and abilities with which they owned the reservation, mysteriously disappeared, and the rookie after the rookie suffered a complete failure by acting on the combat mission is not at all what was expected of them. Search for a reason setbacks led the government to undertake costly testing these recruits, and that’s what was discovered. To the question about the failure of senior recruits all, as one, replied that when their short cut in the military, they could no longer “feel” enemy, could no longer access the “sixth sense.” They did not could rely more on their “intuition”, could not “read” secret signs are as good as before, and could not access fine psychic information. So research institute recruited more Indian hunters, allowed to leave them long hair and conducted tests in various fields. Then they combined men who showed the same results in all tests, in couples. In one of the men in a pair, they left long hair, and another had a short military haircut. Then these two again passed the tests. Time after time, men with long hair showed high results. Over and over again, men with short hair did not pass the checks in which they previously showed high results. Type test examples Recruit sleeps in the forest. Armed “enemy” approaches the sleeping man. Men with long woke up with hair from a feeling of great danger and left for a long time before the enemy appeared, long before any sounds indicating the approach of the enemy. According to another version of this test, long-haired men felt approaching and intuitively sensed that the enemy would launch a physical attack. They are trusted the “sixth sense” and remained motionless, pretending to be that they are sleeping. Then they quickly grabbed the attacker and “killed” him, as only the “enemy” came close enough to attack. the same recruit, after passing this and other tests, briefly militarily sheared, and he successively failed many tests that previously passed successfully. So the document ordered all Native American hunters to be freed from needing a short haircut. It actually required hunters “stayed with long hair.” Comment The evolution of the body of a mammal lasted over a million years. The ability to survive in humans and animals over time became more developed. Science is constantly confronted with discoveries of amazing survival opportunities in humans and animals. Each part of the body has its own strictly defined a function that serves the survival and proper functioning of the body in whole. Every part of the body has a reason for existence. Hair – this is a continuation of the nervous system, it would be quite correct to call them so – nerves on the surface of the body, a kind of highly developed “antennae” or “antennas” that transmit a huge amount of important information to the brain stem, to the limbic system, to the neocortex. Human hair, including facial hair, is not only directly supply the brain with information, hair also emits energy, electromagnetic energy is radiated by the brain into the environment Wednesday This was established using the Kirlian effect when people were photographed first with long hair, and then – after the haircut. When the hair is cut, receiving and sending signals into the environment are significantly hindered. Result of this is helplessness. Hair cutting contributes to unconsciousness in relation to environmental problems in local ecosystems. It also promotes numbness in any relationship. and sexual dissatisfaction. Conclusion: To solve the problems existing in our world, first of all, it must be recognized that many of our basic ideas about reality are wrong. It may happen that the bulk of the clue looks at us every morning from the mirror. The biblical story of Samson and Delilah contains many secret meanings for us. When Delilah Sheared Samson’s hair, previously invincible he was defeated.

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