Why was Stonehenge built?

Why was Stonehenge built?A photo from open sources

British art historian and historian Julian Spaulding, formerly who led a number of leading museums in the country, revealed the secret of Stonehenge, put forward his theory of its purpose. It is an ancient stone construction in Wiltshire is one of the most famous and mysterious archaeological sites on earth.

According to the scientist, the stone piles of Stonehenge were support for a colossal wooden platform, long lost. On the once hundreds of people gathered to be closer to heaven at the performance of religious rites.

Spaulding believes: all existing versions of what he represented Stonehenge (sanctuary of the Druids, a huge astronomical calendar, cemetery, or place to heal people) are incorrect, since the structure was looked upwards, while there are and other angles.

To prove his words, Julian Spaulding leads various examples from antiquity. It is known that in different places planets (Peru, Turkey, China) shrines were built high, and they often also had a circular structure (according to the type of trajectory of movement celestial bodies).

A photo from open sources

The historian says that in ancient times on the “sinful earth” did not no spiritual rites were held. By the way, the Egyptian pharaohs, Chinese emperors and later the pope was customary to bear through the air, since the holy man’s leg should not have touched land. Previous researchers overlooked this. Stonehenge.

Thus, like all other sacred altars of the past, Stonehenge was built so that the rites on it were performed closer to to heaven.

Despite the consistency and plausibility of Spalding’s hypothesis, his colleagues, who have been studying Stonehenge for many years, took her skeptical as unproven. However, previous theories do not have special evidence, right? ..

Peru Stonehenge

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