World War III begins in the early twenties years, says the analyst

World War III will begin in the early twenties, says the analyst.A photo from open sources

Former U.S. Marine Officer Ingo Peepers Claims the third world war will begin in the early twenties of the current centuries, that is, just about. But why such an amazing belief ex-military so excited the world community? Is he that prophet?

It turns out – no, not a prophet and not even an astrologer, not a fortuneteller on maps, but just a great analyst who specializes in just the dynamics of the emergence and development in the world of military conflicts, having received even a doctorate for this.

In 2016, his monograph was published, in which he practically called the start date of the third world war – 2020 plus the strength two years. And this world slaughter will last, according to this monograph, 16 years.

A photo from open sources

Peepers deduced the pattern of the largest world battles, which, according to him, were already four (except two World Wars, he refers to them as the Thirty Years War 1618-1648 years and the Napoleonic battles of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries). By in his opinion, every such world conflict is obligatory minor wars preceded. They supposedly go on increasing, reach a peak, then suddenly subside – and here comes a certain incident after which the world war begins.

In his opinion, everything happens according to a certain pattern. Now the world is at the end of the fifth cycle, local wars by 2020 come to naught. As is the case before the First World War, the Americans in this time kill a prominent political player Kassem Soleimani (Pippers compares him to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914), but because “the bones are thrown,” and the chain reaction went – the third world is just around the corner.

It’s hard to say whether all this can be believed. As shows history, even the great prophets are constantly mistaken, and here only analyst. But maybe analytics, that is, logical thinking, is stronger mystical foresight? Skeptics, for example, trust more precisely logic, scientific explanation.


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