“You shouldn’t disturb him!” – The Shigirsky scandal idol

A photo from open sources The former minister is threatened with prison, and the Earth – Third World. Widely advertised arrival in the capital Middle Ural German professors turns serious troubles for the museum of local lore. Ministry of Culture Of Russia is conducting a check on the fact of sending part of the Shigir idol to Europe.

Museum workers fight back as best they can, and mystics already paint apocalyptic scenarios. Details of this strange story, which Minister Vladimir Medinsky is already interested in – read in material “URA.Ru”.

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Department of the Ministry of Culture of Russia for the Ural Federal District checks on the fact of “cutting” and sending part of Shigirsky idol to Germany. This was “URA.Ru” Deputy Head of the Department Tatyana Bondar.

At the end of June, Professor Thomas Terberger arrived in Yekaterinburg from the Department of Cultural Heritage of Lower Saxony and Dr. Uwe Heusner of the German Archaeological Institute. They are took a series of samples that should help as accurately as possible determine the age of the Big Shigir idol. Idol – a monument culture of world importance, in the regional museum of local lore he stored for more than a hundred years. The last ten – in a special room, in a glass sarcophagus specially made on one of defense enterprises of Yekaterinburg. Arrival of scientists from Germany showed even on federal channels, and – in a positive connotations. But the officials had questions.

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“We sent a request to the Ministry of Culture of Sverdlovsk region (founder of the Museum of Local Lore “) and asked the question: Does the agency have permission to manipulate the most valuable subject of the museum collection and whether were given permission by the Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk region to this museum in relation to actions with the Shigir idol? “, – says” URA.Ru ” Tatyana Bondar. The deadline for responding to the request is September 12th. But ours the agency already knew everything.

Museum items with a “date of birth” before 1996 are federal property, and all manipulation decisions only the Ministry of Culture of Russia can accept with them. IN The Criminal Code has an article – 243rd – “Destruction or damage to cultural heritage sites (historical monuments and culture) of the peoples of the Russian Federation included in a single state register of cultural heritage objects (monuments history and culture) of the peoples of the Russian Federation identified cultural heritage sites, natural complexes, sites, taken under the protection of the state, or cultural property. “Punishment according to it – from a multi-million fine to six years of deprivation of freedom.

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According to the federals, the situation with the Shigir idol is evident violation of the integrity of the monument, which falls under the article.

“We, like everyone else, saw a television plot. We can’t say how many centimeters of idol sawed. With fragments that were exported to Germany – also questions, without coordinating them You can’t send. Museum items are not subject to export. A we didn’t give a permit for export, “says Bondar. She also noted that neither the contract, nor the Shigir idol program.

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At the same time, the writer Roman Perin, the author, sounded the alarm the esoteric novel “My God is the Sun!” dedicated to Shigirsky idol. Perin wrote a letter to the Minister of Medina, in which told about the cut.

“I do not like this fuss. Museums in Europe are littered with thousands artifacts of “world significance” whose age is much more dubious than the age of the idol. Are there any of these manipulations hidden esoteric meaning ?! After all, it’s extremely tense in the world, and Russia is trying to conduct its independent foreign policy. A here they take and saw the most ancient idol on the territory of Russia! Something from black magic and occult rituals! In vain disturbed his! If he doesn’t like it, he may be offended by his torturers! “, – Perin writes to the Minister, alluding to the well-known mythology with the opening of the grave of Tamerlane and the beginning of the Second world.

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The writer told URA.Ru that now nothing is possible at all export, as there may be a company that declares debts Russia and through the court arrest the historical and artistic value.

“Taking into account Russophobic sentiments, the court decision can be considered predefined. Already have difficulties returning from Europe Scythian gold collections in Crimea. Shigirsky Idol I appreciate not smaller. Still do not forget about the huge black market collectors whose annual turnover is billions of dollars. AND most importantly, the sculpture of Idol itself is very fragile – this is the oldest tree. There can be no talk of any transportation! “- says Perin. According to him, without the permission of the Ministry of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region “to cut such an artifact would not be allowed.” He thinks that An investigation into this situation is necessary.

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“URA.Ru” asked for official comments in the regional Ministry of Culture and German professors who came to Yekaterinburg. From the latter have so far failed to receive an answer, but officials They indicated their position: the department is undergoing an internal audit. The first not very pleasant verdicts are already there.

“Certain organizational conclusions have already been made. Personnel if necessary will be made upon completion of verification. The issue of preserving funds is it is a matter of the institution to which these funds belong. Already it was established that the examination was carried out without coordination with the specialized ministry and even the director of the museum, Natalya Vetrova, do not was informed about the methods of its implementation, “officials say, emphasizing that no tragedy happened since expert opinions and the expanded restoration council “the examination was carried out in a forced and most gentle manner and no damage to the exhibit. ”

The director of the museum, Natalia Vetrova, was for many years the Minister of Culture of the Sverdlovsk Region. For her, the claims of her former colleagues should be especially offensive.A photo from open sources

Museum Director Natalya Vetrova was Minister of Culture for many years Sverdlovsk region. For her, the claims of former colleagues should be especially offensive

“The first examination of an idol was carried out in 1997 – then approximate age was named – 9.5 thousand years. However international recognition of this conclusion has not received. For this we needed international experts – to make Shigirsky idol a part of the world culture, not a regional artifact. Experts from Germany attracted the Institute of Archeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, with which the museum, of course, has been cooperating for many years, “they assured us ministry.

In informal conversations, museum staff have a big problem too they don’t see, remembering that in the 90s it was lost forever a large piece of idol and nothing bad happened.

“Maybe now the third world will not begin,” – joking museum workers. “URA.Ru” will follow the development of events.

Andrey Varkentin, photo – Alexander Mamaev, Vladimir Zhabrikov © News Service “URA.Ru”

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