Zhumbaktas – Kazakhstan Sphinx

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In Kazakhstan, there is a unique mountain Zhumbaktas, which stands in the waters of Lake Burabay. It has always been considered an object of natural origin, and only recently researcher Adil Korzabaev came to the conclusion that this rock consists of artificial monoliths, neatly and fantastically precisely folded into some sculptural a structure very reminiscent of the Egyptian sphinx.

German architect Rufer Steinke confirmed Korzabaev’s hunch. Zhumbaktas, he concluded, is actually prehistoric a monolith of artificial origin. And this monolith really has a lot to do with the famous sphinx. At first, the same shape, secondly, the same size – twenty on seventy four meters. And even the name of the mountain is translated from Kazakh as a “rock-riddle”, as if this sphinx once tested earthlings, not Greek sages, but nomads.

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Ufologists believe that the Egyptian sphinx personifies aliens who once descended from heaven and possibly in fact actually tested earthlings on the subject of their reasonableness. Do not be at that the time of Oedipus, who not only answered the question of the Sphinx, but also himself asked him an intractable riddle showing the highest human intelligence, it is not yet known what would be done with the planet Land aliens. According to Korzabaev, perhaps those aliens first visited the territory of modern Kazakhstan, and only then went to Greece. It is no coincidence that the historian Pausanias Pirieget compared the sphinx with the Amazon, who came from the Great Steppe.

There is a version that the mystery of ancient civilizations is under sphinx, however, Egyptian authorities do not give permission for such archaeological research. In turn, Korzabaev suggests that under Mount Zhumbaktas there is something, possibly an alien a ship that can shed light on many exciting humanity issues. Such assumptions are not entirely unfounded. The fact is that Russian ufologists also examined Mount Zhumbaktas and came to the conclusion that under it is some kind of metal an object that is commensurate with a spaceship. That’s just how to get to it? And then if it really is an intergalactic alien ship, then it is unlikely to let it go the womb of curious earthlings, especially since we don’t have the technology yet, to cut alloys of unearthly origin.


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