10 amazing facts about teeth

In addition to brushing your teeth regularly, we have little to say about we know them. Meanwhile, with this anatomical feature is associated a lot of amazing things. For instance:

10 amazing facts about teethPhotos from open sources

1. Some babies are born with teeth.

One in two thousand children is born with teeth. Teeth with which the baby was born, usually located on the lower gums and they usually weak roots. In most cases, they are removed to to avoid problems when breastfeeding and so that the child accidentally not swallowed. The fact of birth with teeth can be a symptom medical illness. Ancient physiognomy linked this a phenomenon with tricks of the devil, but usually harmless. With teeth Napoleon and Julius Caesar were born.

2. Not everyone has milk teeth

The growth and loss of milk teeth is a natural process. Usually to For three years, the child grows about 20 teeth. Baby teeth become weaker and fall out as they start to erupt constants located beneath them. It usually starts occur by 5-6 years. However, if a person instead of milk the tooth didn’t erupt, then he’ll still have milk tooth.

3. Some people may stop falling out teeth

More molars – more problems? It depends on whom do you ask this question. If people suffering from hyperodontia (excess teeth; approx. mixstuff.ru), then they are sure answer yes! Most of these teeth are hidden under the cervical part of the gums. However, sometimes these teeth can erupt and overlap. other teeth. If extra teeth interfere with the person, then the dentist removes them. However, if these teeth are not superfluous, then an orthodontist will neatly line them up. Pretty rare happens when people suffering from hyperodontia in adulthood the whole row of permanent teeth falls out. The rest remains to be worn dentures.

4. From the teeth make jewelry

I wonder what the Tooth Fairy does with all the teeth that she collects? Can turn teeth into a work of art and sells at auctions? Jokes are jokes, but actually there are people which from their molars or front teeth make artsy decorations.

Sample A: Double molar ring.

A photo from open sources

Sample B: This weird pendant looks even nothing!

A photo from open sources

Even actress Scarlett Johansson ordered a gold necklace with one from her own wisdom teeth and presented to her ex-husband Ryan Reynolds

5. The tumor can also grow in the form of a tooth.

Teratoma (a type of tumor consisting of atypical tissue or even body) is especially inventive and insidious. Cancer cell embryos may contain several types of tissue and are most often formed in the ovaries in women, in the testicles in men and in the sacrococcygeal area. Teratoma may include tooth or hair tissue. Less commonly, more complex organs are the eye and other organs. Fortunately many types of teratomas can be successfully removed using surgical operations.

6. Tooth in the eye is not so bad

Of course, everyone heard the expression “I give a tooth!” One 60 year old the woman literally gave a tooth back to restore her vision. Sharon Thornton lost her vision due to Steven-Johnson syndrome, due to which cells of the surface of the eye were destroyed. 9 years later the woman decided on an unusual operation. She removed the fang in which an artificial lens was inserted and implanted in the left eye. Through day, a blind woman was able to see the world again.

7. Braces have become much cooler

Earlier in orthodontics, the choice was considered to be the peak of creativity the color of the elastic on the braces. Today the choice is much richer. Possible to for example, use an orthodontic alignment technique Teeth Invisalign (Invisiline), in which lingual braces hide along the inner surface of the teeth. Or you can choose ordinary braces that glow in the dark, or braces with LEDs. In January 2011, the Japanese clothing store Laforet Harajuku created braces as an advertising campaign LEDs. These braces only glowed in different colors, not straightened teeth.

8. Not all cultures consider straight teeth beautiful

Most of us are used to counting straight white teeth. attractive. However, there are countries in which attractive teeth are considered irregular in shape. In Japan, crooked teeth, so called “aiba” (yaeba) are considered incredibly popular. Women with perfect teeth specifically bend them to “improve” your smile. It seems to the Japanese if your mouth is full teeth means you are young, fashionable and stylish.

9. Humanity can finally get rid of teeth wisdom

A third of the molars helped our ancestors chew on the roots, leaves and crack nuts. However, now 35% of the population born without wisdom teeth. Most of us remove these teeth, because our oral cavity is too small to accommodate. When any body or part thereof is not used for long period, then it becomes rudimentary and, at the end finally disappears. According to scientists, in the future we will disappear appendicitis, wisdom teeth, and possibly even little toes.

10. Raisins are more harmful to teeth than caramel

Not all sweets are equally harmful to our teeth. If you compare fast food that constantly gets stuck in your teeth (snacks, chips and dried fruit) with food that quickly dissolves in the mouth (chocolate, caramel and marmalade), then turn out to be less harmful food it is sweets. It’s better to eat sweets right away than a lot snacking during the day, constantly feeding destructive bacteria teeth.


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