Paintings from Beyond: A Strange Story of Khan Van Meegerena

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Parapsychologists and scientists have diametrically opposite points view of life after death. The first think that the energy-informational essence, or human soul, continues exist after the death of his physical body and is able to enter in contact with living people.

The men of science deny this. Meanwhile, there are many reliable evidence that contacts with the subtle world do not only occur, but also leave material traces in our reality. In particular, this applies to painting.

It can not be!

This phenomenon first became known in 1945, when in Holland began trial in the high-profile case of the merchant paintings by the millionaire Henrikus Antonius van Meegeren, whom accused of collaborating with the Nazis during the years of occupation. One of evidence was a canvas of the famous Dutch painter XVII century Jan Vermeer Delftsky “Christ and the harlot.” The picture found in the personal museum of the Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering, and sold it to the fascist ringleader in 1943 it was Meegeren for a million guilders.

Immediately after the war for collaboration with the Nazis in the Netherlands judged strictly. And here it was about the sale of national property in while museum staff at risk for life hid priceless objects of art. No one doubted that by the verdict of the court Meegeren will be hanged.

However, at the first court hearing, the artist put the judges in dead end. The prosecutor accused him of complicity with the Nazis, expressed in the fact that for the sake of personal gain, he sold them Vermeer’s masterpiece, a jewel in the treasury of Dutch art. In response to Meegeren stated that the painting “Christ and the harlot” he wrote, but not at all classic.

The painting “Christ and the harlot”, in the authorship of which Meegeren was forced to confess in court

A photo from open sources

– You claim that this picture is fake? But her authenticity established by the largest specialist in painting of the XVII century Abraham Bredius and confirmed by his colleagues. They are unanimous that the technique and manner of writing of the Delft master is impossible fake.

– Nevertheless, I wrote this painting with my own hand, and Vermeer, if you want, can be considered a co-author, – insisted accused.

“But that cannot be!” After all, the great painter died in 1675 year and therefore could not help you write “Christ and the harlot”!

“And yet it was just that,” Meegeren persisted in told the astonished judges the quality of evidence a story of his life that did not fit into the framework of sound meaning.

In collaboration with the spirit

Even while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts with Han Khan Meegeren showed the talent of the painter. His first big picture with depicting the interior of the church of St. Lawrence in Rotterdam awarded the prize. And in 1922, Meegeren took part in a large exhibition in The Hague with an unexpected success for a novice artist: all of his paintings were sold out in a few days.

But critics greeted his work with hostility: who needs hopelessly outdated biblical stories, and this talent Meegerena cat cried. The artist tried to ignore devastating reviews, continued to write, tried to exhibit. And then at the prompt of fashionable then painters who feared the appearance competitor, they staged a real baiting. It ended up being desperate Henricus left his homeland, moving to France, but also there did not achieve recognition. He began to drink with grief, his wife left him. IN in the end, from hopelessness, van Meegeren decided to end by myself.

At that moment, a gray-haired man appeared in his mind’s eye the elder who strictly said:

– Do not take on the great sin before God. You will not destroy only the soul, but also the talent sent from above, which, you have. They didn’t recognize me either, but I didn’t give up. Follow my example and I will help you.

– Who are you? – asked shocked Meegeren.

– Jan Vermeer.

So, according to Henrikus Antonius van Meegeren, they happened fantastic acquaintance. For the artist, it turned out fateful. Meegeren stopped applying to the bottle and again took up the brush. He spent hours at the easel and suddenly at times he began to notice that someone else was driving his hand.

He began to give preference to cold light tones, which did not like before. Gradually achieved perfection in the transfer the subtlest shades of light hiding the contours of the lit objects and figures, as it was on the canvases of Vermeer. And when he became automatically write out an intricate Vermeer monogram then realized who was his invisible mentor.

Then the late artist began to appear visually in front of his sponsored. He taught to make paints according to old recipes, to buy in the shops the work of unknown medieval artists, wash them off and paint on old canvases, after which artificially age the paintings so that they also darken there were cavelles – cracks in the upper layer of paint. And here is a big Biblical canvas Delft master began to write himself Meegeren’s hand, and this lasted more than one month.

In 1932, everyone who was interested in painting was waiting for sensational discovery. In one of the private collections found Vermeer’s previously unknown painting “Christ at Emmaus.”

A photo from open sources

The experts conducted an examination, which established that the canvas, and paints – all present: XVII century. Find through mediation commission agent, artist Van Meegeren, acquired for 550 thousand guilders (a fortune for those times) Boymans Museum – van Böningen.

Such a high price was due to the fact that Vermeer worked on his paintings are very slow and thorough, so his legacy turned out to be small. The catalog of the auction, held May 16, 1696 years, 21 pictures were listed, and in the 1930s 16 of them were known and only 4 were in the Netherlands.

Therefore, we can understand the buyer of “Christ at Emmaus,” who asked the intermediary van Meegeren to “comb” private collections on south of France and north of Italy. To his joy, he found a few more Vermeer’s paintings.

In court, van Meegeren claimed that these paintings came out from under his brush, and all he wrote in collaboration with the spirit Dutch painter about a dozen paintings. And when once he asked Vermeer: ​​”Why do you need all this?” – the spirit of the master allegedly replied: “To continue to reveal to people the beauty the world around them. ”

Hand of the master

The accused’s confession was so fantastic that it provoked doubt in his right mind. But van Meegeren insisted that everything the truth told by him, and undertook to prove it:

“Give me paints and brushes,” he begged. – I will write one more Vermeer, and then you will believe me.

After much debate and doubt, the court nevertheless decided to hold investigative experiment. The artist was provided with everything necessary. FROM August to November 1945 in a well-guarded house in the presence of experts, he created a new picture of the Delft master.

True, none of the experts who supervised him knew that at the very beginning, the spirit of Vermeer appeared to Meegeren, which encouraged the accused: “You will be acquitted, I will help you,” he promised. With your hand I’ll write “Christ preaching in the temple,” so no who will have no doubt in our joint work. ”

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When the canvas was finished, experts faced a difficult a choice. Recognize that the paintings previously attributed by van Meegueren to a great Dutchman, fake means to sign his own professional insolvency. But also against the obvious fact, that all the paintings are made with one hand, you won’t go.

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Officially, Meegeren is considered extremely talented. counterfeiter

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And the fact that we are talking about the life of an innocent person – himself the artist did not seem to care. They eventually endured cunning verdict, saying that Meegeren, judging by what was written at them same picture, could be (!) The author and the rest of the “Vermeer”.

Accusation of collaboration and theft of national property from Meegeren removed. But then they hung another – large-scale fraud. Total sale “joint” paintings earned him more than two million pounds sterling. However, the court awarded him only one year in prison. Artist already made plans for a creative life in prison, but November 30, 1947 years unexpectedly died of a heart attack.

The phenomenon of psychography

At that time, about psychography, or automatic writing, when a person only holds a pencil, pen or brush in his hand, and they themselves moving on paper against his will, nothing was known. Therefore, the case of van Meegeren remained a mystery. But in the second half of the 20th century, paranormal researchers discovered that the process of obtaining semantic information beyond the will of man is not so rare.

Cases of manifestation of this phenomenon can be very diverse. both in form and content. Moreover, the deceased artists more often than others people of art seek to continue their work in this world. Here are some of the most famous examples.

An amazing incident occurred in April 1973: three months after the death of Pablo Picasso the Englishman Peter Crawford, an engineer by profession, suddenly felt an irresistible desire paint. I bought brushes, paints, stretched on canvas stretchers and all began to spend his free time at the easel. He soon noticed that someone outsider directs his painting, forcing mechanically paint pictures. And Peter drew them very quickly, without preparatory sketches and without corrections, and on each set distinct signature – Picasso.

Something similar happened with the Dutchman G. Mansfeld, who before I’ve never picked up a brush for 46 years and in normal condition cannot draw even the simplest picture. Periodically he falls into trance, and writes sophisticated in technique and complex in composition paintings in different styles, with the left hand, although not left-handed. By according to art historians, they are so heterogeneous in style that belong to the brush of various virtual artists.

With two hands

Another example is the phenomenon of Brazilian psychologist Luis Gasparetto. While in a trance state, he spent more than one hundred public sessions of “the afterlife”. Once right Before the camera, he painted 21 paintings. And for each spent only 5 to 30 minutes. Experts recognized them as creations of such illustrious masters like Leonardo da Vinci, Dürer, Renoir, Cezanne and Picasso.

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Moreover, the medium drew masterpieces not only very quickly, but immediately two hands on two different canvases. According to Gasparetto, he does this because with each hand simultaneously writes one of great artists in the subtle world. Therefore he can paint pictures even in complete darkness. Gasparetto himself is convinced that such deceased masters use it as a tool for the purpose of show that life continues after death.

The same mysterious manifestation of the afterlife is observed and Brazilian Maria Gertrude Coelho. This woman never studied draw, and does not consider himself an artist. But she has enough prepare a set of oil paints, canvas and immerse yourself in deep trance to create a true masterpiece. So loud the definition applied to her paintings is not at all an exaggeration, because it copies the canvases of such Masters like Velazquez, Van Gogh, Renoir, Matisse. Also on Each canvas is autographed by the author.

Mary herself claims that the spirits of the great rule her hands artists. First she gets a telepathic invitation masters get to work, after which her hands begin to move on their own. And she does not use a brush, and draws all the pictures only with fingers. The speed with which they flicker in the air, just bewitching eyewitnesses.

According to Senora Coelho, she is far from always able to establish connection with the subtle world. Parapsychologists who investigated the phenomenon unusual artist, believe that the possibility of contact does not depend from her, but from the physical state of the energy communication channel, which, obviously, does not periodically let waves from the thin of the world. By the way, in our world this sometimes happens with radio waves.


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