In Cambodia, thousands of patients go to a miracle child, with the gift of a healer

In Cambodia, thousands of patients go to a miracle child who has the gift of a healerA photo from open sources

Thousands of sick people from Laos and Vietnam rushed to Cambodia, where a miracle child with incredible abilities lives. This a two-year-old boy was their last hope for healing.

In Cambodia, which certainly cannot boast of its system health care, sick people have a ray of hope – Kong Keng, a two-year-old boy, writes the correspondent Oddity Central.

A photo from open sources

Every day, hundreds of people crowd around a wooden house, where The only room living with their parents is a miracle child. This a motley crowd consists of patients with disabilities in wheelchairs and dying people delivered to one of the villages Cambodia on a stretcher.

They are all waiting for the moment when the mother of the little healer brings to he holds bottles of eucalyptus balm or leaves, and he will transmit part of the healing power by touching them.

Then the woman gives away the “magic” liquid and vegetation needy and they go home to Vietnam or Laos.

A photo from open sources

The healing power of the baby was accidentally discovered by him relatives.

“A miracle happened to my brother,” says Uncle Kong, Song Wang. (Sung Bahn). – He was paralyzed after the accident and could not help him. neither doctors nor healers. Once, Kong asked him what was wrong with him. happened, and the brother explained that he could not walk. Thereafter the boy found several leaves and made tea from them for him. A paralyzed brother drank tea, got up and went. ”

Naturally, such a wonderful event could not remain for long. secret and soon thousands of people found out about him through newspapers and television channels of Cambodia.

“When the story of Uncle Kong became public, 20,000 people came to the village in a month, and more than 1,000 of them got rid of their ailments, – said the village headman Su Hyun (Sou Hen). – I saw people who were dumb, and then they started talking, and the paralyzed, who went home on their own. ”

True, if the distribution of leaves is free, then meeting with a boy is a paid service.

A photo from open sources

“If they (patients) want to see him personally, then we take 2 or $ 3, ”confirmed the child’s father, 25-year-old Ban Kong (Bahn Kong).

Perhaps, for some, such an amount will seem miserable, but not residents of a country where the average wage is $ 3 per day. However, from those who want to meet a “magic” boy there is no end, which brings his father, previously received $ 1,000 in year, monthly income of $ 2,500.

“Some people say that we lie for money, but they believe in his healing power, not me, ”concluded Ban Kong.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

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