Kung fu master sets fire to sawdust to the mouth

A kung fu master sets fire to breathing sawdust in his mouth.A photo from open sources

Kung Fu Master Liu Fei from Mianyang, Southwest China, May exhale smoke and fire from your mouth like a dragon. Doing so not at all like the fakirs in the circus. Looking at a man, it seems that the fire that he exhales through his mouth full of sawdust appears inside his body.

Faye’s live video posted online is really fast became viral. The clip begins with Fay stuffing it in her mouth a huge amount of sawdust, after which it makes a finger in them a hole through which puffs of smoke begin to blow.

Then he takes a fan and directs it into his ear, resulting in why smoke from a man’s mouth begins to pour more actively. Ends a representation of belching flames that all become towards the end more and more frequent.

It all seems miraculous, but after watching the video some internet users have come up with a few believable explanations, writes Odditycentral.

“In the sawdust, which the man put in his mouth, was in advance a hot coal is hidden, one of the skeptics writes. – When he exhales, the coal flames up and sets fire to the surrounding sawdust. If the fire flares up too much, it closes its mouth, blocking oxygen supply, without which the combustion process is impossible. ”

Others suspected that they had been used for submission. special, flammable sawdust. After many skeptic comments and the incredible popularity of videos, Chinese The media decided to check Liu Fei. Journalists in front of whom the man repeated the number, stated that he was not using nothing to light sawdust.


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