Riddle people: an impostor who is in everything was successful

Mystery people: an impostor who was successful in everythingA photo from open sources He was called the great impostor. Ferdinand Demara settled in different places under different names, posing as those or other persons … And whatever he undertook, he was accompanied success. Alas, it was outstanding achievements that invariably served as the occasion to expose the swindler, who actually had neither “titles”, not even a decent education … At 16, Fred Demar ran away from home and was about to receive a spiritual education. But World War II began, and he decided to go to the front. IN the youth army signed up under the name of his friend Anthony Ignol. But in the war he didn’t like it, and six months later the guy deserted. Somehow, Fred managed to get documents for the name of a certain Robert French and get a psychologist in one of Pennsylvania College. After some time, he was promoted to posts of dean of the school of philosophy. After this Demar repeatedly changed the “mask”. He worked as a nurse in a sanatorium, taught natural sciences in Arkansas, held the positions of lawyer and even priest … Once Fred met a young doctor named Joseph Sire, and decided to use his biography for further “career”. He managed to fake documents in the name of Syrah, which made it possible to engage in medical practice. In it time went on a war with Korea. False Syra was promoted to lieutenant and sent to serve as a ship’s doctor on the destroyer Kayuga. When on a ship an epidemic began, Demara stopped it with antibiotics. He also successfully performed a number of surgical operations and saved many human lives. No one even suspected that he was not the one he claims to be. He obtained all the knowledge theoretically, from textbook on general surgery … On the “exploits” of a talented young the doctor was written in the press. It so happened that a newspaper with an article caught the eye of the mother of the real Joseph Sire, who in this time quietly worked in Canada. An investigation has begun … Authorities, given the merits of Fred, they did not charge him. He was simply deported back to the USA. There he took up the old and, having acquired documents and recommendations addressed to Ben Jones, I settled on work as a warden in one of the Texas prisons. A month later, imaginary Jones has already made a career as an assistant chief overseer. It turned out that he has a valuable quality to settle the most serious conflicts that flashed now and then between prisoners, between the prisoners and the administration … However, this is still Not all. Fred came up with a psychological reforging program criminals, which made him popular among colleagues and among the prisoners … But one of the prisoners recognized him from the photograph, which I saw in the press: there’s a lot about the clever impostor in due time they wrote … It cost Demara work, but he did not despair, under the name monk John Payne joining one of the Christian communities. Here he is also gained authority and founded LaMennais College in the community, which exists to this day – now it is huge university complex in Ohio. But here, Demaru was brought to clean water. He was again forced to change his personality, and this time became a teacher of English, French and Latin in a small Maine town … Of course, he again had a different name – Martin Godgard. Very quickly he won the trust and respect of the townspeople. In addition to teaching at a local school, where he enjoyed a large popular among students, the false Godgard also led a scout squad and ran a Sunday school. He seemed kind and a very educated person, no one doubted his decency until one morning in 1956 in the town state police came … Teacher charged “fraud through false claims.” Curious that everything those who worked or had close contact with Ferdinand Demara, had the kindest feelings for him, and not one of them ever He brought no complaints to him. So, the girl on whom Demara under one of his “guises” was going to get married, said she would continue to love him regardless of his real name and profession. The head of the Texas jail said he happily took would Fred back to the service if he had any legal document. And the inhabitants of the town where Fred taught, not only begged the court to release the fraudster, but also persuaded him to return to school and continue to teach their children … Oh the life of Ferdinand Demara wrote a book and filmed a television series. IN entities, this man has done nothing wrong that deceived others, posing as another. But he brought a lot of benefits to people. So it does not always follow clearly judge such individuals. Margarita Troitsyna

War Time Life

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