10 facts about body weight

10 facts about body weightPhoto from open sources

Science does not stand still, and what we considered to be the truth is still a few years ago, now scientists can radically to change. In addition, ever new factors come to light, affecting weight and weight loss. Now many scientists look in a new way at the relationship of weight with genetics, pregnancy and various chemical processes occurring in our the body. 0117 10 facts about body weightPhotos from open sources

1. This is indeed genetics.

When scientists first discovered the gene responsible for predisposition to obesity and type 2 diabetes, and they called it – “The Obesity Gene” (FTO). People who inherit this a gene is usually overweight. In people inheriting a duplicate of this gene, from both parents, the likelihood of diabetes is 40%, and the likelihood of obesity is 60%. About 16% populations have a double set of obesity gene, and half of us has a single gene.

But now scientists believe that genes that affect weight are much more – more than 100. They have less effect on weight than the main gene FTO obesity, but, nevertheless, they add here and there an extra kilogram.

But predisposition does not mean a life sentence. Regular exercise and a healthy diet greatly reduce your risk. obesity even in genetically predisposed people.

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2. Some people just have more fat cells.

And this difference is sometimes huge – in some people it can be 2 times more fat cells than others. And even if you lose weight, the number of fat cells you have will remain the same. Empty and hungry, they will wait in the wings and “hoping” that someday they will be filled again with fat. But how as if this is not enough for injustice – in people who have overweight, fat cells are able to accumulate more fat!

Where do these fat cells come from in the body? They are are formed in childhood and cease to adulthood be produced. In people with excess fat cells, they begin to form earlier (already from the age of two) and, apparently produced faster than those lucky with a small amount of fat cells. And although you can’t control the number of fat cells (this is most likely also genetics), you can not overfeed them. It’s not so important the number of fat cells, how much their size and ability accumulate fat.

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3. The pregnancy of your mother predetermined your fate.

Not only smoking or alcohol adversely affects development embryo. Sweet and fatty foods begin to harm you even before your birth. In overweight pregnant women who love sweet and fatty foods, the fetus receives more glucose and free fatty acids, compared with women of normal weight. This surplus negatively affects the metabolism and hormonal system of the future a child.

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4. You can change your metabolism.

Metabolism determines how difficult or easy it is for you to burn. excess calories and fats. But slow metabolism can still be speed up. It’s easiest to speed up your metabolism with regular physical activity, especially strength training. Muscle burn more calories than fat mass. In addition, after training, an exchange substances remains accelerated for a couple of hours. In order not to slow down metabolism, do not starve for more than 4 hours.

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5. Stress adds you extra pounds.

Stress is the most direct way to find in your mouth. a chocolate bar. Stressful circumstances (catch up with the boss, quarrel with mother-in-law, poor grades of a child-fool) make you want carbohydrate-rich foods that can calm your nerves. If you succumb to this mechanism regularly, then it will begin to work in the flip side – the lack of a favorite chocolate bar or the impossibility watch online nhl in the evening will lead to the production of hormones stress.

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6. Sleep more – lose weight faster.

If you sleep less than 7-8 hours, then, trying to lose weight, do not Hurry to go on a diet or run to the gym. Better lie down and sleep. Lack of sleep leads to weight gain and hunger. This is because lack of sleep is the same stress which upsets the hormonal balance, forcing the body produce less leptin (the hormone responsible for satiety) and more ghrelin (the hormone responsible for hunger). IN As a result, a person feels constantly hungry without weighty then the grounds.

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7. The virus leads to obesity.

Adenoviruses that cause SARS, it turns out, may be the cause obesity. According to recent studies, adenoviruses may increase both the number of fat cells in the body and the amount of fat contained in them. It has been found that in people with obese number of antibodies to adenovirus-36 (one of varieties of adenoviruses) more than people with normal weight. So soon, perhaps, there will also be a vaccine against the obesity virus. Sounds too fantastic? But a few years ago, the same the cervical cancer vaccine sounded fantastic, but now it’s absolute reality.

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8. Chocolate is addictive.

Chocolate lovers at the sight of longed food the same parts of the brain are excited as in alcoholics when they see bottles of alcohol. And it can be not only chocolate, but also any other favorite food: chips, such as cola or ice cream. it may be associated with dopamine, a hormone that binds motivation to pleasure. Fat people have fewer receptors for this dopamine, therefore, to enjoy your favorite product, its required to eat more. The behavior of “product addicts” is also often similar. with the behavior of drug addicts: this is a strong desire to eat your favorite product and inability to abandon it even for a while, relief stress and pleasure in the process of consumption, guilt and often secrecy, concealment of their dependence on others. Recent studies have revealed similarities in chemical processes, occurring in the brain of drug addicts and “product addicts” – a fact attracted the close attention of the World Organization health care. So, it’s not only the absence of self-discipline in “glutton”, as is commonly believed.

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9. Ear infections can affect your taste.

Those who often had ear infections in childhood usually have decreased sensitivity of taste buds because because infections, a special nerve that passes through the middle ear is damaged. It’s difficult for such people to grasp the nuances between taste sensations, they I constantly want to diversify my menu, but in order to satisfy their “sweet tooth”, as the Americans say, they need to eat more sweet. As a result, those who often had ears in childhood, in two times more often overweight. Since, as you know, nerves are not recovering, the solution is to know your weaknesses and control yourself, try to eat slowly, enjoy each a slice, replace fatty and sweet foods with less high-calorie foods. So, fruits will replace sweets, and olive oil will replace butter.

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10. Antioxidants also act as anti-fats.

Free radicals are now not only accused of being lead to early aging, but also in the fact that they contribute obesity. Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, fight free radicals, delaying aging and obesity, and help burn fat in the body faster. The best way to get inside plenty of antioxidants – refuse fast food and empty food and get on fruits and vegetables.

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