10 facts about the most popular nightly nightmares

Diane Brand has been studying sleep for many years. The writer says that our subconscious is trying to restore our internal balance and integrity. In this news, we will tell you why these or other nightmares. 1. Illness and other situations related with health Similar dreams occur when a person is afraid of something new that should enter his life. But it can also mean fear of catching some disease, or fear that everything will go not as intended. In rare cases, a dream about an illness is a harbinger of dreams when the disease is already there, but the person about it doesn’t know yet.

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2. You were attacked or injured. This dream speaks of fear. in front of other people. Probably fear of criticism, or fear not fit into the new environment. Sometimes this nightmare speaks of fear real violence. Therefore, to correctly interpret the dream you need know what happens in a person’s life

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3. Problems with a car This type of nightmare means loss of strength move on, or the loss of control of one’s own life. Often, a machine symbolizes the ability to achieve something new in of life

A photo from open sources 4. Drown Probably you feel depressed or understand that you spent a lot of energy on the matter is not having received anything in return. For a proper interpretation you need to know everything nuances of sleep. For example, in a dream you can drown and not see anyone around, or around there can be many people, or you are drowned in a dream intentionally. In each case, the interpretation of sleep will be different.

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5. Fall A fall from a dream cannot be considered a nightmare. After all there is a “hypnagogic state”, the so-called transition between wakefulness and sleep. During this state, we feel that we fall and wake up from a startled startle, realizing that it was just a dream. But nightmares with falls indicate fear heights, about the fear of losing control of the situation, and sometimes even about fear of death.

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6. Tooth loss If a person has teeth falling out in a dream, then he feels that he can’t cope with what is entrusted to him tasks, or understands that he can’t direct his life in right channel. Also, these nightmares speak of uncertainty in social life, about the fear of promoting incompetence in any business, or about feeling your own unattractiveness. Interpretation depends on events in human life.

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7. Lost This nightmare can be seen at any age, but for children it is, of course, much worse. When like dreams to an adult, this means that a person does not understand in which direction he should move and what decision should be made.

A photo from open sources 8. Fail the exam Pretty a common type of dream. It says that a person is not ready for something, or did an important job, not as it should. A person who feels a mismatch can fail the exam the place that takes. To decrypt you need to know the details.

9. Naked in a public place. This dream speaks of sensation. defenselessness and vulnerability. A man is afraid that his secrets will become known to everyone that he will not cope with the case, or will not be able live up to expectations.

10. Persecution More often than not, this means that the person feels depressed because he is overtaken by what he avoided. Fear of not having time to do what is necessary. At interpretations of such dreams it is important to consider emotions regarding chase. If the pursuit did not cause discomfort. Then a nightmare this can not be called.

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