10 most brilliant children of the planet

List of the most brilliant children of the planet.

10. Alice Tan Roberts

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IQ: 156

Child achievement: In April 2009, Alice Roberts (born in London in 2007) became the youngest member of the club for people with high Mens intelligence for its entire history. The girl was only 2 years and 4 months old. According to parents, Alice loves to count in Spanish and can name most capitals of the world.

9. Heidi Hankins

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IQ: 159

Child achievement: In 2012, 4-year-old Heidi Hankins (born in 2008) also received an invitation from Mensa. Heidi lives in Winchester (England) and does not wait until he goes to school. However, there is no guarantee that her school success will be brilliant. Its IQ level is one less than Einstein’s, and he is known to have never been the first student.

8. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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IQ: 165 (assumed)

Childhood achievements: Started writing music at the age of 5 years. He spoke to many of the august persons of Europe. To 17 years got a job as a court musician in Salzburg.

7. Theodore Kachinsky

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IQ: 167

Childhood Achievements: Mathematical Genius Theodore Kaczynski (born 1942) was admitted to Harvard University at 16, who graduated at 20.

By age 26, he became a professor at the prestigious University of California in Berkeley. Today, Kaczynski’s name is no longer associated with math, and with his mailing bomb campaign, in connection with which he received the nickname “Unabomber.” April 3, 1996 Theodore Kaczynski was arrested and sentenced to 4 life sentences. Mentioned in the movie “Good Will Hunting.”

6. Judit Polgar

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IQ: 170

Children’s achievements: Entered the top 100 best chess players of the planet (including both women and men) at the age of 13; became the youngest grandmaster in history surpassing achievement by one month Robert Fisher.

5. Blaise Pascal

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IQ: 195 (assumed)

Children’s achievements: At the age of 16, Pascal (1623–1662) formulated the “Pascal theorem” and wrote “The Conic Experience sections. ”

4. Kim Ung-Yong

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IQ: 210

Children’s achievements: Even at a very young age, Korean child prodigy Kim Ung-Yong (born 1963) made it to the Book Guinness World Records for the IQ that he has estimated at 210. At 4, in one of the Japanese programs Television solved a difficult mathematical problem. At 5 years old he spoke four languages, in 8 – was invited by NASA to study in University of Colorado.

3. Terence Tao

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IQ: 211

Childhood achievements: At 8, Terence Tao (born in 1975) Took Part in the Exceptional Talent Research Program Johns Hopkins University and scored in the math section incredible 760 points. In 1986, at the age of 10, Tao became the youngest member of the International Mathematics olympiads.

2. William James Sidis

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IQ: 275

Childhood Achievements: Toward the End of William Sidis’s First Year of Life (1898 —1944) learned to write, at 4 read Homer in the original, in 6 – studied Aristotelian logic, by 8 mastered eight languages. He entered Harvard at age 11, who graduated at 16.

Sidis’s name is often used as an example in mature Aged geeks may not achieve much success. Becoming as an adult, Sidis worked as a simple accountant, remained a bachelor and tried not to attract attention. Died at 46 intracerebral hemorrhage. After his death, it was discovered several scientific papers that he did not want to publish at of life.

1. Gregory Smith

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IQ: 200+

Childhood Achievements: Gregory Smith (born 1990) in two years I memorized books entirely, and at 10 I entered the university. But Gregory’s interests are not limited to science. He founded the movement “International Youth Advocates” and travels around the world in favor of protecting the rights of children. By the age of 16, Gregory was twice nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.

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