100 geniuses of our time

100 geniuses of our timeA photo from open sources

Creators Synectics International has compiled a list of 100 living geniuses in science, politics, art and entrepreneurship. Among them were three Russians. Near a quarter of the participants in the list are natives of Great Britain – there the highest concentration of geniuses per capita is observed, with proudly notes The Daily Telegraph (full text on the site Inopressa.ru).

The first place was shared by the inventor of the World Wide Web – Englishman Sir Tim Berners-Lee, and Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann – discoverer of the hallucinogenic properties of LSD. Second place billionaire and philanthropist George Soros, and the third went to Matt To Groening, the author of the cartoon The Simpsons. Closes the list of geniuses American director Quentin Tarantino.

The list includes 24 Englishmen and 43 Americans. So in Great Britain turned out to be the most geniuses per capita – one for 2.5 million inhabitants. Among them, physicist Stephen Hawking (7th place), avant-garde artist Damien Hirst (15th place), Sir Paul McCartney (58th place), David Bowie (67th place) and writer Joan Rowling, author of books on the young wizard Harry Potter (83rd a place). Some of the names on the list are surprising. So, Osama bin Laden took the 43rd line, sharing it with the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates and former heavyweight boxing champion Mohammed Ali.

Creators Synectics selects geniuses, assigning each score of up to 10 points on five factors: role in changing the system views, public recognition, intelligence, achievement and cultural significance. This summer, the company sent electronic letters to 4 thousand Britons asking them to name up to 10 living candidates for the title of geniuses. Over 60% of the resulting 1.1 thousand names were Americans and British. Only 60% of named people still live.

Nigel Clark, Managing Partner, Synectics’s UK and Europe, says: “Many claim to find out genius is possible by the fact that he overturns the usual ideas about world upside down. I think Albert is similar to the geniuses of the past. Hofmann and Tim Berners-Lee. Both of them, in their own way, turned our world around with upside down. For this alone, they can be recognized as the greatest of living geniuses. ”

10 most outstanding geniuses of our time

1. Albert Hofmann, Switzerland. Chemist Elderly scientist known primarily as the “father” of LSD – lysergic diethylamide acids. In 1943, he discovered the hallucinogenic properties of this the drug. He is the author of more than a hundred scientific papers and an autobiography with the headline “LSD is my difficult child.”

1. Tim Berners-Lee, UK. Computer scientist Oxford graduate, a specialist in computer technology, He is the author of the HTTP protocol and the HTML language. In 1989 Berners-Lee proposed a global hypertext project that laid the beginning of the creation of the world wide web. Since 1994 he heads World Wide Web Consortium Standards the internet.

3. George Soros, USA. Investor and Philanthropist Outstanding financier and speculator, whose enormous resources allowed him organize a series of attacks on the national currencies of Great Britain and Asian countries, earning billions of dollars. Lately moved away from business and is actively involved in charity activities through the Open Society organization and charitable foundations in 25 countries.

4. Matt Groening, USA. Satirist and animator Author and producer, famous for his satirical animated series The Simpsons and Futurama. The Simpsons Family and the Fictional City Springfield first appeared on television in 1987. Since the popularity of the series does not wane, and in 2007 on the movie screens a full-length version of the cartoon was released.

5. Nelson Mandela, South Africa. Politician and Diplomat Human Rights, 1993 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, fought for a long time at the head of the African national Congress against apartheid in South Africa, for which he spent 28 years in prison. FROM 1994 to 1999 served as president of the country. Currently actively supports the fight against AIDS.

5. Frederick Senger, UK. Chemist Graduate Cambridge University, biochemist, Nobel laureate. Known for work on the study of insulin, which allowed him to receive in a synthetic way, and DNA research.

7. Dario Fo, Italy. Writer and playwright Theater figure, 1997 Nobel Prize in Literature. IN his work combined propaganda satire with traditions medieval theater. Author of Mystery Buff (1969) g.), “Death of an anarchist from an accident” (1970), “Knock knock! Who’s there? Police “(1974),” Can’t Pay – Don’t Pay ” (1981).

7. Stephen Hawking, UK. Physicist One of the most famous theoretical physicists of our time, specialist in cosmology and quantum gravity. Being practically paralyzed, Hawking continues to engage in scientific and popularizing activities. Bestselling author of A Brief History time. ”

9. Oscar Niemeyer, Brazil. Architect One of founders of the modern Brazilian school of architecture, pioneer reinforced concrete construction. Since 1957, has been building the new capital of the country – the city of Brazil, participated in the design United Nations Headquarters in New York.

9. Philip Glass, USA. Composer Minimalist composer, executor. The general public became known after creating sound tracks for the Godfrey Reggio movie “Goianiscazzi.” Also wrote music to the paintings “The Truman Show”, “Illusionist”, “Clock”, music for the opening of the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

9. Gregory Perelman, Russia. Mathematician Scientist from Petersburg proved the Poincare conjecture, formulated back in 1904 year. His discovery was recognized as the most significant scientific achievement of 2006. Despite this, the reclusive living Russian refused a prize of a million dollars and your mathematical world awards – Fields Prize.

Russians on the list

In addition to Grigory Perelman in the list of world geniuses were chess player Garry Kasparov and designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, creator the famous AK-47 assault rifle.

Garry Kasparov is considered one of the strongest chess players of all time. At 22, he became the youngest ever world champion, repeatedly defended the title. In 2005, the grandmaster announced completion of a sports career and tackled the socio-political activity. Currently leads the organization “United Civil Front” and criticizes the current Russian government and the president.

Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov is known primarily as the creator AK-47 assault rifle, adopted in many countries, known for its efficiency and ease of manufacture. Behind the creation of the famous weapon was awarded the Stalin Prize and many other awards. Currently lives and works in Izhevsk.

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