12-year-old teenager opened his own school

12-year-old teenager opened his own schoolPhoto from open sources

Ordinary 12-year-old Argentinian Leonardo Nicanor Quintero from the small town of Las Piedritas, province of San Juan, still walks to high school, however this did not stop the teenager from opening own educational institution where he teaches others free of charge children and even some adults. Leonardo loves to study, and he always wanted to “infect” his thirst with the knowledge of others.

Seeing how his peers do not keep up in school or even spend all free time on the street, our hero decided to somehow influence on what is happening. A teenager resorted to the help of his grandmother Ramona, together with whom he built a special extension to her house, where they placed a blackboard, school desks, a library and various furniture. Neighbors rendered all possible help to the boy’s family in this matter.

Today, an Argentine can teach in his class at the same time 40 people. He himself acts as a director and at the same time teachers in subjects such as math, reading and writing. Despite the fact that the impromptu school of Leonardo looks quite cramped and unprepossessing, it improves every day. Quintero himself seems to be a child prodigy because educate others at the level of a competent adult educator.

A photo from open sources

What is most surprising in this situation is which Leonardo’s dedication approaches his voluntary work. Even when it is raining, snowing or storming outside the window, he gets on his bike and goes to the grandmother’s house to conduct another lesson. Sometimes when his students cannot come to school in the daytime, our hero trains them at night. Among his “pupils” there are also adults who for one reason or another have not learned to read, write and count in childhood.

The story of Leonardo Nicanor Quintero began with the filing of local journalists are famous throughout the country, and altruism and ambition the teenager was inspired by millions of his compatriots to help others and the implementation of their own life plans. In the end after all, a young Argentinean could, like his countless peers, chasing a ball on the street, but he not only refused this, but also helped others become better.


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