126-year-old centenarian found in Brazil

A resident of Brazil who claims to be 126 years, may be recognized as the oldest person on Earth, writes The Telegraph with reference to the Brazilian media. Ready to help him in this a nursing home director looking for money for a carbon test, which would help prove the respectable age of Hispanic gentleman.

At the same time, it does not bother anyone that the Brazilian looks significantly younger than their intended age, and even has a reputation a joker.

A 126-year-old centenarian found in BrazilA photo from open sources

Jose Aginelo dos Santos, who lived his whole life without any documents received a birth certificate when moving to a house the elderly and bewitched officials, stating that he was born 7 July 1888 It happened in the city of Pedra Branca in the north Brazil two months after canceled in Brazil slavery (this is a Latin American state at that time was the last power to recognize the slave trade).

The man said his parents were slaves brought to Latin America from Africa. With his big family (he had four brothers and sisters) dos Santos continued to live on the plantation even though slavery was abolished. When he grew up he traveled south to São Paulo, where he spent most of his Life Growing Coffee In Bauru City.

A photo from open sources

Jose Aginelo dos Santos stated that he was 26 when he started World War I, and it turned 65 when the queen Elizabeth II ascended the British throne. Officials surprised him stories, but they gave birth certificates indicating the date which the man called. It happened after the old man talked with experts and described to them his childhood, and his memories coincided in historical documents.

Local media, sensing a sensation, tracked down an elderly Brazilian and even interviewed him. Journalists write that a man lives in the same city of Bauru, he recently moved to a nursing home. is he He has never been married and has no children.

Witnesses are astonished that, despite the alleged solid age, a man has no health problems and he even walks without a wand. Doctors found neither high pressure nor diabetes, nor high cholesterol. And this is despite the fact that the last 50 years dos Santos, according to him, smokes a pack cigarettes per day and eats four times a day.

A photo from open sources

A psychologist from a nursing home, Mariana Silva, said that the Brazilian is always in good health and mood. He loves tell jokes, make everyone laugh with funny jokes and sing. Moreover, as noted by Silva, not one of those living in the institution old people can’t remember those songs that a man sings. The only problem, the psychologist noted, is to force the old man to wash: taking a shower is not his favorite pastime.

The nursing home expects that now that dos dos Santos he has a birth certificate on his hands, he will be able to officially get the title of the oldest person on the planet. True to finally dispel all doubts about your age, a man will have to pass a carbon test to determine age, which costs about 22 thousand dollars, which is approximately 50 thousand Brazilian reals. Note that for the money, according to information VivaReal Real Estate Agencies, available in the state capital, the city of sao paulo, even a small apartment.

Director Jose Roberto Pires stated that he and other employees institutions are committed to finding the necessary funding and do dos Santos this test: “We believe that if the oldest in the world man lives here with us, we must prove it. ”

Currently, the oldest person on the planet is considered 116-year-old Japanese Misao Okawa, who is happy to share the secrets of his longevity: “Eat and sleep, and you will live long. And you must learn to relax. ”

The title of the oldest man belongs to a 111-year-old Japanese Sakari Momoi. He worked all his life as a school teacher and, having lived to see so venerable age, does not complain about health and does not suffer from any disease.

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