128-year-old resident of Thailand shared a secret its longevity

A 128-year-old resident of Thailand shared the secret of his longevityA photo from open sources

A man lives in Thailand who claims to be 128 years old and he shared the secret of his longevity.

According to his identification card, he was born 9 April 1891 – during the reign of King Rama V. About this reports the publication ENV.

Orn Parnchompoo is married to 70-year-old Song Parnchompoo, and they have 7 children and 11 grandchildren who live in northeast Thailand in the village of Ni Sombun.

According to the Thai, clean food and exercise are his the secret of longevity. In support of his words, he demonstrated your strength, easily climbing stairs and sweeping the floor in your home.

The long-liver told that all his friends had died long ago, and he misses them very much. However, if possible, he would like to live up to 200 years.

At the moment, the oldest living people considered German Gustav Gernet, who is already 113 years old.

Earlier ESOREITER talked about those who celebrated their 102nd anniversary. twin sisters. Both sisters live in Stortport-on-Severn (England), and feel great, despite being so venerable age.

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