134-year-old man found in Iran

134-year-old man found in IranPhotos from open sources of

Last fall in the Islamic Republic of Iran held a large-scale a census that covered all citizens of a country – maybe with the exception of any hermits.

Officials were extremely surprised when they learned that in a small Sakkes, Kurdistan Province has a senior citizen born in 1882. Thus, now the man is already one hundred thirty four of the year!

Ahmad Sufi was immediately recognized as the oldest resident of Iran and, perhaps the second of the oldest people on the planet. Recall that the most Today, an Indonesian Mba Goto is considered an age-old earthling, which marks one hundred forty-six years this month. And the most an old Iranian to date has been a thirty-year-old resident Kamarana, whose name the journalists did not disclose at the request of the centenarian the public.

A photo from open sources

According to the relatives of Ahmad Sufi, the old man is distinguished by kindness, responsiveness and high moral qualities. Despite his an impressive age, he is always ready to help other people, in that number and unfamiliar. Centenarian boasts good health and pure reason. To newspaper questions about the secret of his longevity and well-being, the pensioner answers that this faith in Allah and a righteous lifestyle.

Ahmad never had his children, but he raised four reception rooms.


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