15 strangest people in Russia

A photo from open sources They live near us and make our world brighter. Among us live people who are slightly different from all the rest. His appearance, behavior, unusual actions or passion. Many consider them cranks, but without them the world would definitely be less vibrant and interesting. We asked colleagues from from different parts of our vast country to talk about fellow countrymen, that struck, fascinated or shocked them – and perhaps even forced to reconsider what is considered the norm.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Alexey Zhuravlev1. The platypus man from Perm

Evgeny Bolotov is a body modifier, he is experimenting on his appearance. He has plates on his lips, the bottom is stretched by 60 mm, top by 33 mm. And he plans to stretch them “to infinity.” He stretches and earlobes, made tunnels in his nose, and now between even a pencil can calmly pass through the nostrils. He also pierced a nasal cartilage, and now his nose bends, like plasticine. Zhenya very proud that he is the only owner of such a piercing on the planet. – No, the children do not cry, – laughs the 27-year-old Perm designer, – People sometimes point with a finger, smile at the sight they ask me to take a picture with them. True, the guy complains: in dangerous Perm areas have a face just in case close. It is still unclear how real boys will meet, greet on dark street: not everyone in the Urals understands and accepts this “beauty.”

A photo from open sources

Photo: Alexandra BUDAEV2. Snow Maiden from Togliatti

From the back, Galina Kutereva can be given no more than 20 years: slim girl figure and long hair. On closer inspection noticeably that they are gray. Seeing how she goes in the cold through the snowdrifts in sundresses and sandals, people get scared. Drivers stop and offer to warm and ride. Many men are ready to take off jacket and carry it home. But Galina Kutereva is always only laughs back. “I’m not cold in winter and not hot in summer. I real Snow Maiden. “But it was not always like this: in childhood with Galina there was an allergy to frost, over the years a whole “bouquet” appeared diseases: from joint diseases to cancer. She enrolled in school longevity, was treated for several years, doused with water, did exercises on the joints. And now she feels great. Also on saves clothes, because in winter she does not need a fur coat or a down jacket. IN last resort, a warm sweater from angora.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Dmitry KOSCHEEV3. Janitor artist from Izhevsk

For his 52 years, Semyon Bukharin worked as a fireman and a miner. He retired three years ago. I got a job as a janitor at school. Then and I didn’t think that it was here that he, a decorator by training, would find your vocation. Instead of a brush – a shovel. Instead of canvas – school the yard. The idea to create in the snow came spontaneously – schoolchildren thought up. They also became grateful spectators. Semyon Bukharin is not eager to glory. Says it’s all for the kids. Shkolota in response calls him great artist.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Andrey KUTUZOV 4. Magnet boy from Omsk areas of

Second-grader Kolya from the village of Vodyanoye, which is located in 160 kilometers from Omsk, became the hero of the Internet. News about the student, to whose body coins, spoons and pans are “stuck”, circled all of Russia and even appeared on the pages of foreign publications. “We celebrated 4 years, dabbled with spoons, she stuck with me nose. Then he remembered, tried again, “- Kolya answers the question about how he discovered superpowers in himself.

A photo from open sources

Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS. 5. Lady Gaga double from Samara

Now Sasha Guseva is definitely not like a boy: long straight hair, thin waist, high chest, bright makeup. So her made by surgeons. At 17, she changed sex. I found a doctor in Novosibirsk Clinic: hormonal preparation, complex surgery worth 900 thousand rubles and long months of rehabilitation. Later there were three more operations and 9 face and body corrections. Now girl other than Lady Sasha is not called. That name “stuck” to her thanks to the new image. A girl performs in a double show, copies Lady Gaga. The first performances went off with a bang. And now Samaritan woman, using the resemblance to a star, makes good money on corporate parties. She thinks up the images herself, and stage costumes for her Mom helps to sew.

A photo from open sources

Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS. 6. Girl with a tattoo on her face from Saransk

Russian tattoo artist Ruslan Tumanyants from Saransk became notorious for the whole world after having painted 56 stars on the face of a teenage girl from Belgium, and the face of her new girlfriend – proper name in capital latin letters. The new “victim” of Ruslan their name is Lesya, they were born in the same city. The girl allowed to do a tattoo on his face just a day after they have met. The guys met on Facebook. Now on the face of Lesia flaunts the name “Ruslan”, written in large Gothic type. Lesya explained that she did it out of love and devotion. sweetheart. – During the month of chatting, we realized that we have great feelings for each other and common goals for life, – said Lesya. – The meeting in Moscow only confirmed our love and desire to be together all my life. I selected a font and drew a sketch. Why exactly on the face? Because I wanted to show what is most important in of my life is my love and the name of the most important person in my life of Ruslan. I proudly carry his name on my face! I am very him I love you!

A photo from open sources

Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS. 7. 83-year-old strongman from Dagestan

Abdurkhaman Abdulazizov set a world record, managing to raise load of 81.5 kg. This is almost thirty kilograms more previous weight of 53 kilograms that raised hair sportswoman from Poland Johanna Savicka in 2011. Record Abdulazizova was recorded with all severity and ended up in the Book Guinness World Records.

A photo from open sources

Photo from the personal archive of Julia VINS. 8. Girl with barbie face and Ken’s muscles from Saratov

Huge half-face eyes, puffy lips and a shock of curly hair – about the face of Julia Vins I just want to say “girl is such a girl.” A now we lower our eyes below: biceps, triceps, cubes on the stomach … and the back is generally mountainous. The girl from Saratov can pick up and raise an adult man over his head, even two, if they don’t too plump. In training, this athlete with a doll face lifts in a bench press 100 kilograms, in deadlift 160-180 kilogram, in a squat – 170 kilograms. At the same time, the powerlifter herself weighs only 64! And she is only 18 years old! Now the girl who took up powerlifting because she was offended at school, more than 9 thousand friends on social networks. Many of them call themselves fans. Julia. Admirers from all over the country recognize her in love, about her make programs in Japan, China, America.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Alexey Zhuravlev 9. Lucifer from Perm

In Perm, a young couple named their son Lucifer. – We are not Goths, we are just informals, – mother Natasha laughs. She is generally very cheerful, despite aggressive spiked jewelry, shaved nape and black robes. Yes, and these desperate wedding played in Friday December 13, 2013. – And my husband wanted to call his son, and at first this choice was too bold for me. But I am very she gave birth heavily, he was born suffocating and lived for a day, connected to an artificial respiration apparatus. And then I turned for help to Lucifer. I promised him if baby survives, I will name my son in honor of him. So Lucifer became the patron our son.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Andrey KOPALOV 10. King of kopecks from Novosibirsk

60-year-old pensioner Yuri Babin – a character in Novosibirsk famous. Back in the 1990s, he began to collect one-coin coins, yes so carried away that his whole house was bombarded with trifles. She is everywhere: on the floor, in flower pots, on window sills. Total Babin neither no less than 7 tons of coins! In jest, the journalists nicknamed the unusual numismatist King Kopek. Babin was even invited to Congress cranks in New York, however, due to material problems from so the Siberian had to refuse the tempting offer. Former the military decided to change his name to a very unusual one – President-Great-Russia-Babin. Exactly, in four words and through hyphen! The registry office refused him this, citing the fact that surname cannot consist of several words in different cases. IN In general, it seems that only a court will resolve a family dispute.

A photo from open sources

Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS. 11. Chimney sweep Lvovich from Kaliningrad

Alexander Lvovich Smirnov (or just Lvovich, like him all called) – this is a man walking around the city in a suit chimney sweep that does not miss a single large Kaliningrad holiday. “Nobody calls me on these holidays – I go there myself I’m coming, “he says. The house of the main Kaliningrad chimney sweep turned into a fortress, which continues to be built daily. Window Lvovich decorates the crazy form with improvised tiles. Furniture too does it myself. Over the past year, a house has appeared on its territory, which Lvovich calls the “Chimney Sweep Museum”. Inside the fortress house there is something like a theater studio, costumes for which made of household waste and polyurethane foam. According to of our hero, now he plans to shoot a film in which participation and his nymphs – girls in fancy clothes, all over him accompanying.

A photo from open sources

Photo: SOCIAL NETWORKS. 12. Man-tongue twister from Novosibirsk

Actually, the guy got a completely simple thing from his parents the Russian name is Aleksey, but now, according to his passport, he is none other than Lomion Horwegraug Morion Nornoros Yaere a’Moritarnon. Total 45 letters! Since childhood, the boys had knights as heroes of their favorite books, and in University – became an avid role-player and reenactor, even He made medieval chain mail and helmets. And one day, he says thought about his roots. Allegedly found the names of long-standing ancestors, who were Poles, and put them in a new verbal construction. True, it came out long – there were many ancestors. Even after all possible abbreviations the name is such that you break the language. When an eccentric came to the registry office to change passport data, employees, of course, puzzled. But they scratched their heads, looked through the laws and … accepted statement. And where to go? According to the law, a Russian has the right be called as he pleases. Soon the knighthood took place in the passport – somehow fit there. But friends called simply and without any regalia – Morionych.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Dmitry BURLAKOV. 13. Man-Steel Jaws of Tolyatti

Ravil Kravchuk, nicknamed Rav the Magnificent in front of the crowd pulled out with his teeth three cars with a total weight of more than four tons – and dragged them as much as 20 meters! “For me, 4 tonnes record, – the athlete shares. “I still can’t do that!” In 2002, at the bottom the birth of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain I held out double-decker bus, in which there were one hundred passengers in common weighing about 7 tons. This achievement was recorded by the commission. Guinness Book of Records. By the way, I was the only one there a Russian who performed. “To achieve an impressive As a result, Ravil devoted 20 years to extreme sports. First the athlete lifted weights with his teeth, then 10 and 50-pound pancakes, and eventually trained the jaw muscles to such an extent that it can hold a barbell weighing 120 kg! True, during the tricks of Ravil teeth broke, so I had to insert implants.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Alexey BULATOV14. Foreign economic operator Julia from Ekaterinburg

Father of two children, a passionate football player and a famous sports Ekaterinburg journalist suddenly changed sex. And this is not a joke. Yura For many years he worked as a sports columnist for the newspaper “Change!”, then in the press service of the Sverdlovsk police, from where he left for Uralsky a worker. “It’s quite a nice, maybe a slightly gloomy guy, soccer player, sports fan. And then it was as if replaced. I began to drink hormone pills that etch out of his appearance handsome masculine features. He preferred khaki army pants pink skirts. Finally, he began to ask friends to call himself Julia. But this is a former paratrooper. Twice married, twice divorced, two children. He loved the fair sex, and women reciprocated. “The girls changed like gloves!” – former colleagues discuss behind the eyes Jurassic. Or Julia.

A photo from open sources

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA.

78-year-old student from Kiselevsk Senior citizen from Kiselevsk (Kemerovo region) Alexander Kuzmich Trusov gets already fourth diploma (first humanitarian – after three technical). Now he is in his second year. And when he gets a diploma, he’s already 82nd year will go! But he himself is a super student, an extremal, does not consider the original and the eccentric. And to the increased interest in him with students, patiently exclaims like a grandfather – to grandchildren.

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