180 thousand bees miraculously survived the fire in the Cathedral Notre Dame

180 thousand bees miraculously survived the fire in Notre-Dame de ParisA photo from open sources

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral was seriously damaged by the fire that burned on the night of April 15-16 and covered the whole upper part of a medieval building. Now it suddenly became it is known that about 180 thousand bees living in three hives on the roof the legendary catholic temple, completely unaffected by destructive fire. Many called it a real miracle, occurred contrary to any laws of physics and logic.

The official beekeeper of the cathedral Nicolas Geo told reporters following:

Thank God the flame did not touch them. In my humble In our opinion, this is a real miracle. What happened to Notre Dame incredibly sad and tragic as it is a beautiful building with long story. It means a lot to me, as well as to many other faithful Catholics around the world. But what ours the bees survived the fire without being hurt at all – it’s gorgeous news. I think this is a very good sign, and everything will be with the temple well, he will certainly be restored.

A photo from open sources

For several days after the fire, it was not known that happened with the hives, but then shooting from the drone showed that the bee houses remained safe and sound. Beekeeping on rooftops is surprisingly common in Paris and serves not only for honey and aesthetic satisfaction needs, but also to preserve the population of honey workers. In total, there are over 700 hives in the French capital.

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