The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is hidden in space

Scientists are preparing a satellite to study the anomalous zone, which in a strange way began to shift to the West.

The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean, bounded by lines from Florida to Bermuda, further to Puerto Rico and back to Florida via the Bahamas, is actually considered abnormal. It even has a scientific name – South Atlantic Anomaly (South Atlantic Anomaly – SAA).

The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is hidden in spaceA photo from open sources

It’s known that something strange is happening in the Bermuda Triangle with the ocean and the atmosphere, ships and planes disappear here, announced “flying Dutch” – ships abandoned by crews. But few knows that oddities apply to areas located hundreds of kilometers from the surface of the earth. For example, astronauts and astronauts report that, flying over the Bermuda Triangle, see flashes in the eyes. At the same time they start to fail, or even go out out of order, personal computers. Junk and equipment – especially thin, which, from sins, sometimes began to be temporarily turned off.

Measurements made using satellites showed: just over the South Atlantic anomaly is the place where the inner Earth’s radiation belt – the so-called Van Allen belt – located at a minimum distance from the surface of the planet. AND it is possible that precisely because of this neighborhood different events that go beyond the usual framework.

Van Allen’s belts surround the Earth. The closest they are to the area Bermuda Triangle

A photo from open sources

Intend to try to understand the nature of mysterious phenomena take Italian scientists from the National Institute astrophysicists (National Institute for Astrophysics in Bologna, Italy) led by Riccardo Campana. They are planning send into space a satellite that will regularly fly over SAA and take measurements.

In the meantime, Italians took advantage of some unclaimed formerly data obtained by the BeppoSAX orbiter. is he worked from 1996 to 2003, its trajectory was just above Bermuda Triangle. It turned out: in the upper zones of SAA radiation greatly increased, below, on the contrary, extremely lowered. And the anomaly itself shifted to the West. Therefore, it is possible that the supernatural phenomena will also shift – to the Gulf of Mexico. And who knows, maybe perhaps, in their sequence should be written a mysterious explosion of oil Deepwater Horizon platforms, which happened here in April 2010, and the subsequent – catastrophic – oil spill?

Gulf platform may not catch fire by chance.

A photo from open sources


The Earth has two radiation belts – external and internal. They are they accumulate high energy particles that have penetrated the magnetosphere, most protecting our planet from them. The inner belt consists of mainly from protons, the outer from electron. They resemble in shape toroids.

The inner belt was opened by American scientist James Van Allen, having analyzed the data from the Explorer-1 satellite. Existence external proved by Soviet physicists Sergei Vernov and Alexander Eccentrics due to measurements made by Sputnik-3.

According to some reports, the Earth from time to time acquires and the third belt – during the years of increased solar activity. When the luminary calms down, this additional protection disappears.

In 2012, NASA sent two RBSP satellites. Their measurements showed: in the belts areas are formed in which particles almost instantly accelerate almost to the speed of light. With this planet begins to emit ultra-low frequency electromagnetic waves.

In a word, riddles somehow connected with Bermuda the triangle is enough.

Bermuda Triangle Time

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