Water turned red in the Curonian Spit National Park near Kaliningrad

A photo from open sources

In the Kaliningrad region in the national park “Curonian Spit”, in the gulf of the former Grenz Forestry, the water turned red-brown colors – in depressions under the canopy of trees and in open drainage ditches. Against the background of white snow, it looks the most contrast and causes some concern, and even discomfort. IN Kaliningrad, Senior Researcher, Curonian Spit, Candidate Biological Sciences I. Gubarev said that brightly colored water connected with thick peat deposits in this part of the spit. Under the action of melting snow overflows the natural recesses and open drainage ditches, warmed layers mix and carry away peat suspension from the bottom. It is due to her, as well as during refraction light through the thickness of the water it seems that it has an unusual reddish shade. Such “rivers” show their red character every spring, it is at this time of year that their color is most noticeable. If look closely at the edges of the ditches, you can find and the perpetrators of the mystical commotion – the green bumps of sphagnum mosses, which are the source of future peat deposits. The Curonian Lagoon and drainage water will gradually open from ice the ditch will gravity head towards it, and the first will bloom along the banks spring flowers, and all fears will evaporate along with winter snow.

Water Snow

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