Gold digger found a cave with artificial tunnel and went missing

In 1904, an American gold digger J.S. Brown discovered in California mountains artificial tunnel. The passage was enough long and led Brown into an underground cave whose walls were trimmed with sheets of copper.

The gold digger found a cave with an artificial tunnel and went missingA photo from open sources

On huge copper sheets, the inscriptions on unknown language that the gold digger could not read. The place he had discovered was marked by two oddities. Cave walls concealed a gold mine, the borders of which were clearly visible in places not covered by copper sheets.

A terrible detail of the cave were dozens of decaying skeletons people who apparently discovered a strange find before Brown and for some reason forever remaining in this incomprehensible little world. Nothing interfered with Brown himself, and he calmly got out on surface, marking him one with the famous gold-bearing signs corridor.

A sober and practical gold digger understood that for development deposits require initial capital, and considerable, because set myself the goal of earning a certain amount before proceeding to gold mine exploitation.

It took thirty years before he could at his own expense hire a mining crew, purchase some equipment, and pay a license for development. In 1934, together with reliable and Brown arrived at Stockton, the closest town to the cave. and took up preliminary organizational matters, continuing keep secret the location of the cave.

In the morning, work was supposed to begin, and on the eve of a gold digger left the hotel where he rented a room and disappeared forever. Police the town could not find any traces of it. Attempted disappearance explain the debts that Brown could make, counting on upcoming incomes, but checking the papers and accounts showed that everything preliminary expenses were repaid by him from their own funds.

Only the hypothesis of eliminating a person who knew finding unknown inscriptions that were not intended to publication. Given the fact of the loss of different people with similar circumstances throughout the twentieth century, an explanation is possible find believable.

XX century. Chronicle of anomalies. Posted by: Yu Gogolitsyn


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