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One of the strangest aspects of the unidentified phenomenon flying objects (UFO) is an undeniable existence certain geographic areas where with amazing they see UFOs regularly, and also observe various paranormal phenomena. It is believed that in these abnormal areas, or “windows,” as they are called ufologies, there are kind of portals through which in our space and time, get a UFO. Photos from open sources

Multidimensional space Some people think that UFOs travel not through ordinary interstellar space, but directly, the shortest way, through a dimension that in science fiction called “multidimensional space” or “hyperspace.” This the term was invented in 1934 by a pioneer of science fiction genre by John Campbell. He needed to find a good solution for problems like traveling long distances between the stars. Later, as is the case with most scientific concepts fiction, physics, and mathematics have recognized that existence hyperspace is theoretically possible. Today at textbooks you can find the following definition of hyperspace: any kind of space in which at the same time there is more three dimensions. Imagine the movement through multidimensional space is essentially impossible, as it implies movement at right angles in all possible directions our familiar space. To draw in your The following analogy helps this picture. Imagine imagine a map of the starry sky. You need to get, for example, from our planet to a planet that revolves around the star closest to us – Proxima Centauri, the distance to which is 4.2 light years. To cross such a huge distance through the usual space with today’s technical capabilities required hundreds of years. And even if you move at a speed close to speed of light, this journey would still take many years. But imagine that there is the possibility of “folding” the space so as to combine the point of departure and the point of arrival. It’s like folding a star map so that our solar the system and Proxima Centauri became close, and instead of millions kilometers along the usual route would be enough to “jump” in just a few hundred thousand kilometers. Superspace More recently, the theory of hyperspace The area seemed just fiction, but in 1962, Professor John A. Wheeler (one of the inventors of the hydrogen bomb) and Robert Fuller published a controversial scientific paper called “Causation and multi-connectedness space-time continuum. “Thanks to this book, the concept of “superspace” appeared – not related to others space of enormous reach pervading every particle The universe. Traveling through superspace goes significantly faster due to the very nature of this dimension, where the familiar the laws of physics may not work. The exciting features of this area hyperspace-like spaces are gaining more large scale due to the fact that Wheeler and Fuller in their book do not just suggested the existence of superspace, and in fact, such a conclusion was drawn logically from the general theory relativity of Einstein. In addition, a lot has been done. inspirational discoveries regarding the space that we used to consider ordinary emptiness. Quantum Physics Specialists found that on a submicroscopic scale what seems empty, not at all. Even in absolute conditions vacuum in a space of 1 cubic meter cm pulsates and vibrates the amount of energy that requires mass in 1091 kg. Given the fact that the 20 megaton explosion a hydrogen bomb only 1 kg of mass is converted into energy, only 1 cube see space contains a terrifying amount of energy – and we we don’t know how to tame this energy. In the empty space filled with subatomic vibrations, there are subatomic tunnels only a few centimeters long. These tunnels connect different parts of space. Physicists studying these tunnels, the so-called “wormholes”, were never able to understand their complex geometry, as there is an opinion that some of these tiny “corridors” lead beyond space and then back. According to one of the latest theories, wormholes connect each part of the space with all other parts of space, and even through light years, and if we were small enough to travel through these tunnels superspaces, we could instantly move anywhere the universe. Oddly enough, but Einstein was unusually far-sighted, and his theory relatively contains an explanation the existence of wormholes, which does not violate Einstein’s laws or law of causation. To date, no one was able to send even a radiogram to the wormhole because of their tiny size. Even an electron cannot penetrate into them, since it is 100 billion times more of these tunnels. However, if any the physicist will be able to open the entrance to the wormhole as wide as possible, so so that a spaceship could get there, it would open to us the road to the stars, and the Space Age of Interplanetary would begin research. Black holes – “holes” for UFOs? Exist the assumption that only one natural phenomenon can expand the entrance to the wormhole is a black hole. In this regard, there are highly controversial theories about the possibility of creating tiny black holes here on earth. Scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York spent more than $ 700 million to create the world’s most powerful particle accelerator. July 16, 1999 in The test mode launched the relativistic heavy ion collider. But soon project manager John Marburger stopped testing, as there were fears that the collider is causing the so-called “disturbances in the universe.” That is, the experiment was paused to find out if the launch of the super accelerator to the emergence of a small black hole on the island of Long Island in the United States. The emergence of black holes The possible occurrence of a black hole due to the fact that a giant device can create “straps” is a recently discovered form of matter consisting of quarks. When the staples combine, they fire uncontrolled chain reaction, reversing everything with which they touch in quarks. The resulting mass can reach this density, which allows you to form a small black hole. Under the influence of gravitational forces, it will move to the center of the Earth, where it will swallow the whole planet in minutes. If in the universe and there are races with a high level of technology development, have long been who discovered a way to go through wormholes by creating small black holes, then such races must possess perfect a system of movement in interstellar and intergalactic space, that is, use the paths leading to the various worlds that these races are explored or possibly colonized. Paths through the measurements of the English poet William Wordsworth who noticed that “and in the starry sky there is some kind of life”, most likely was right, and outer space is riddled with a network of paths, created by more advanced civilizations. Can UFOs that humans sometimes they meet, penetrate our world through such “wormholes”? If so, this explains how they appear and disappear. Perhaps aliens use a network of hyperspace routes, which is similar to our large motorway system. Perhaps there are roads going through different dimensions, and also a kind of “roundabout”. If so, then there are places from which paths lead to our Earth. Probably spaceships moving along such routes, pass from superspace to our familiar dimension, while being in the sky above the Earth. No doubt on such spaceships must have devices that allow open and close “wormholes” so that ground air ships accidentally did not get into them. UFO Zone in Wales No there is a possibility that from time to time human air transport still passes through these heavenly portals. Perhaps this fate befell the flight officer Brian Holding, which on March 7, 1922 took off from the airfield in Chester, England. The flight was supposed to be short and will pass along the border, landing at an airfield in Wales. Airplane Holding back from Wales and heading to the side Chester, seen by dozens of people. But the aircraft is driving which was an experienced pilot, did not reach the final point, and no one else has ever seen it. Were deployed large-scale search for the wreckage of the aircraft, but no traces of it were found did not have. Even stranger is that a few weeks before Holding’s disappearance over North Wales was seen Consistently moving group of characteristic lights. During For many years, various inexplicable events took place in this region, and now it is considered the largest “window”. The center of this abnormal The zone is the coastal city of Barmouth, located in Wales. Anomalous Zone – Barmouth Geologists have discovered that in Barmouth a complex picture of magnetic anomalies of the unknown is observed origin. The first reports of the appearance in this region representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations date back to 1692, when near the british city of Harvik landed a certain glowing object. For several months he continued instill fear in the inhabitants of the city, after which it disappeared into the sky and no longer appeared. In addition, strange blue and white lights, appeared in this region in 1869, 1875 and 1877, but the most noteworthy events took place in 1905, when activity UFO took an unprecedented scale. It was the Welsh period Methodist revival, and it is not surprising that strange lights in in heaven, many converts were perceived as a sign of God. The first “news” about UFOs. One of the first reports about the appearance of UFOs in North Wales in 1905 in January from the train driver who noticed in the evening sky ten luminous lights flying at high speed over the chapel of the small town of Egrin, between Barmouth and Harleck, in County Gwynedd. After that, lights began to appear frequently in the night the sky of North Wales, and one night in the sky a huge a luminous arch reminiscent of the northern lights. One end of the arch went to sea, and the other touched the top of a local hill. Soon after that more than a hundred astonished people witnessed the appearance of a radiant star-shaped object that flew out from under arches and rushed down to the roofs of Egrin’s houses. Shining star sailed over several houses, and then at a phenomenal speed swept away. And the luminous arch gradually disappeared into the night. Rumors of mysterious night lights are widespread, and Daily Mirror journalist and photographer set to work investigation of this phenomenon. They also saw these lights. Journalist The Daily Mirror in his report wrote: “The time was nearing midnight, and we were near Barmouth when suddenly, without the slightest warnings, the road ahead of us lit up with a soft flickering by the light. Then it became so light around that every branch was visible and each stone within a radius of one meter, as if we were in the center of the light circle of the spotlight. It seemed like something huge extending from earth to heaven, suddenly revealed its bowels and spewed out a flood of light. All this was a bit like the effect of explosion of the festival ball, but still it was something completely otherwise. But almost immediately, as soon as I looked up, the light Above us began to fade. It seemed to me that I was in the very center of the stream of white light I saw a gray oval and half open the bulk. But after a moment she closed, surrounded us again darkness. That summer, until the very end of July, over North Wales very often saw this gray almond-shaped bulk, which opened and released into the sky over Barmouth several luminous lights and a round flying machine. One of these nights began a thunderstorm, and when hit by a lenticular clot hovering in the sky branched lightning, flash illuminated three objects similar to saucers that flew out of nowhere, as if from nowhere, lenticular clouds. It is possible that the farmer who watched this the cloud for a whole week, was close to the truth when he said that it can be a “gateway for anything coming from any place. “As in other UFO zones in Britain, Europe and North and South America, in the anomalous zone in Barmouth is located many barrows and other ancient monuments. Curious that on North Wales also has many megalithic buildings. Many ufologists consider this fact important, and some of them hypothesize that people living in the territory of modern Barmouth during the Neolithic, knew that this region is unusual. Perhaps it is in order to point out this fact, they erected these mighty stone landmarks. If this version is correct, then the “windows” for the UFO have existed for thousands of years, and possibly longer.

The most famous UFO zones

Unusual is the fact that Stonehenge, the most famous megalithic monument in the world, located very close to the city of Warminster, county Wiltshire, where the largest UFO zone.

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Etymological analysis of names found in any terrain always shows that the highest concentration abnormal zones are always observed in Lord Bath’s estate at Longleat in Warminster, places with names starting with “Devil”. For example, in Devil’s Elbow (“Elbow of Satan”) in the county of Warwickshire for many years in the sky there are many strange lights. At Lord Bath’s Longleat Estate in Warminster there is a place called “heavenly gates”. These names are like reflect the mystical nature and supernatural history of those places. Bonnibridge Town Another area of ​​UFO activation, often mentioned in the media in recent years, – it is the picturesque town of Bonnibridge located in Scotland. The population of this town is only 9000 people. In him There is one hotel, two pubs and about a dozen shops.

A photo from open sources

But, since 1995, documentaries from overwhelming Bonnibridge from USA, Japan and Europe, which remove those “performances” that almost daily you can observe in the sky over the city. Near 5,000 people living here, that is, more than half the population, witnessed the strange and often frightening activities of UFOs, which unfolds in the sky above their homes. Skeptics first argued that the cause of so many extraterrestrial manifestations is the location of bonnibridge very close to routes to Glasgow and Edinburgh airports. But independent professional UFO researchers using video cameras with great magnification and telephoto cameras managed to capture the lights and objects that not only did not look like human air transport, but also performed such acrobatic maneuvers (for example, turns at right angles), which cannot be completed either one aircraft created on our planet. Extraterrestrial “performances” in Bonnbridge continue to this day, but scientists still turn a blind eye to this phenomenon. Bermudian triangle The most notorious anomalous zone on the planet is undoubtedly the so-called Bermuda the triangle, also known as the “purgatory of the damned,” “the sea misfortunes “,” diabolical triangle “and” cemetery of the Atlantic. “In the boundaries of this vast area having the outlines of a triangle and extending from Puerto Rico to Florida, with a peak in the area Azores, thousands of unexplained disappearances and accidents. It started back in the days of Columbus, which he himself observed strange red fireballs flying over him ships during his historic voyage to the island San Salvador in 1492.

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The term “Bermuda Triangle” in 1964 was coined by the writer Vincent Gaddis. Today, even skeptics dare not claim that by pure chance there are many marine and air disasters that all the mysterious phenomena in this area – pure fiction and the result of exaggeration and the pursuit of sensations in the media. Even today the territory covered by the so-called Bermuda triangle, ships and aircraft continue to disappear. With the aim of a solution to the problem was proposed to study this region, but as often happens, scientists refuse to acknowledge the existence of an anomalous zone in this region. Recently japanese scientists proposed to place in the zone of the Bermuda Triangle sensors like rescue buoys. In these waterproof probes will be embedded reliable camcorders as well as a range of scientific measuring instruments that will redirect information to a special ship or to a land-based center data collection. But electronic and mechanical equipment on the triangle often fails, so this idea quite risky.

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