Mikhail Rechkin on the Okunev phenomenon

The small village of Okunevo, in the north of the Omsk region, in recent years has evolved into a new mecca for those thousands spiritual people who rushed here not only from Russia, but also from other countries of the world. Mikhail Rechkin on the Okunev phenomenonPhoto from open sources Opening Okunevsky My first touch on the Great Secret happened in August 1993 Although a year ago I found out that in Okunevo a certain Indian woman, Rasma, arrived. This woman told that in India ancient legends that the great Rama brought his people on the Hindustan Peninsula are precisely from these places. Why Rama and him did the people have to leave their homeland? Traditions indicate a certain cosmic catastrophe that erupted on Earth 12.5 thousand years ago ago, the consequence of which was a sharp change in climate in Siberia. It is noticeably colder. And blue-eyed tall the ancestors of the Slavs – the Aryans were forced to go to the southern lands. To India they brought their highest culture and received from the depths of space Vedic knowledge. According to Rasma, near the current Okunev once stood a magnificent Temple. Moreover, in the Temple channel of communication with the Cosmos to be found and developed. And further! It was to the Temple that a certain sacred place related to Hanuman – the leader of the monkeys and the faithful assistant of Rama. Naturally, to believe all this was simply impossible! I decided seek advice from the head of archaeologists, now the deceased, professor V.I. Matyushchenko. Vladimir Ivanovich sent to me my monograph “The Ancient History of Siberia”, where I discovered such lines: “… here, according to a number of scientists, the oldest Indo-Aryan epic “Mahabharata”, whose images and characters surrounded by local rivers, lakes, mountains, valleys. Here, there was probably a cradle of Indo-Aryans, some of them later went to south of Asia, within the borders of Hindustan … “* * * In 1991 in Nizhnevartovsk I met 23-year-old clairvoyant Olga Gurbanovich. Testing showed that she really possesses hypersensitive abilities, moreover, in contact with Earth information field. In March 1996, responding to my question: “Why does water in Lake Danilovo and four more lakes have healing properties? “- she suddenly issued:” In this area in antiquity stood a very beautiful Temple, which had seven domes, and each dome had its purpose. The temple was both spiritual and scientific center. In his main hall the unearthly Jewel was located – the Main Talisman of the Temple! It is thanks to the special energy of this Jewel that the water of the lakes has a unique healing ability. “To the question: what was Jewel, Gurbanovich reported that it is an octagonal crystal about 1.2 meters high, pinkish-lilac tones. Its necessarily Need to find. This is an artificial Mind created outside the Earth. With His help, you can establish a connection with other inhabited worlds. IN this is His main purpose. And at the same time, energy, concentrated in Him, able to cover the whole screen Western Siberia. The value of the Crystal for your civilization is enormous, fateful, in Him is your salvation, because humanity stands on verge of self-destruction! Thus, the news of the Temple and the Canal space communications brought by Rasma Rosita from India and contact information about the Temple and the extraterrestrial Crystal obtained by Olga Gurbanovich, amazingly confirmed! All this produced on I was very impressed, which served as an impetus to the beginning Temple and Crystal search. * * * But back to the discoverer Okunevo phenomenon Rasme Rosite (spiritual name of Rajni). As i already wrote above, Rasme Rajni her spiritual teacher Sri Muniraja was given the task: to find in Siberia a place associated with Hanuman. Here as she herself told about it. “When I arrived in Omsk, I scientists, businessmen, psychics, archaeologists helped. Archaeologists they told me that in the Okunev area a place was found where antiquities conducted rituals. I stopped in a tent near villages. I was alone. She fasted and prayed for five days. I do not even knew which side of the village. On the fifth night from 12 hours to 5 hours in the morning I observed light phenomena: light floated around, to me luminous creatures came, I saw a semblance of machines woven from light, and heard unearthly music. It has become for me confirmation that this is the place that was supposed to find. ” Unbelievable! But later managed to photograph and floating around light, and a luminous being, like an angel, and some semblance cars, and even “unearthly music” coming from underground, several the man heard. And they didn’t even know that before them enjoyed Rasm. I will say more! To my volunteers managed to make dozens of photographs on which all kinds of luminous objects, energy discharges in the form multi-colored snakes, and there is reason to believe that they got into the frame … intelligent creatures! For example, in different years, two photographers captured the same (clearly moving) object, externally similar to a swimming beetle. Therefore, my Okunev studies I started with a survey of local residents. It turned out that for many For years, quite unusual phenomena have been observed here. Since i born in this area, then communicated with those eyewitnesses whom I know for decades. In particular, Lyudmila Pastushenko summer sunny in the afternoon of 1958 (together with her younger sister Nina) she saw how a ghostly column of light appeared on the banks of Tara, and two huge translucent figures of women in … mournful poses. Similar phenomena in different years were also observed by other Okunev children. For instance, one boy saw a rider in the air, and it’s absolutely real, he was dressed as commissar of the civil war. And July 18, 1996 years, in Okunev, something unusual happened to me. Day stood hot and cloudless. It was about three in the afternoon. I was in the house Irina Vasilyevna Mishina. This Muscovite settled in Okunev considered herself a psychic. So I asked her one, but very important Question: “Where is the ancient Temple?” For ten to fifteen minutes she tried to tell me something, and when she was exhausted and fell silent, suddenly a certain unknown force (against my will!) raised me from the bench, I mechanically took my camera off the table and, as zombie left the house. Crossed the street, entered the courtyard of Vladimir’s house Aboyantseva confidently walked to the fence, which opened view of the Tara River, and perched on a fence, risking collapse along with him. Strange, but about the possible fall, I at that moment did not I thought, as I prepared for photographing. And here is what I had to shoot – did not know! Suddenly, behind me children’s voice: – Uncle Misha, take a picture of me. I looked around. At On the porch stood the ten-year-old son of Aboyantsev – Sasha. But as soon as I had time turn his head in his direction, as thunder thundered from behind … Thunder in the clear sky! I encountered such a miracle for the first time in 46 years of life! Although after another twelve years nothing like this with me happened, and I think it will not happen. – Mikhail Nikolaevich, – I heard Aboyantsev’s voice, – lightning struck Uvaly. – And in what a place? “There you go,” and Vladimir Ivanovich pointed out the direction. I turned around. And then the real doomsday began, however, with exactly the opposite. The air began to thicken rapidly. Only that the sky was blue – it became gray, dark blue … And to Uvala again struck by a short yellow-red lightning! – ABOUT! – exclaimed in surprise Aboyantsev. – Lightning hit the same place! Thundered again Thunder Strike. And after fifteen to twenty seconds the haze cleared. I took two pictures. Naturally, I could not fix the lightning. But on the first is the blue sky and the bright golden color of the banks of Tara, and on the second is a markedly darkened sky and a gloomy coastline. Judging according to the second picture, the Sun was hidden by a sudden haze. Already on the way from Okunev to the regional center of Muromtsevo a hunch struck me: because with the help of lightning they showed me where the Temple is! Who showed? There is a short answer and a long one. If you give a short, then little who will believe. Therefore, I will start with the background. In March 1996, being in Nizhnevartovsk, I asked Olga Gurbanovich the question: “Who built the Temple? .. “Olya accepted this answer:” Creatures on the other planets, they can take human and whatever appearance, they are now among you. Communicate with each other only mental images. They have a special energy zone, with through which they are able to manifest in your world and communicate both with you and with each other. In human form they are distinguished deep set eyes. Actually, their purely human vision not necessary, they are able to see around themselves at once at the same time … They will contact you and help you … “Later, Olga reported that the name of their planet is Setram, and she is in the system Sirius * * * Do not rush with the hasty “can not be”, better say the wise – “let’s say.” That’s what happened to my ex neighbor Afanasy Grigoryevich Glushkov, whom I knew more fifty years old. This man went through the front, was captured, committed several shoots from concentration camps, in a word, seen in life so much – more than enough! But when he told me about his meeting with “evil spirits”, his fingers trembled. And happened following. Glushkov witnessed how on a summer moonlit night a huge shaggy dog ​​jumped to the left bank of Tara, on the move threw herself into the water and swam quickly to the other side of the river. Athanasius Grigoryevich was very surprised: where at night, and even far from housing did this dog appear? (To the nearest village Cheplyarovo was several kilometers, to Okunev – six …) So far, he is in amazement watched the dog, she got to the right bank, shook herself and suddenly … stood on its hind legs. And the paws, in front of the horrified neighbor, turned into human legs. And immediately instead of a dog there was a huge humanoid creature, and dressed in everything white … It squared its shoulders and moved in long, smooth leaps along the coast … Afanasy Grigoryevich observed all this metamorphosis with side of the boat. With difficulty controlling himself, he began to slowly back towards cabin, trying to feel the switch of the searchlight with his left hand. In that the moment the creature turned in his direction and stopped. Glushkov managed to find the toggle switch, a ray of light hit directly the werewolf. And he… instantly disappeared. Something similar (already in another place) was observed by another Athanasius – Radenko. As I was told, this man was shocked so much so that he soon died. On a summer night in 1963, already in Muromtsev (near the tank farm) a group of teenagers watched how high a woman dressed in white crossed the steep surface of the water the left bank of Tara on the sandy – right … There are other examples. But, I think enough. Still believe in such fantastic things are possible only when you let it through yourself (through your consciousness) and you will experience shock. * * * It should be noted that creatures (or aliens) who showed me a place with the help of lightning finding the Temple, treated me very delicately. I was aware something unusual is happening (because, against his will, he got up with benches, went outside, climbed the fence), but it was all done in a soft, gentle, form, so that my psyche does not suffered. Thanks to which I did not experience a deep shock. And all but it became clear that they, invisibly watching me, through a certain effect on the brain, forced to leave the house, after which showed the location of the Temple … But believe (to the end) in I still couldn’t happen. Even after Moscow geophysicists at a depth of 15-20 meters (where the lightning twice struck) really fixed a certain object. But is it a temple? Partially The answer can only be obtained after exploratory drilling. Then it will be necessary to break through the pit to the object, which (at positive result) will allow excavations. Once, before going to bed, I suddenly thought: “What do those creatures look like all the same and the Temple? “At night I woke up as if I had emerged from a deep whirlpool. He sat on the bed, recovering and experiencing what he had just seen, looked around dumbfounded. What is it?! Dream or reality? The picture of “vision” was so bright and clear that it simultaneously caused astonishment, and dumb. I saw two very tall majestic figures, dressed in clothes falling to the floor. When you turn one of the … monkey-like creatures (!) the fabric began to overflow then golden, then silver snakes. I created the impression that the unusual material of their robes is woven from the tiniest silver and gold rings. But the most expressive detail of them there was an orange stripe running from the throat to the legs. I remember and the fact that for some reason the figures stood sideways to me, and not their faces. Already after a day, the impressions of an unusual dream began to fade, and in my head doubts began to swarm. And then my nephew came running to me Igor. – Uncle Misha, you won’t believe it, but today I dreamed of such a sleep, you can jump crazy. In a dream, he was inside a certain the temple. The carved patterns on the walls of the temple had hardly attracted his attention, when suddenly in one of the walls two square holes opened, through that came in … light. He filled the whole space of the temple, huge the dome, and then Igor saw in front of him sitting on an unusual the throne of a man in scarlet clothes. With a swarthy face, a cap of curly black hair and … red eyes. The throne on which he sat was from gray metal. The armrests were two cobras, rising in the rack, overhead, having opened the hood, looming huge metal cobra. To the right and left of the throne were very tall … monkey-like creatures (six on each side). They were dressed in gray clothes falling to the floor with a characteristic detail: from the throat to the legs was a wide orange stripe. On the neck each of them (on chains with triangular links) hung large squared medallions with red crystals in the center. The creature’s eyes were also red, and their eyes were turned to who sat on the throne. I would not believe Igor, but those two creatures who appeared to me in a dream, clothes falling to the floor had a characteristic detail is an orange strip from the throat to the legs. And here they are I did not see eyes and medallions; they stood sideways to me. And then a letter came from Lyubov Shkarina from the Murmansk region. Shkarina, like Igor, not only the Temple, but the Crystal was shown in a dream. Lyuba I saw the dome of the Temple in the form of a closed lotus bud, that is, the dome, consisting of petal segments. And above the ground towered only the dome, and the main part of the Temple was hidden underground. IN in the center was something like an elevator, around which there was a screw descent. The room had lighting, but there were no light sources it is seen. During the descent, Shkarina noticed voluminous paintings on the wall, whenever she kept her gaze on any of them, they set in motion. She is completely unexpected for herself ended up in a large hall, which seemed to her not just familiar, and literally native, that is, Lyuba had the feeling that she already been here. Moreover, Lyuba experienced an indescribable feeling the joy of finally getting here again. Crystal she saw soaring in space. And one more detail: Shkarin in a dream a priest in white clothes accompanied the temple. Added to this, that Lyuba made her journey in a dream long before she accidentally turned up my essay “Okunevsky Ark.” And this dream repeated twice !!! Agree, how cool it would turn out a science fiction novel if I decided to write it! But alas our time does not favor writing novels. That’s why i started intensive and systematic research work on the study of the Okunev phenomenon.

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