Lightning struck the tallest skyscraper Of Europe

Lightning struck the highest skyscraper in EuropeA photo from open sources

In the highest skyscraper in Europe – the London “Shard” – hit lightning discharge, according to the online edition of Sky News. Lightning succeeded take a picture when the discharge hit straight into a 306-meter building. In the picture you can see an electric spark flash, illuminated the very top of the 87-story skyscraper. Visitors the observation deck on the 72nd floor was very scared when the building above them “exploded” from the discharge. On his twitter one of eyewitnesses admitted that the sight was “as if from a movie.” Other witness of a lightning strike compared what happened to “frame from sci-fi movie. Since the “Shard” is completely glass, from the side it seemed that the top of the tower merged into one with heaven. ”

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