The hypothesis of the occurrence of vocal phenomena Ladoga

Although we will continue to talk about the Ladoga phenomenon, I’ll begin with a similar Baikal phenomenon. The local told about him hunter Victor Larionov.

Once, hunters resting in the winter quarters heard at midnight how their hut creaked in skids, the sledges approached. From the sled groaning a man got out and began to squeeze the horse. Apparently, the horse caught awkward, and for something he began to scold the animal. So it went on 5, 10 minutes, half an hour. One of the hunters could not stand it, tears from the trestle bed and went outside to help the unlucky charioteer.

But there was no one outside. It was the usual night silence, and all around is white, without any trace, snow falling from the evening. Similar meetings with the “invisibles” are quite frequent, their script is almost similar, and in some places they occur regularly.

In particular, the famous writer Alexander Bushkov, when he was who worked in a geological expedition leads a similar case in his collection of anomalous phenomena “Siberian Horror.” Only there to the base of geologists periodically drives up not an invisible horse, but invisible truck.

A few years ago I wrote about my own observations. acoustic mirages in the northern part of Ladoga. I guess it’s worth it tell more about our research in order to remove from such stories a raid of some mysticism.


The hypothesis of the occurrence of voice phenomena LadogaA photo from open sources

During summer vacation, if it did not coincide with the planned expeditions, I quite often sailed on a sailing boat of his a friend at the institute, Nikita Dubrovich, in the northern part of Ladoga, teeming with numerous uninhabited islets. Both of us were experts in the field of atmospheric physics, so they knew everything well signs of changing weather and sensitively tracking it, hiding in case what on these same islands. Once, the good was great weather and white nights, we ventured to make a big transition, and got to Another island is quite late.

A fire was built (by tradition, and not by necessity – on a boat there was a galley) and began to prepare a late dinner. And suddenly in silence clearly heard male bickering, then into scandal women’s voices turned on, an empty bucket fell with a roar, rang out children’s cry.

A tiny island could be seen through, and no uninvited no visitors were observed. And the nearest shore was far beyond the horizon.

Invisible brawlers poisoned us for twenty minutes, then the noise gradually subsided. Thank goodness the night passed in full the silence. We subsequently encountered similar acoustic anomalies repeatedly, and the idea arose to investigate them, the benefit was directly in our specialty. We have some thoughts on this subject. already existed, it remains to confirm them purely experimentally.

Somewhat earlier I had to participate in an experiment on the study of the distribution of impurities from the pipes of the Narva State District Power Plant, so that we decided to apply a similar technique in a simplified form and here. In Narva, we lifted the shell of a radiosonde with a thin cable transmitter of temperature signals, and on the ground they were recorded recorder receiver.

For our purposes, a much smaller shell from the pilot ball was suitable -40-50 cm in diameter, and a thin nylon line. On the line through every 5 meters we tied knots with white rags to withstand a ball of the order of 10-15 seconds at each level. And so on heights of about 100 meters.

But immediately there was a problem with filling the shells with hydrogen. We could not get a portable balloon, but the standard the hydrogen balloon to fill the shells of radiosondes was the size of and weighing with a small torpedo. I had to pre-fill with hydrogen a few shells, put them in the nose compartment and start expedition from the pier near our institute.

Unfortunately, we forgot about the insidious property of hydrogen seep through all obstacles, including some metals. So our probe had to be launched on three shells, since two days’ journey, they were significantly blown away. But the weather is us favored: the sky is clear, i.e. the same as in the first case observations of the phenomenon. And he did not keep himself waiting. Hours at 11 pm our hearing was delighted by choral singing and playing the harmonica – it seems, in the invisible village was a holiday. We started working days – It was necessary to raise our thermosonde.

In addition to surface temperature inversion (this is when the temperature do not fall in height, but grow), we recorded the second inversion on about 50-60 meters high. It was her that we expected to see. Locked by these two inversions, formed in the surface layer a kind of sound waveguide that allowed the sound to propagate long distances. Additional conditions for his education was an anticyclone, a weak wind from the side of the sound source and pre-hours After an hour and a half, the wind began to intensify and turn west. The phenomenon quickly faded away, and when we raised their probe again, the upper inversion also disappeared.

Since the nighttime barometer readings began to fall rapidly, and layered clouds covered the sky, we decided to wait out the change of weather on the island. The next day in a strong southwestern wind and overcast sound mirages were no longer observed.


The islands

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