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One of the science fiction novels by Alexander Belyaev tells the story of a man who has acquired the ability to see electric and magnetic fields. In another, more famous novel, the hero has the ability to telepathy and the ability to remotely affect the brain of other people.

But Belyaev often found stories for his novels in messages Media dedicated to mysterious and paranormal phenomena, and even he took some of his heroes directly from life. But to the reader all this it seemed either a fairy tale, or, in extreme cases, scientific science fiction.

1 In 2001, a 17-year-old Petersburger Olya Savchuk, having drunk a little in a fun company, for the first time in my life I decided to ride a roller blackboard. Both of these circumstances led to the fact that she was in a hospital with sprained ligaments and a broken arm. On the neighboring the bed was a girl of her age, who had fallen with her parents in car accident. She had fractures much more serious, and she had to operation, because one of the broken ribs interfered with the work of the heart. The operation should have been done the next day, and in the evening, after dinner, Olga suddenly noticed a strange phenomenon: it seemed to her that the girl lying on the bed began to double. She rubbed her eyes looked the other way, but nothing bifurcated anymore. But as soon as she again looked at her neighbor, she distinctly I saw her in a bifurcated state. Since the second figure on the bed didn’t fit, it seemed to be hanging in the air.

And the next day, her neighbor, as soon as anesthesia was given, died from heart failure, Olya was terribly struck by this event and she involuntarily brought together this split and subsequent death. But through a few days, when Olya was already able to walk, she suddenly met in the corridor of an elderly woman is also in a bifurcated state. First she froze in horror, and then rushed into the office of the head physician and confusedly told him about her vision. At the beginning of this century, the people already thoroughly savvy regarding abnormal phenomena, and the story The girls were greeted with understanding. The doctor found out who this patient is, but it turned out that she would be discharged in a few days. On the just in case, not saying what’s the matter, he asked the duty sister watch the grannies. That, not imbued with seriousness instructions, was distracted, and when she returned, she did not immediately turn attention to the fact that the old woman is no longer breathing.

But the worst case for Olya was the third case. Somewhere through for a year she walked along Lesnoy Prospekt thinking about something, and when looked around, then suddenly noticed a young woman walking fast ahead a woman. More precisely, two women, and this time there was a split incomplete, and the silhouette of the double overlapped the figure of a woman. Olya froze in horror, and then rushed after her, not yet realizing that in to do such a situation. The woman turned around several times, and Olya, in shock, did not guess to do the same, but took it personally. They passed by the sidewalk a long intercity bus, a woman stepped onto the roadway to suitable tram. Neither Olga nor she noticed rushing on high speed car trying to slip a tram stop to the yellow light.

Until now, Olga reproaches herself for this incident: she wanted stop that woman, just did not have time. And as soon as she thought about this, it clearly seemed to her that the double seemed to start get involved in a woman’s body. But everything was decided in literally seconds.

Oddities of another girl, 15-year-old Oksana N. from Moscow, manifested completely by accident. Her mother received a letter from her sister, who lived in Krasnodar, in which her daughter has never been. IN the letter turned out to be her photograph, as well as photographs of her children -Alice and Vasily. Oksana took a photo of her aunt, peered, she closed her eyes and after a while she suddenly said:

– And what aunt Vera has a beautiful kitty!

– Where did you see her? – the mother was surprised, since in the letter neither which cats weren’t talking about.

– She sits on her lap … no longer sits – Aunt Vera went to separate the next room Alice and Vaska.

It turned out that Oksana was mentally transported to Krasnodar aunt’s apartment and now, as it were, sees her with his eyes.

The shocked mother immediately set up an investigative experiment: asked to describe the atmosphere of the apartment. Oksana described everything exactly, including an antique family watch. Mother rushed to call her sister and everything was confirmed: at that moment she was sitting in a chair and I watched TV, and on her lap a fluffy Siberian cat. Then the children in the next room got lousy, and she went clean up.

Oksana took a photo of her friend and saw next to her a stranger guy with whom she walked along the street. In the evening, by by phone, this fact was confirmed. In experiments that later spent with her in one of the Moscow parapsychological societies, it turned out that Oksana can “connect” to any man only having his photo. From a picture from a newspaper or even the magazine fails. But not every photo is good – for digital fails. And another strangeness: if you shoot a photo on xerox, the effect does not disappear, but is absent, if you use scanner and print on the printer.

Unfortunately, no other publications about Oksana appeared. And it is not surprising: people with such abilities can very interest both public and private entities. Though the very effect of far vision with the help of prying eyes is far from new. Also in 70s American professors Targ and Putgoff spent similar experiments: one person was sent to a large distance, even to another mainland, and the second from the laboratory should was at a certain time to see the landscape opening before him eyes. The percentage of correct observations was enough high

We already talked about three girls in UFO: Natasha Demina from Saransk, Natasha Solodova from Rostov and Natasha V. from Krasnoyarsk, with “x-ray vision” – they see the internal organs human as on the screen of an x-ray machine.

But the girl Nadia from Moscow may well qualify for the role Belyaev’s heroine: blindfolded she can see people and objects “lit” … by a magnetic field! Experiments with her conducted by Professor Yu. Pyryev, Head of the Department of Computer Methods Physics Physics Department of Moscow State University.

If a person appeared in a magnetic field, Nadia saw around his aura. After some training, she was able to even read the text, and not touching it with his hands, but only raising it to the magnet.

This girl’s team of strange children made room for one boy. 12-year-old Alyosha Gusev from Samara once again did not learn a lesson and, cowering into a lump, with horror watched the teacher’s finger, moving around the classroom magazine. He really wanted to not called him, but the imagination and the know-it-all Nikiforov, who can talking half-professor. And surprisingly the class was called Nikiforov, which the teacher called extremely rarely. In the next lesson Andryusha “forced” another teacher to call Nikiforov again, and on the third too. After the third time, the boy finally believed in a miracle and began to use it shamelessly. Learn once a week an interesting topic and “telepathy” to the teacher to be called. So for a couple of months, the former troechnik stumbled almost excellent.

But who can keep such secrets at age 12? Somehow to argue with as a friend, he made the teacher mechanically write in chalk on Chalkboard: Nikiforov the Fool. Scandal and culprit broke out was quickly calculated.

However, the famous things indulged in the same things at school psychic Tofig Dadashev.

Half a century ago, science tried not to notice. I wonder what she will do now, in the 21st century?

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