24 fingers of Hernandez Garrido

A photo from open sources

Familiar name is Hernandez Garrido “twenty four.” He lives in Baracoa, Guantanamo Province and is quite popular in the native city ​​because of your fingers. On all his limbs, 6 fingers. 1. Hernandez is proud of his uniqueness, and his extra fingers calls a blessing. His fingers help he climb on palm trees and collect coconuts. And besides thanks he often poses for tourists as a photograph, who often come to this city. A photo from open sources 2. Hernandez says that one day he paid 10 dollars for a photo with him. Given that the average salary in the region of $ 20, this is considered unheard of luck. A photo from open sources 3. The disease due to which Hernandez as many fingers are called polydactyly. It’s pretty common, but rarely found in such perfect form. If you glance at Hernandez’s hands briefly, you may not even notice extra fingers, because they harmoniously combine with the rest. In childhood, a man was even taken to an orthopedic surgeon, who was one of Fidel Castro’s doctors, and he said that he had never seen so perfectly formed polydactyly. A photo from open sources 4. Hernandez says he understood from childhood how profitable it is to have 24 fingers. Never humiliated him for this, but always only admired this feature. “Once upon a lesson the teacher asked me to add five and five. I was shy and could not reply. Teacher tried to tell me and offered to count fingers. When I said that their 12 teacher is a bit растерялся”. Фотоfrom open sources 5. In a man’s personal life, too, everything perfectly. He already has a 10 year old child, but he and his mother live separately. And the current girlfriend of Hernandez is also waiting a child.

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