27-year-old woman aged 40 years after childbirth

The face of a young girl from China six months after birth the child was wrinkled and sagging. 27-year-old mother looked like to the old woman.

A Chinese woman by the name of Wu amazed the doctors with amazing changes in their appearance that occurred shortly after the birth of her second child. Young girl for six months past since the birth of the baby, has turned into an elderly human: the skin on her face sagged and covered with deep wrinkles.

According to a married woman, instead of enjoying the joys of motherhood, she is forced to hide herself from people. People always believe that Wu is not the mother of children, but their grandmother.

A photo from open sources

“I used to be confident and fun.” I tried continue to live a normal life, dressed like all mine peers. But now they take me for an old woman and I don’t I can do it … Everyone gives me from 60 to 70 years, – said Woo.

The Chinese woman admitted that she noticed some changes in her appearance after the birth of his first son, at 21 years old.

– Then I noticed that my skin became less elastic, but did not attach much importance to this. Now the situation just catastrophic, ”Wu complains.

Depressed by the state of her face, the woman even thought about suicide, however, decided to still seek help from to doctors.

The doctors who examined the patient concluded that the girl a rare disease called anoderma developed in which partial atrophy of the skin occurs, characterized by the absence of tissue elasticity.

Experts say that poorly understood Wu disease can be related to her genetics. Only way to help A desperate woman can only have plastic surgery.

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